News of Florida that Gov. Ron DeSantis is reactivating the State Guard has caused many on the Left to freak out once again. Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried called it a “military force that only answers to him,” while other lefties are hyperventilating and CNN’s losing what’s left of their minds.

Forget the fact that many other states have the exact same thing — it’s because DeSantis is doing it that’s cause for concern. A segment on MSNBC discussed what they think could be the Florida governor’s motive for reactivating the State Guard, including making it easier to shoot looters:

As you can see, Joy Reid isn’t the only loon at MSNBC.

Yep, there’s a reason the Left can’t stand DeSantis, and it has nothing to do with the reasons they give.

Another job well done at MSNBC!