As Twitchy told you yesterday, former Marjory Stoneman Douglas SRO and Broward County sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson was arrested and is facing charges including child neglect and culpable negligence.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo wasn’t happy with that and explained why this way:


There’s just so much “facepalm” in Cuomo’s reaction.

And the Broward sheriff was removed from office, but that was after CNN helped the Left forward their talking points by featuring him at a shameful town hall holding the NRA responsible.

“Ridiculous on multiple levels” should be CNN’s slogan.

CNN owes people some serious apologies, but that’s not about to happen.

And the year is still young.

We’ll just leave this one right here:



THIS is how David Hogg reacted to the arrest of fired BSO deputy Scot Peterson?!