As Twitchy reported, President Joe Biden walked outside with a mask today so he could take it off to explain the CDC’s new guidelines on wearing masks outdoors. Biden’s messaging on masks has been terrible, and we’ve long wondered what happened to his Day 1 mandate that everyone on federal property wear a mask. You never see Jen Psaki wearing a mask while delivering press briefings, even though the White House press corps stays masked up and social distances.

Psaki delivered her own message on mask guidelines Tuesday, when she said that they’d still be wearing masks in the briefing room until different guidelines came down from the CDC.


This comes a day after Psaki explained why Biden was the only world leader on a video conference call to wear a mask: because “he is sending a message to the world.”

If the president wears one on a Zoom call to “send a message,” couldn’t Psaki join the press corps and slip on a mask while indoors?