Sorry if this is sort of a repeat of an earlier post in which CNN’s Jake Tapper pondered what a study would find about how many lives would have been saved if President Trump had worn a mask back in February and March as he did Saturday during a visit to Walter Reed. But it’s interesting to see the narrative form: The media has bashed Trump for not wearing a mask for months, and the day when he does, the reaction is, how many people died because he waited this long to wear a mask in public? There’s always a negative spin to be found.

Since it’s a bit of a repeat, we’ll repost this classic from failed presidential candidate Eric Swalwell from March:

Instead of Tapper, though, this time we have a blue-check doctor from the University of Toronto wondering how many lives could have been saved if President Trump had worn a mask four months ago, when all the experts were telling us not to wear masks and to save them for front-line medical workers.

And yet the governor who has 6,200 dead nursing home patients because he mandated that long-term care facilities re-admit COVID-19 patients is praised with a 72 percent approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus. Why is no one asking how many would be alive today without that order in place?

What’s funny is how damn fast both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden updated their social media avatars to show them wearing masks the minute the guidance changed. Why hadn’t either of them led the way and promoted mask-wearing four months ago?