We don’t suppose it would matter if we mentioned that people do die in Border Patrol custody; it even happened during the Obama administration, although it never made the news.

But now every illegal immigrant who dies while detained by Border Patrol and Customs will get his or her own write-up in the papers.

Of course, the headline mentions the deaths of two Guatemalan children but not the cause of death of this 45-year-old Mexican illegal:

The immigrant illegally crossed the border and was arrested by the Roma (Texas) Police Department on Feb. 2, requested medical attention and was taken to a local hospital, according to a statement released Monday night by Customs and Border Protection. The immigrant “was cleared” by officials at the Mission Regional Medical Center and was handed over to Border Patrol officials at the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station, according to the CBP statement.

The following day, after receiving a welfare check by CBP officials, the immigrant again requested medical attention and was taken to the McAllen Medical Center, where the immigrant was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and congestive heart failure, CBP said. The immigrant remained at the hospital before dying on Monday morning.

He requested medical attention and was taken to the hospital — the cruelty of this administration is boundless.

Yeah, OK, we’ll get right on that.