As Twitchy reported a few days before Christmas, someone had started a GoFundMe account to collect funds to build the border wall. Not so fast, though; the whole thing looked a little sketchy (if well intended), and there was no real explanation of how the money would be allocated to the wall and not other projects.

But now there’s an official, government-run GoFundMe on the table, though we’re pretty certain there’s no way it will make it past the now-Democrat-controlled house. HR32 is called the “Buy a Brick, Build the Wall Act.”

Rep. Warren Davidson is a congressman from Ohio and former Army Ranger.

Eh … we understand that millions of Americans probably would chip in to help fund and maintain a border wall, but we’re just not sure the GoFundMe model is the way to go to fund government projects. And besides, it almost certainly wouldn’t take in $5 billion.

What’s anyone think?

He’s got a point. We are already chipping in by paying taxes — it’s up to our representatives to allocate those taxes to the border.

Don’t hate us, but we sort of agree with Chris Hayes on this? We get the sentiment behind it, but it just isn’t going to work.

To be honest, though, while we were covering the process of contracting the wall prototypes, it was the Border Patrol who insisted that any wall have some sort of “see-through” element to it. As appealing as a big slab on concrete might be, agents really want to be able to monitor the other side, and the newly proposed series of slats would do just that.

Arizona’s Rep. Paul Gosar seems on board:

Not a good sign.