In America Tuesday, protesters gathered at a Senate budget committee hearing to yell, “Don’t kill us” — apparently through tax cuts. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, North Korea launched was is believed to be another intercontinental ballistic missile.

Activist and organizer DeRay Mckesson seemed more concerned about the latter:

What’s this again? North Korea test-fired a missile — just as it did throughout the Obama administration — so it’s important that Americans send a strong message to Kim Jong Un that they don’t back their president.

DeRay calls himself the educator, but Ben Shapiro took him to school.

Were we the only ones who noticed those North Korean nuke tests during the Obama era? The ones that Susan Rice now says the United States should just learn to “tolerate”? It seems that way, but surprise: North Korea was pursuing a nuclear arsenal long before Trump started tweeting.

If only the American people could project a total lack of support for Trump’s leadership to North Korea, Kim would certainly back off.

What to do …