As we have all become accustomed, anything that Democrats disagree with these days is automatically racist. In just the latest example we have California Governor Gavin Newsom now joining the fray, declaring that President Trump’s enforcement of a government benefit limitation on immigrants in the country is a hateful, race-based policy.

The words in all of this are not helpful to Newsom. Nor are the facts. The Trump administration is looking to wean immigrants off of the Welfare reliance, but Newsom regards doing so to be a punishment. His saying “We cannot allow it” appears to be another instance of his desire to bypass federal laws.

Wait, what was that? Laws?! That’s correct — turns out Donald Trump is not arbitrarily looking to punish ‘brown people’. He is following the law.

Wait a second now! This would mean…

This would mean (according to Gavin’s own standards here) that this makes Bill Clinton a Democratic Party racist, if true! (Hint: it is true.)

Well, this just got a little awkward.

Precisely, this.

Now wait a moment — if true this would make…

…Naahhh, Cannot possibly be the case.

Uh, Gavin was under the impression that there would be no math.

Now seriously – you expect him to focus on the needs off Americans, over those of the people who have arrived here illegally?! Are you forgetting; he’s a Democrat.