The Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr is a celebration of the end of the month of Ramadan, but President Obama is celebrating it Christmas-style, as he gives a big gift from your pocket to the Syrians.

From the official White House release:

Michelle and I send our warmest greetings to Muslims celebrating Eid al-Fitr here in the United States and around the world. During the past month, Muslims have honored their faith through prayer and service, fasting and time spent with loved ones.


To help the many Syrians in need this Eid al-Fitr, the United States is providing an additional $195 million in food aid and other humanitarian aid, bringing our humanitarian contribution to the Syrian people to over $1 billion since the crisis began. For millions of Americans, Eid is part of a great tapestry of America’s many traditions, and I wish all Muslims a blessed and joyful celebration. Eid Mubarak.

Exit question: Would the announcement go as unnoticed if George Bush had announced millions for Christians on Easter?

  • CatHerder

    Meanwhile, in China someone is asking “If you didn’t need the money, why did you borrow it from us?”

    • Elaine

      The Syrians we are arming now are the Muslim Brotherhood. Where is the money really going, since no one is tracking?

    • McAirborne82

      Bush couldn’t pay for the Iraq War 2.0 without borrowing from the Chinese. New boss same as the old boss.

      • Craig Boesen

        GREAT POINT!!!

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “Bush couldn’t pay for the Iraq War 2.0 without borrowing from the Chinese. New boss same as the old boss.”

        False equivalence.

        • Debra Blouin

          How about this: Bush was held responsible for committing funds to prosecuting a war in which some (usually in hindsight) argued did not serve US interests and diverted needed economic resources from significant domestic concerns. Obama, in giving “humanitarian aid” to Syria (allowing the Syrian conflict to continue to burn its own resources), is diverting needed economic resources to help prosecute a de facto war which cannot serve US interests and to top it off is “giving” the funds to a nation who repeatedly demonstrates its contempt for America and Americans. Your right! It is a false equivalence. Obama is far worse.

          • Oh Cue Pie

            Kids, kids, kids…
            Dems, Reps–what’s the difference?
            They’re two cheeks of the same @$$…
            spewing the same [email protected]!!!

    • Hebert Patrick

      Good Point

  • LyleGrant

    Shocking, especially considering the Muslim world’s hostile attitude towards gays and women… {cough}

    • Clete Torres

      It’s okay though, he thoroughly bitch-slapped Putin on gays, saying that “every judgment should be made on the track, or in the swimming pool, or on the balance beam…”
      Someone notify Preezy Fissbump that those are SUMMER Olympic events. The Russian Olympics will be the winter games.

      • lessthantolerant

        Shhh…. don’t wake the boy, its bad enough he mumbles in his stupor, it is down right embarrasing when he is awake.

      • stargazerken73 .

        You forget Barry can change the seasons, just like he can place Jacksonville, Savannah, and Charleston on the Gulf coast.

        • Artie Occhiuzzo

          good one

    • Jack

      after a month of prayer and service, fasting and time spent with loved ones.
      you may now resume bombing the F*&k out of everything…as you were

      • Adi

        Except they never stopped, quite the opposite. Ramadan is the “holy” month with most killings in a year. But expect King Hussein the First to arm Nigerian or South Sudanese people against Islamic jihadists on Christmas or Easter. Not.

        • Jack

          no doubt. just really loving Obama ball sucking commentary…what a douche!!

  • NirwenElf

    Hey PrezBo, how about keeping that money here in the US for something worthwhile, like pediatric cancer research?

    • Elaine

      He’s just takin’ care of his bros, as usual!

    • LaReine82

      End sequestration of GOVT employees???? whoa!

    • GaylePutt

      or your impeachment proceedings?

  • spepper

    Just to be clear, that $195 MILLION DOLLARS that our government DOES NOT HAVE.

  • Maxwell

    Waiting for liberals to scream “Separation of Church and State!”

    While waiting, I’m gonna go watch a turtle and snail wait across a football field.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Bloody brilliant.

    • Le Chiffre

      Oh, you mean the letter to a colleague that Tommy Jeffs wrote a few millennia ago that libiots have historically misused as being part of the Declaration of Independence or Bill of Rights or something? Lately has turned into “Separation of Christians and Freedom”

      • r_coplin2001

        Their was no Bill of Rights or the Declaration a few millennia ago as that is a few thousand years ago as the United States wasn’t even a country that long ago.

        • Le Chiffre

          Yes, thank you professor. I can’t be right all the time! I meant centuries, despite the rest of the post being mostly hyperbole.

          • tedlv

            It was definitely hyperbole. I will give you that one.

        • Debra Blouin

          Perhaps we can get some of that Syrian aid money diverted to you so you can buy a sense of humor. Ohhh, but wait, you might be liberal. I don’t think 195M will cover it.

    • Hebert Patrick

      Love your statement.

    • karlie

      While many have worked rirelessly to corrupt our Constitution and even the quotes from some of our smartest and best leaders, the quotes of Thomas Jefferson have manged to be totally changed by our lovely Progressives to shape those words and meaning into their own ideals. When Jefferson first spoke the phrase, “there shall be a wall of separation between the Church and Sate, being a scholar and Christian and a signer of the Constitution, his words meant, the State shall in NO WAY interfere in the worship of any people to express their religious beliefs. Jefferson certainly knew because of the Brittish Tyrants that if allowed those tyrants would deprive the American people of every Natural Right, they believed was God-given at birth. Keep this in mind, Thomas Jefferson who was President from 1801-1809 and he also held Church Services in our D.C. Capital during the early 1800’s. On all of our Memorials and Monuments in Washington, there are inscribed scriptures and religious symbols. Our Constitution says no one religion can be adopted because our Founding Fathers wanted Total Freedoms of any religion we may choose to NEVER be prohibited or interfered with by our government. (See Youtude video’ by David Barton, shows REAL history.

  • Bruce Musto

    Part of America’s many traditions? Your hand in my pocket seems to be part of tradition now. You truly are one stupid mofo POTUS.

  • Txgirlinnh

    But third graders aren’t allowed tour the white house because we can’t afford it? Just when I think I can’t dislike him any more, he just keeps lowering the bar.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Worms under dog poop doing the limbo low… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • gregl311

    Obama is a traitorous bastard. He should be impeached.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Does anyone need further proof that he’s a muslim?

    • The Penguin


    • Clete Torres

      We never needed this much proof. It’s obvious.

    • Le Chiffre

      My assumption is that Muhammad held a press conference to say “Wow, okay, Obama, you sir are a better fraud than I!”
      Then kicked him out and sent him to “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright’s “church”

  • The Penguin

    Nice to see our Veteran’s benefits money going to a better cause… smfh.

  • Dan L

    Your defecit tax dollars at work.

  • Magnifico

    How does that work? Do we just endorse the check from China and pass it along?

  • vanbratch

    and they say he’s not a Muslim? What Christian knows about any of the Muslim holidays? AND CELEBRATES THEM???!!! In your face, America!

    • mrmynor

      Uh, he seriously is not a Muslim. As for your rhetorical question, I imagine that any Christian who is worldly enough to be curious as to the tenets of other world religions would probably know about Muslim holidays. They probably would know about jewish holidays as well. Hell, as the leader of the free world who deals with nations on a regular basis that are controlled by Islamic regimes, he probably would know about such matters due to practical considerations like to schedule or coordinate various diplomatic meetings with Foreign officials who happen to be Muslim. You see, not everyone who ascribes to the Christian faith is as ignorant and dim witted as you are.

      One thing that is certain, though, is that there is no greater sin in all of Islam than denying your faith in Allah. Thus, if he actually were Muslim, he would have willfully condemned himself to hell by claiming to be a devout Christian, as he has publicly done on several occasions.

      • Kimmie Smith

        Why don’t you just go get in bed with your Muslim buddies and allah loving president????

        • mrmynor

          Because I can’t – I don’t have any Muslim buddies, and as I just pointed out, the President is clearly not Muslim. I just have a problem with people making demonstrably false claims because they are either too uninformed or too unintelligent to know better. We are a nation founded on religious freedom. Even assuming for the sake of argument that Obama was Muslim, which again, is WELL DOCUMENTED not to be the case, that fact should not be of any consequence. He is free as an American to believe whatever religious creed his heart tells him is true without fear that it will negatively impact his rights, and if you don’t agree with that proposition, yet you call yourself a patriot, you may as well piss on the graves of the countless brave men and women who fought and died to preserve that right for all of us, because if anyone hates America, it is you.

          Why don’t you take the time to learn about something that falls outside your narrow world view? Oh, that’s right, because ignorance is bliss.

          • Jay Stevens

            If you didn’t know that the Qur’an permits a Muslim to lie to a Christian, particularly about religious matters, you also should find ignorance blissful.

          • mrmynor

            See my response to your prior comment. It is only permissible to deny one’s faith under circumstances where not doing so would subject them to the threat of physical harm or persecution.

          • BruceRW

            Would that be as WELL DOCUMENTED as his birth certificate and his college records

          • mrmynor

            Long form birth certificate was disclosed years ago, and he is under no obligation to produce his college records for public inspection. Keep beating that dead horse though

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Long form birth certificate was disclosed years ago…”


            “…and he is under no obligation to produce his college records for public inspection.”

            And we are under no obligation to take a liar at his word when he doesn’t do anything to support his with evidence.

            “Keep beating that dead horse though”

            It’s not a dead horse because it’s only trivial as an independent complaint. It’s also part of a pattern of evidence where a man claiming to be transparent is actually as far from transparent as he can possibly get.

          • Debra Blouin

            You realize that being right, “he is under no obligation…blah blah blah” doesn’t help your defense of Obama. He essentially came out of nowhere, to us normal folks at least. I think his releasing at the very least his writings for the Law Review would have been appropriate and respectful. I don’t know that it would have made a helluva lot of difference because Obama explicitly talked in several interviews throughout is early political career and pre-campaign lead up (right after his 2004 DNC speech /sarc) about the “deficiencies” the Founders failed to address in the Constitution with regard to wealth redistribution; business owners whose focus on energy he doesn’t like (coal, oil) that he will put out of business, along with higher (dramatically) energy costs to consumers; single-payer health care being his ultimate goal….
            The media and progressives could not, would not allow those considerations make them question whether they should vote for ideology with a teleprompter and a dashing smile because he was the right Left black politician at the right Left time.

          • Mary Maggio

            A copy was issued with no stamp

          • objectivefactsmatter

            A guy that discloses nothing he isn’t already caught with expects us to believe him on his professions of faith even when those professions contradict everything else he says and does.

            That’s our POTUS.

          • Patricia Miller

            Why the money???I don’t see him giving money to the Catholic religion or the Jewish Religion???Explain that please…

          • mrmynor

            He isn’t giving the money to the religion of islam, he is giving it to the sovereign nation of Syria, a muslim state governed by Sharia law. While we don’t provide economic aid to the Vatican, I’m pretty sure that last year we provided 2.94 Billion in aid to the nation of Israel, so it would seem that the problem is that you need to open your eyes.

          • Patricia Miller

            Why so bitter..You seem well informed but your delivery is so so hostile..I just asked you a simple question..I was not threatening or demeaning in anyway but yet you choose to demean me and in reading your response to others, you seem down right hostile..This country is based on the give and take of ideas and you seem to be in a good position to inform but you chastise instead..Too bad.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “He isn’t giving the money to the religion of islam, he is giving it to the sovereign nation of Syria, a muslim state governed by Sharia law.”

            In the name of Islam, in response to a Muslim holiday. He could have done this on Christmas. Or the 4th of July.

            “While we don’t provide economic aid to the Vatican, I’m pretty sure that last year we provided 2.94 Billion in aid to the nation of Israel, so it would seem that the problem is that you need to open your eyes.”

            Israel is a crucial strategic partner. We get excellent return on that “aid.” We don’t give it to them on Jewish holidays and or reference Jewish or religious beliefs at all, unless occasionally we mention Antisemitism and persecution.

            Muslims are not being persecuting except by other Muslims. It’s contrary to our interests for 0’Bama to take up any pro-Islam positions, other than in the case of some case of an actual individual being persecuted, he could say that in American, we are tolerant of personal beliefs.

            Until recently we weren’t (and should not be) tolerant of totalitarian (religious or not) movements. But that’s another story…or at least a different chapter in the same sad story about American dupery and ignorance.

          • Charlie Fowler Jr.

            good point

          • Hiraghm

            What’s he done for the Coptic Christians in Egypt?

          • Charlie Fowler Jr.

            So what you are saying is that illegal muslim non american aliens have the same rights as AMERICANS??? dip stick

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “So what you are saying is that illegal muslim non american aliens have the same rights as AMERICANS???”

            Some people actually believe that.

          • Mary Maggio

            How would you known all his records are SEALED, and for the record he has never said he was not Muslim

          • Hiraghm

            Imagine FDR offering thoughts and prayers on Hatsumode to Shinto practitioners… during WWII?

          • Anthony Clay

            he is a mudlim

      • Jay Stevens


        “Thus, if he actually were Muslim, he would have willfully condemned himself to hell by claiming to be a devout Christian, …”

        Not true. It is permissible for a Muslim to lie to a Christian. See “taqiyya”.

        Now reread what I wrote. I am not saying that Obama is a Muslim. I am just saying that it is permissible for a Muslim to lie to a Christian.

        • mrmynor

          You are correct, but only when the denial is a result of the Muslim facing the threat of violence or persecution on the basis of their faith. Taqiyya is a decidedly defensive, reactionary concept, and not one that would encompass “undercover” muslims masquerading as christians so that they can rise to positions of political prominence.

          • Jesus_A_Rivera

            and you do not think that’s the case? seriously, as long as any, and I mean any religion allows you to lie to the next, it means you cannot trust them

          • mrmynor

            It doesn’t endorse lying, it merely says that allah will overlook you professions of belief in another faith if you are only doing it because your life is in danger, because otherwise, it is an unforgivable sin.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Exactly. You can lie about when you are permitted to lie.

            But that never occurs to the rubes.

      • R. Turner


        • mrmynor

          … And that was a completely accurate statement. We are not a Christian nation, even remotely. A majority of our citizens are christian, but our nation and our system of government are decidedly and inescapably secular, and the founders made them that way by design. If you think otherwise, you need a refresher course on American history, because you are objectively wrong.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “And that was a completely accurate statement. We are not a Christian nation, even remotely. A majority of our citizens are christian, but our nation and our system of government are decidedly and inescapably secular, and the founders made them that way by design.”

            So we’re purely secular. I can accept that position. Then why does he use a different paradigm when he speaks about Islam?


          • objectivefactsmatter

            “A majority of our citizens are christian, but our nation and our system of government are decidedly and inescapably secular, and the founders made them that way by design.”

            If you want to believe that Christian culture and values had “nothing to do” with our founding ideology, that’s your right. Those secular values are also Christian, for the most part.

            If we speak about government policies, our policies are not to favor any particular religion. They are to be justified on their own merits without need to refer to religion. It doesn’t mean for example that we didn’t frame those ideas and laws on Biblical teachings.

            It’s your right to deny anything you want. And 0’Bama can say that too. But he’s not consistent, and lies about Muslim participation and contribution to the USA historically.

            It’s obvious he’s not referring to a strict paradigm as you would like to hear it, but rather he’s trying to use familiar atheist rhetoric to minimize Christianity, and then he uses multicultural rhetoric to lie about Islamic influence and importance here.


            All the time his motives are based on delusion and deception. Not to mention the appeasement factor, but that’s not even needed to build the case against 0’Bama the deceiver. It just fleshes out the fundamental arguments.

          • Hiraghm

            wrong. Read the writings of the Founding Fathers, including Jefferson. They were Englishmen, culturally protestant Christian. Christianity permeates British-derived cultures just as thoroughly as Islam permeates Persian-derived cultures.

          • Debra Blouin

            When people say we are a Christian nation they not referring to a theocracy based on the Christian faith they referring to the foundations of ethics, morals, religious observance, and the fundamental principles which guide interactions between citizens and which are most expressly demonstrated by the Christian faith.
            Perhaps you are in need of a refresher. A secular government was preferred in order to avert various conflicts between Christian sects which might have sought supremacy and therefore might have imposed a singular Christian religion on the nation. Additionally tolerance and respect of other faiths was a fundamental guiding principle for the founders and for their successors. That said, in 1885, Supreme Court Justice Brewer in Church of the Holy Trinity v United States unabashedly declared America Christian nation, not one governed by a pope or religious leader, but one founded on Christian principles. I do not believe that any Christian would want a government that had a required religious dogma attached to it even of the Christian faith because that Christian faith is something that is felt and experienced individually and then acted out corporately-to embrace a theocracy would divest individuals of their right to observe their faith in the manner best suited to their conscience. To ignore the common thread of faith which unites believers and undergirds American history, however, is to divest America of one of its great qualities, one you progressives claim to value but seldom act like it: unity in diversity.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “One thing that is certain, though, is that there is no greater sin in all of Islam than denying your faith in Allah.”

        A Muslim CAN deny faith in Allah if it serves Jihad.

        And he never denied his Islamic faith. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • mrmynor

          He cannot do it if it serves Jihad, that is a patently false statement. Sunni muslims believe that faith can only permissible be denied under compulsion, threat, or fear of injury. Shia muslims are more permissive than Sunnis, but in no sect is it permissible to deny faith in Allah solely to further the cause of Jihad. The relevant concepts within Islamic religious doctrine are “Taqiyya”(Shia) and “idtirar”(Sunni). Under either concept, it is essential that the believer feel compelled to deny their faith as a result of being faced with the threat of physical harm or persecution on the basis of their faith. Any time it is done voluntarily and not as a result of a threat, such a denial is blasphemous.

          In fact, that you would suggest that shows a profound misunderstanding of the concept of Jihad in the muslim faith, which in all but the most radicalized sects is not characterized by violence against nonbelievers, but by standing up for one’s faith.

          Also, not for nothing, but being baptized, and publicly professing your belief that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior is the substantial equivalent of stating that he is not a Muslim because christianity and islam are mutually exclusive religious doctrines. Since one cannot be both Muslim and Christian at the same time, a professed belief in one doctrine necessarily equates to a denial of belief in the other. Semantic arguments are great and all, but lets not be obtuse.

          • Jesus_A_Rivera

            but Obama did say he was a Christian, semantics? or just what we wanted to hear?

          • w00nda_63

            fear of not being allowed to become the supreme leader of the free world to take it down? is that a big enough fear?

          • tedlv

            Why do you get so many down votes? Think about it, real hard. I doubt you will come to the correct conclusion. But consider it a challenge nonetheless.

          • mrmynor

            To be honest, I really couldn’t care less that I am getting down votes. Judging from the general tone of the other comments on this board, I’m inclined to wear them as a badge of honor. I’d be far more worried if these irrational, ignorant fools were agreeing with me.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Under either concept, it is essential that the believer feel compelled to deny their faith as a result of being faced with the threat of physical harm or persecution on the basis of their faith. Any time it is done voluntarily and not as a result of a threat, such a denial is blasphemous.”

            In theory that’s fine. But there is plenty of wiggle-room for jihadis to justify posing as Christians. This is not unheard of. And like I said, he never denounced Allah or Islam. Are you not even aware of his so-called wedding ring and its inscription?

            Claiming to be Christian, for a Muslim, is not outright lying anyway. Some Christians are Islamic as long as they follow sharia. 0’Bama has never done anything to show Muslims that he lost his faith of allegiance to Islam on their goals.

            “In fact, that you would suggest that shows a profound misunderstanding of the concept of Jihad in the muslim faith, which in all but the most radicalized sects is not characterized by violence against nonbelievers, but by standing up for one’s faith.”

            Standing up for one’s faith, which is that the world will submit to sharia. Which means lots of violence will be involved until that point in time.

            Don’t be such a rube.

            “Also, not for nothing, but being baptized, and publicly professing your belief that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior is the substantial equivalent of stating that he is not a Muslim because christianity and islam are mutually exclusive religious doctrines.”

            It could be, but not necessarily according to Islam. For more reasons than we’ve discussed. According to Islam, the “original” Christians were Muslims, and so were the Jews. So I agree that as Christians understand it, they are mutually exclusive. As Muslims understand it, today’s Christians have corrupted the true Islam once practiced by Christians and Jews. That’s why it’s some times acceptable to claim Christianity with a wink and a nod, as long as you don’t denounce Islam.

            “The future must not belong to those that slander our Lord Jesus Christ.” Yeah, I remember 0’Bama saying that too.

        • w00nda_63

          if your place to attend is muslim, marxist, and chrisianism light you are totally covered!

          • mrmynor

            What is chrisianism? or christianism? If you are going to call yourself American, shouldn’t you at least learn to speak and write the English language? Islam and Christianity are mutually exclusive religious doctrines. Grow a brain.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Islam and Christianity are mutually exclusive religious doctrines.”

            Not to Muslims they are not. Jesus was a Muslim according to Mohammed.

          • Debra Blouin

            When all else fails, throw in a typo-insult. Come on, you must have better than that. Are you twelve? Or are you just an angry little Identity Studies grad student who is suddenly realizing that Women’s Combat in the 9th Century with a minor in The Anthropology of Hate in Western History just ain’t gonna pay the bills???

      • Jennifer Stone Harley

        Hello??? The Quran also states that it is okay to lie as long as it serves a greater purpose. Duuuhhhhh! Get your head out of the sand and wake up!!!! Oh, and quit drinking the Kool-Aid and get in line to help save this country!!!

        • mrmynor

          Way to paraphrase the religious text in a manner that is completely inaccurate. The Quran says it is ok to lie about not being Muslim if it serves a higher purpose about as much as Christ taught us that homosexuals should be ostracized from the church. You probably believe both of those are accurate statements, but they are both patently false.

      • w00nda_63

        Not if he were just lying to defeat the infidels! He belonged to rev (and i use that term loosely) wright’s church which according to Cone is marxist, with muslim tenets and a dab of chrisianistic views to wear the title! it may look like a duck(christianism), but it walks like a marxist, and it quacks like a muslim! Perhaps YOU should do a bit more research yourself, he claims he is a devout christian according to the precepts of his church WHICH is only a wolf in sheeps clothing kind of entity!,,,you should read the Koran/Quran ~ then the Bible and marxists beliefs, There is a huge difference between them ….but then again they are the blended abomination of the Trinity United Church of Christ obama is / was and ever will be affiliated with..Come back after you have done this and tell me where i am wrong! “black liberation theology” wiki the church and the genre…there’s a shortcut for you: to wiki or to google! Make the time and get your facts right!

      • Hiraghm

        When has he ever denied his faith in Allah? He has claimed to be a devout Christian, but never that he *wasn’t* Moslem. Is there anything in the Koran about telling lies in order to spread Islam?

        I don’t know of any devout Christian who recognizes other religions as being real.

      • Nancy plummer

        Worthy of being a martyr to hell by taking down the strongest opposition which is the U.S.A. He’s doing the ultimate sacrifice.

      • Debra Blouin

        But has any president given aid in honor of another nation’s celebration of a religious holiday?

  • vanbratch

    oh remind me again? How many National Prayer Breakfasts has he attended?

    • mrmynor

      Well he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2009, which was the first one to occur during his presidency, and in 2010 he was specifically asked not to attend by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington due to questionable conduct and political activity on the part of the host organization.

      Remind me again what your point was?

      • tedlv

        He celebrates muslime holidays, but not Christian ones. Did you not notice that? He has had muslime terrorist visit the White House, but can’t abide kindergarten kids. Did you not notice that?

      • Debra Blouin

        Oh, well now THAT is astute! The first one was in 2009. Tell me, when was he first inaugurated? And he attended the 2011, 2012, and 2013, breakfasts (that last one was a doozy).

        But I will no longer be swayed by what the man says. To quote Eliza Doolittle “words words words, I’m so sick of words…don’t waste my time…show me!” Unfortunately, he is showing a lot of divisiveness in his rhetoric and in his off-prompter remarks.

        • mrmynor

          His inauguration was January 20, 2009. It is not his fault that Congressional Republicans are willing to force our legislature to leave festering problems unaddressed until such time as they are in the majority and can force through whatever “solution” they want. He has reached across the aisle a sufficient number of times to have his own party angry with him, to suggest that he is not trying to engage Conservatives in some meaningful fashion is simply false. I realize he has been sold by the right as a far left socialist, but were anyone with even a passing familiarity with political science to look at his track record, there would be no question that in practice, the policies he has proposed have been the most moderate from any president from either party in over 50 years. People who are saying otherwise simply don’t understand politics well enough to make that assessment.

  • $17227379

    If it goes to aid and not their messed up government, good deal.

    • ratzpen

      ,the money goes to the under ground arms trade ,nothing for the people who are in Need of food& med.

      • w00nda_63

        guess who makes out on that deal the sneaky in the know part of the problem in the middle east the fomentors who get rich on the ramped up civil wars! which fat cat democrats stand to gain on this front??? corrupt is as corrupt does!

    • Jay Stevens


      If it was our money, I would agree with you.

      • tedlv

        Whose money is it?

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    As with most of the aid we send War-torn countries these days, it usually ends up in the hands of the strong-man dictator, or the enemy warlords, who use it as a bribe to supporters… Sounds like a certain KING FINK President we have.. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Rambling Mother

    Where the devil is the money coming from?

    • Elaine

      China, with very high interest.

  • lessthantolerant

    The State Department is filled with fools, we the American people need to stop this continual waste of tax dollars.

  • aliceswan

    When will the American Libs realize what a horrible mistake they made? Oh I forgot, being Liberal “means never having to say you’re sorry.”

  • WhoMeToo

    We’re all indentured.

  • EyesWideOpen

    Obama is throwing life preservers to foreign countries while America is drowning in debt.

  • walterc

    Wonder how much he’ll be sending Israel on Hannakuh. And Mexico on Cino De Mayo.

    We can’t f’ing afford it. What part of broke does D.C. not understand?

  • CO2 Producer

    That’s a peace prize!

  • MNWoman

    Oh, good, because I didn’t think our national debt was high enough. Good thing we have enough money to throw around to aid other countries. Plus, I love paying taxes, so by all means, give away money we don’t have and let the American citizens fund it.

    • w00nda_63

      we DON’T we are buying our own debt utilizing the FED!

  • MarcusFenix

    I would bank that a decent percentage of people had no idea it was Eid al-Fitr, thus making light of our Golfer-in-Chief’s claim that it was part of some “great tapestry”.

    According to Pew Research, as of 2010, only a little over 2 million people identified as Muslim in the United States. What great tapestry are they part of again?

    • Clete Torres

      I have a rug by the back door that has more middle-eastern content than the US.

      • Elaine

        Don’t be so sure..

        • Jay Stevens

          Not in Dearborn, MI.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    How about some aid to the American people who have been shut out of the White House due to your Sequester sham. Or those losing health benefits (or rates doubling) due to your Obamacare sham. Or any other Americans you have screwed due to your incompetence at doing your job? REALLY? A BILLION dollars so they can hate us some more? He has GOT to go!

  • I M Free

    do we have the money? obama seems oblivious of the 17T national debt

  • World B. Free

    $195 mil…. SMH

    Takin care of his homeys on our dime!

  • Cooperwa

    When do we stop giving money to people who HATE us?

  • Patricia Edwards

    That’s our money he’s sending over there–if you are a taxpayer. If not, please ignore this remark.

  • Bryan Buule

    President Bush gave 5 billion$ every year to Africa to fight HIV and malaria…

  • Ronald Hinton



  • Ronald Hinton


    OBAMA MILITIA (FSA soldier) discusses on radio where to use the Sarin Gas


  • Brenda Carter

    The question is “Why is he helping others, when America needs help?”

    • mrmynor

      Because the House of Representatives is hellbent on stopping him from doing anything to help Americans, especially if it costs money, but he has an allowance of aid that he can send without the need for congressional approval.

      • Rachel Wellborn

        So why not SAVE that $$$$?? It’s not complicated. We need to cut back, just bc he supposedly can’t spend money elsewhere doesn’t mean just spend what is allowed to without anyone’s agreement- “just because” SAVE it- it’s MILLIONS that he sure didn’t earn!!!

        • mrmynor

          It is millions that have already been allocated by Congress for use by the state department in conducting foreign affairs. Obama doesn’t have discretion as president to reallocate those funds for use elsewhere, that is Congress’ job. You want to yell at someone about it, yell at congress. Don’t yell at Obama for doing his job.

          • Guest

            aren’t we in the middle of his sequestration (seecastration of America) debacle right now and obama decides to send to reallocate funds??? no he does not have that right! His budget was voted down and his sequestration was put in place,,,,every thing is down sizing mode! Except obama thinks he is above the law!

          • mrmynor

            The Foreign Operations budget was downsized by the sequestration too, but there was enough left over to cover this pledge. Nothing remotely illegal about it, and all funds come from the appropriations that Congress already approved. You don’t understand what you are talking about.

      • Patricia Miller

        A fool with a piggy bank…yikes!

      • w00nda_63

        not true there you go believing them talking points again!

        • mrmynor

          Really? Mitch McConnell has used the filibuster orders of magnitude more frequently during his tenure than any other senate minority leader in history. The house can’t seem to put out a bill with bipartisan support, so they just keep voting to repeal Obamacare. 40 times. Seriously. That pile of blood, meat and bone isn’t even recognizable as a horse anymore. If that isn’t obstruction for obstruction’s sake, then what is?

          I assume that the untrue portion is my characterization of congressional republicans, because the rest of my point, that the money comes out of a budget for foreign aid set by congress that the president has discretion to allocate without need for congressional approval, is completely accurate.

  • Guest

    Meanwhile millions of A

  • bobeakin

    Meanwhile millions of Americans including our veterans go without food, a roof over their head and no future to look forward too. We have to get rid of this bum NOW!

  • Paradice13

    He is a POS. I want him outta the WHITE HOUSE and Country! TREASON IS MY REASON!

    • mrmynor

      You don’t understand what treason is, or what sovereign immunity is for that matter, if you think there is even a colorable basis for bringing such a charge against Obama.

      • Paradice13


        The crime of betraying one’s country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
        The action of betraying someone or something.

        • mrmynor


          Thank you for proving my point by providing the dictionary definition of the word treason rather than the statutory definition of the offense as codified in the United States Code. That you don’t appreciate the distinction between the two completely explains why you think a treason charge is in any way warranted.

          • Penelope210

  ’s ok..we will get him on dereliction of duty, abuse of power, high crimes and misdemeanors. Your potentate will leave office in disgrace. You read it here first.

          • mrmynor

            You’re special too. Here’s a recommendation – know the law before you try and claim that someone is legally culpable for something. The Commander in Chief logically cannot be subjected to court martial for dereliction of duty because he is at the apex of the chain of command – he defines his duty.

            Abuse of power would be a very impressive accusation if only there were a federal statute defining such an offense, but that is beside the point. As the Chief Executive, Obama is insulated from prosecution for actions taken in his official capacity as President by the doctrine of sovereign immunity. In other words, he is immune to criminal prosecution for anything that he has done in the course of the performance of his duties as commander in chief. To illustrate, suppose he walks out on the street and shoots a random person. He was not acting in his official capacity, so he can be prosecuted for murder. By contrast, he can’t be prosecuted for giving the order to stand down when the attacks on the Consulate in Benghazi were going on, even if it were possible to prove that American lives could have been saved had he chosen to send in troops. Similarly, he can’t be prosecuted for murder for ordering a drone strike on Anwar al-Awlaki, and american citizen in yemen, because the drone strike was ordered by him in his official capacity as commander in chief.

            As far as high crimes and misdemeanors are concerned, what high crimes or misdemeanors, specifically, are you alleging that the president has committed, because he certainly hasn’t been convicted of or charged with any, and as I stated previously, the underlying alleged criminal acts must be taken outside his official capacity as President for criminal prosecution to even be possible.

            You can fantasize all day about Obama falling from grace, and I don’t doubt that your ignorance of the law likely makes it far easier to convince yourself that such an outcome is even feasible, much less probable. The reality is you don’t have the faintest clue how our legal system works.

          • Penelope210

            Perhaps you need to get your head out of theoretical law books and read the constitution. Then go read the Articles of Impeachment for Nixon.

          • mrmynor

            There is nothing theoretical about any of the law I have referenced, and as a duly licensed attorney in the state of Georgia, I can assure you, I am more than familiar with the text of the constitution, and unlike you, my understanding of that text is informed by a working knowledge of the many Supreme Court precedents that give it meaning.

            And the articled of impeachment for Nixon are completely consistent with my prior statements. Nixon used the resources at his disposal as president to commit his crime, yes, but he was not acting in his capacity as POTUS when he attempted to obstruct the Watergate investigation, and thus his actions were not protected by the doctrine of sovereign immunity. To use my example from earlier, assume the president walks out of the White House, borrows a secret serviceman’s side arm, and blows away a random tourist – doesn’t matter that he was president, and that his access to the firearm was only possible due to the fact that he was president, or that he shot the guy on the front lawn of the White House, what matters is that it is not within the duties of his office to dispatch random tourists. The charge of obstruction is what formed the basis of his impeachment, that was the requisite “high crime or misdemeanor” to warrant impeachment proceedings, not something as amorphous as the fact that he “abused his power.”

            Trust me, you don’t get this stuff nearly as well as you think you do. There is a reason why they make us spend 3 years in law school instead of just handing us a copies of the constitution and the U.S. code and saying “here, read this.”

          • w00nda_63

            clearly you give this potus way too much power in your thinking of what the Constitution reads… you are totally full of bullcrap….the only reason he hasn’t been charged with treason is the piss ant repubs haven’t got the balls to do their job!

          • mrmynor

            And you are an ignorant jackhole who has a fundamental misconception of what is required to bring someone up on charges of treason, especially during times of peace. The Constitution states “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War
            against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and

            Obama has not declared war on the United States. You might want to claim he has, but that would be rhetorical hyperbole, not a statement of objective fact. Thus, if treason charges are to be levied against him, it must be under the second of the two bases – that he has adhered to the enemies of the United States, giving them Aid and Comfort. The courts have defined “enemies” in this context to be limited to “a subject of a foreign power in a state of open hostility with the United States.” Contrary to what the lunatic fringe of the far right would suggest, the United States is not at war with Islam, nor is the religion of Islam a foreign power engaged in open hostility with the U.S., so the fact that he has sent economic and military aid to islamic states does not constitute an actionable basis for a charge of treason. Period. You can rant and rave until you are blue in the face that it should be, but the hot air you spew will carry all the weight and consequence of a fart in a stiff wind because the law says otherwise.

            All those piss ant repubs are far more educated than your ignorant butt, and they agree with me. So enlighten me, oh ballsy one, as to what you, in all your wisdom, believe provides a sufficient factual basis to charge President Obama with treason. I haven’t had a good laugh in a while….

          • mrmynor

            So that we are clear, I know full well that my thoughts on the meaning of the constitution are completely irrelevant to this conversation because I have no legal authority to interpret that language. That is why I have based my arguments in the precedents of the Supreme Court construing the relevant language, rather than arguing my interpretation of that document, because they are the ultimate authority on matters of constitutional construction. If you are going to make a counterargument, and you want it to have any validity, i would recommend that you also rely on Supreme Court precedent, because it doesn’t matter what you think it means, it only matters what the Supreme court has said it means, and if your argument is at odds with their rulings, you are, quite simply, wrong.

      • w00nda_63

        Soverign IMMUNITY? what in God’s name is that?

  • stvjas

    we have our Veteran’s who can’t get medical treatment and he wants to send our Enemy’s money…..and will not respect our own Military Veteran’s….my question to you all is when will it stop or better said when will you uninformed voters get it?

  • renee fields

    im sorry did I miss something. did the US finally balance the budget? did the finally find 250 million jobs for those out of work? or how about the thousands of people that are living in shelters because they lost their houses when they lost their jobs. u have got to b FRICKIN kidding me. that guy is the most selfish president we have ever had in that office (correct me if im wrong please). but I cannot remember another one that has ever taken more consideration for other countries, especially in the middle east, than this man. WE COME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    The Vacationer-in-Chief sending a greeting card to his bros in Syria;
    containing $195,000,000 of money from American federal income tax payers.
    Roughly half as much as the $365,000,000 he gave to his donor at Solyndra;
    and double what he blew on his recent African safari….
    again paid for by American federal income tax payers.

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    Oh, look- Obama is funding the Islamists again.

    Benghazi and Egypt not enough for you, eh, Obama?

  • Len

    Maybe it is HIS money!(NOT)

  • Frank Morris

    This financial contribution to assist Syrians is a total, absolute, un-mitigated crock of shit.

  • Jeremy

    Valerie Jarrett wears the pants in the Obama Administration.

    • AZWarrior

      She is a major part of the Islamic infiltration of the administration and the Democrat Party. She and her co-conspirators should be purged from the government and deported whenever possible.

      • Jay Stevens

        Who is he bowing to in this picture?

        • AZWarrior

          Don’t really know Jay, likely someone from his friends the Muslim Brotherhood. :-(

  • JuJu

    It is against the law to continue to provide aid/support to any country that has had it’s government overthrown. Just one more example of the lack of respect this president has for our laws and our Constitution.

    • w00nda_63

      that is why they will not acknowledge it as being overthrown!

  • $16797955

    People are out of work (gov’t), AMERICAN children are starving, without proper clothing….homeless all over, AMERICAN vets are wasting away for want of help….and he gives MUSLIMS 195MILLION DOLLARS? Well we know where HIS sympathies lie…NOT with Americans! Hope YOU PEOPLE who voted for this worthless pile of camel droppings are HAPPY!

  • AZWarrior

    I object to awarding my tax money to a religion, especially Islam. Isn’t there anyway the Congress can get involved to stop this corruption?

  • Patty Heath

    I can’t believe this fucking Idiot. They are always turn them back on the USA . They need to take care of the people in their own country, This country first. But Being What he is That will never happen. And his followers.

  • alan mcgrew

    Gee, wasn’t there some important thingy about budget concerns? …. I always like to spend other peoples money also (not) so, el presidente, send a million or two to me and I will spend it for you!

  • Joan San

    Disgusting…end all aid for foreign countries that hate us.

  • Wayne Langley

    This didn’t happen. You just don’t got approving Gov’t funds because “This what I want to do”. You need approval for the House and the Senate. Why is everything a scandal with you people? Made up scandals are for losers.

  • Paradice13

    MrMynor: explain the difference to me!

    • mrmynor

      I would think it is relatively obvious. The first definition you provided states “The crime of betraying one’s country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.” The Constitution, on the otherhand, defines treason as acts falling within one of two categories: (1) levying war against the United States; or (2) Adhearing in its enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

      Right off the bat, it should be obvious that attempting to kill the sovereign is not included in the constitutional definition. In fact, it was specifically excluded by the founders, when they changed the definition from the traditional definition under English common law. That is but one facet of the larger difference between the two, which is that the Constitutional definition is FAR more narrowly defined than the dictionary definition. Precision of language is EVERYTHING when it comes to law. Precedent has defined what constitutes an enemy for purposes of this statute, what constitutes levying war, what constitutes adherence, etc. The world of what actually qualifies as treason in this country, legally speaking, is far more limited than you appreciate.

      Enemies are only subjects of foreign powers engaged in open hostilities with the United States. Given that we are not at war with Syria or Islam (despite how you may characterize it, there is not an active declaration of war with either entity) there is nothing remotely treasonous about providing economic aid to the Syrian people.

  • Dwight Moody

    A billion of our dollars, that we don’t really have, for the Syrians. In “celebration”.

    I know what would make me celebrate right now. #resign

  • McAirborne82

    And no mainstream coverage of this? Hmmmm. Smells like another Bullshit story.

  • Vicki Vince Olsen

    WHAT???!!! This guy can’t even balance his own checkbook….why in the world is this idiot running our country? So disgusting.

  • John Gasper

    Is it possible to sue the obama administration for using my tax payer dollars for illegal activity?

  • bitshuffler

    So charitable… he could have gone on TWO vacations for that kind of money.

  • Dutch Martin

    in the blue HELL is this administration thinking!? Syria!!?? Where
    three American public servants lost their lives (and our former U.S.
    Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was SLAUGHTERED)!!?? Just when you
    think the Obama administration can’t stoop any lower…

    • mrmynor

      Don’t look now, but that was actually Benghazi, Libya, a different country altogether. Maybe invest in an atlas to avoid planting your foot so firmly in your mouth in the future….

  • peter gozinya

    Furlough AMERICAN workers and once again hand out our tax dollars to the Muslims who hate and want to kill us all.

  • Bo Frye

    Tell Congress to turn off the spigot! Have any of you called your congress members and told them what you think?

  • Jim Wyche

    This Muslim fool needs to be impeached yesterday!

  • disqus_p0HSZads5I

    Is this for real?!! This is outrageous!! 195 Million to celebrate a Muslim holiday while Americans were bombed by Muslims in 9/11? Great idea!! How more anti-american can you get!?

  • Hebert Patrick

    The economy still sucks, we have children starving, homeless people, etc., etc. and he gives for Muslim holiday. Impeach him and those that passed this aid.

  • Hebert Patrick

    From the inspiring words of the The Joker, the 1st Batman movie, “What this Gov’t needs, is an enema!”

  • Michael Sabbeth

    beneath contempt

  • tedlv

    How can he do that? Doesn’t Congress have to authorize expenditures? Are we now living in a Muslime dictatorship?

    • BecSinc

      This was my thought exactly! How can he do this?

      • mrmynor

        Congress only appropriates funds to the foreign operations budget, they do not have authority to dictate where the funds go – that power lies with the state department which is controlled by the President as head of the executive branch. He has discretion to allocate the money congress has appropriated to the Foreign Operations budget as he see’s fit. Nothing new or different about what is going on here, you are living in the same Federal Republic that you were 6 years ago, and all of this is well within the powers granted to the President by the Constitution.

  • Fluffernutter

    Should soak it in pig piss before its given to them

  • Jesus_A_Rivera

    come on people it’s only 195 million more, just think of the interest you are going to have to pay to wish a person a nice holiday(/sarcasm)

  • Lonnie

    How about doing something for the Syrian Christians the rebels are slaughtering now simply because of their faith?

  • Dee Lee


  • James ‘Jim’ Osborne

    Or millions to Jews for Passover?

  • Dona Bahadorkhan

    I’m sorry, but where is this money coming from…?

  • JoyceA

    The liberal press would hang him.

  • The Jackal

    Screw Muslims. Religion of Hate.

  • The Jackal

    The Idiot Vote. Obama’s Core Constituates. Dumb Ass Libtards. Keep funding murderers & Terrorists. Fuck the Muslim Brotherhood.Death to them all.

  • Marisa Mormile Elskamp

    This is a travesty and a kick in the a## for all of us Christian Patriots here in the US who he dislikes and shows favor toward Radial Muslims, his own people who he puts first. I don’t understand how people could vote him in again. Just by his name I knew not to vote him in office.

  • jb

    We could save some on the postage if we just had China send it directly to the middle east on our behalf.

  • James Schultz

    what did you expect from a Muslim President

    • Cartoon Prophet

      he’s no Muslim!! he is a devout Christian who slept through every single hate-filled sermon of his personal spiritual mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright over the last 30 years!!

  • sargeh

    Meanwhile, the Syrian muslim rebels, who are receiving the aid are killing Christians right and left.

    • Cartoon Prophet

      well we all celebrate our own way…we mustn’t judge…

  • usernameguest

    I like kibbie, but 195 million? how much to just bomb them??

  • Joe Ruisi

    Since it comes from our taxes, we are forced (at the point of a gun, if necessary) to give our money to people who want to wipe us off the face of the earth.
    Makes sense to me.

    • mrmynor

      Not all muslims want to wipe us off the face of the Earth. That is like claiming all christians want to commit mass genocide against blacks because the Klu Klux Klan claims to have religious justification for the pattern of racial violence they are responsible for.

      Sweeping generalizations rarely if ever have much truth to them.

  • Eliza

    Has any one ever heard him say “Happy Passover” Israel, here’s a few bucks to protect you from murderers. Or “Merry Christmas” America, here is 195 million to help our poor, our needy, our schools! I think not, he is a tried and true muslim

    • mrmynor

      Really? I could have sworn that the Republicans are beside themselves at the amount of entitlement spending that Obama has allowed to occur (well in excess of $195 million), and last I checked, we gave Israel nearly 3 billion in aid last year alone. So the sole basis of your argument is the mere happenstance that he pledged this aid to Syria, a nation governed by Sharia law, on the last day of ramadan, and in announcing it, he extended the common greeting within that culture on its most holy day? You’re a regular Sherlock Holmes, aren’t you?

      • Eliza

        I care two wits about Republicans what I care about is AMERICANS! This is NOT a political statement on my part, it is a spiritual one, it is a need that America has to feed it’s needy, it’s hungry, it’s homeless. It is a need to help our wounded veterans. So, get off the damn political soap box and re-read my post. It said nothing about politics, either left or right. It was a TRIED AND TRUE AMERICAN STATEMENT!!

        • mrmynor

          He doesn’t have discretion to take funds earmarked by congress for foreign operations and then spend them domestically. So why is he the one to blame for this?

          • Eliza

            If he can right laws without the benefit of congress, if he can spend ubber millions on his own vacations, he can use it for the Americans who need it. Regardless of what any one says the man is a traitor, he hates this country and will do everything in his power to break it from the inside out and he is succeeding. I think Americans need to wake the hell up.

          • mrmynor

            Your ignorance is not surprising, but I’d like to correct a few misconceptions you are apparently laboring under. First of all, Obama can’t “right laws without the benefit of congress.” I assume that you mean to suggest he can write and enact his own legislation without input from the legislature. This is patently false, and has not occurred during his administration. He has issued several executive orders, but those are not the same or substantially equivalent to statutes enacted by Congress.

            He does not have any choice about the “ubber millions” that are spent on his travel. The reason for the expense is the massive security detail that must accompany the president when ever and where ever he travels. Comparatively speaking, his travel expenses have been lower than those of his predecessor to this point in his presidency.

            “Regardless of what any one says…”
            The hallmark of irrationality is refusing to reassess one’s opinion to account for newly learned information. You have a narrative in your head that you are so convinced is true that nothing the man does can convince you that he has anything but the worst of intentions for this country. The odd thing is, why on earth would he have run the risk of losing his reelection bid by waiting until his second term to launch his master plan? Just from a strategic perspective, if his aim is really what you suggest it to be, it should have been obvious well before his second term because nobody with half a brain would leave themselves in a position where they could be thwarted by a republican victory.

            A little logic and common sense will go a long way toward dispelling your unwarranted fear of this administration.

  • Wonkish Rogue

    Don’t worry the cash comes straight from King Putt’s overflowing personal stash.

  • Jr

    what about americans who are going hungry lets feed them first at least they dont want to kill us

  • GaylePutt

    How can he do this without approval from Congress?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Now we understand why the debt ceiling must be raised.


  • Brother_Man

    So if I got this correct…we borrow money from China “Billions owed” and we hand it out to other countries, and Obama’s extravagant vacations like Bon Bon’s? Your shitting me! WOW!

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Isn’t the White House still closed due to sequester? Our imperial president can’t seem to spend enough of the taxpayer’s money on Middle East democracy projects. Meanwhile, he’s giving the same old droning speeches about how the United States needs to spend more money on infrastructure. I would rather have that money promised to Detroit than promised to Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies in Syria.

  • ialvarez9

    Yet, we cannot cut a dime of spending without sacrificing national defense. What a disgrace!

  • patpita

    What a guy.

  • John Wills

    Parents all over the US can’t afford to register their kids in public schools and 195 mil goes to Syria???????????????

  • David Guy

    Assuming the story is true?
    Who gets the money? Will it only go to Sunni Muslims or will the Alawites get some? How will it be distributed, especially as America has no presence in Syria? What will stop the money being redirected to arms or some individual’s pocket? How has over $1 billion in humanitarian aid been spent, so far?

  • dave

    Goes to show this so called president is as those that hate us he hates the US so this is expected. Claims to be Christian and does everything that Christ tells us not to do hmmm.

  • Rosemary Faccadio Kenyon

    Has this man lost his mind. He just told disabled vets that next year their benefits might be reduced or lost yet he is giving money away to the people they are trying to defend us from. This man( I refuse to call him commander in chief because he does not stand by his country) needs to be gone and now before he gets us any deeper into this mess.