Well, give BuzzFeed credit for trying … and failing. We’ve learned from experience to be skeptical when headlines use the adjectives “GOP” or “Republican” as shorthand. The numbers don’t always add up, but some things just feel Republican sometimes, you know?

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BuzzFeed reporter Kate Nocera’s tweet linking to the story actually manages to be more accurate than the headline itself.

Yes, the Democrats enjoyed the vast majority of the union’s cash, as the article notes. GOP candidates got less from the union than current IRS Obamacare chief Sarah Hall Ingram made in a single bonus check. But what’s “interesting” about Democrats being in bed with the IRS union?

The National Treasury Employee’s Union, the union that represents IRS employees, gave $16,500 to current Republican members of Congress last cycle. Additionally, the union gave $6,500 to candidates who lost or retired, according to OpenSecrets.

Granted, that’s not even close to the near $392,000 they gave to Democratic candidates, but it’s interesting considering the NRCC is calling on House Democrats to “give back this tainted money.”

But still.


  • ObamaFail

    Obama could set the Constitution on fire while a Republican is 10 feet away, and the headlines from the braindead morons at MSNBC, CNN, and Buzzfeed would be talking about how the GOP has burned the Constitution.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      Obama could cook and eat a barrel full of babies and the LSM would cheer him for protecting women’s reproductive rights.

      • ObamaFail

        He could let 4 men die in Benghazi and cover it up and MSNBC would find a way to blame Republicans. Oh wait, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

        • Jennifer


      • Sonus

        They would also praise his mastery of the culinary arts, and his impeccable table manners.

    • Redzilla

      Headline would read, “Top Republican Attends Burning of Constitution.

  • detroit19

    Good thing NO ONE follows these amateurish, wanna be reporter ‘kind of people’. And actually laughable, except for their influence on lazy, low information, STUPID voters. Way beyond disgusted with this dishonesty,

    • Kate

      The problem is that a lot of my peers (recent college grads and 20somethings) DO read this idiotic site. They get sucked in by the silly pictures and memes of puppies and cartoons and end up reading- and believing- the political articles.

  • AZWarrior

    Government employees should be barred from unions, like the military.

  • nc

    How can people’s ideology trump their concern for their credibility or professional reputation?

    • AMSilver

      It has to do with the common liberal belief that truth is relative. People who get hung up on ‘black and white’ views of the universe where truth is arbitrary rather than a result of a person’s perceptions are considered less intelligent, unable to grasp nuances, etc. Out in the real world, someone who was a compulsive liar would face some sort of consequences – loss of friends, business etc., but in liberal-land, this kind of distortion of reality is viewed as clever and enlightened, because it’s being used to forward liberal goals. The people they spend time with are impressed by their lies, rather than disgusted by them.

      • Jim Denney

        That’s why thy they celebrate “relativism” … and act as if they’re inbred.

  • Jeremy

    Buzzfeed is just another group of people doing cover for Obama&the IRS.

  • Chevypowered

    Somebody need to remind Buzzfeed that the AP was (is) one of Obama’s biggest crotch sniffers. If Obama ran a knife through their backs when they got out of line what make little ol Buzzfeed more worthy? Buzzfeed need to wake up and stop protecting people who would not waste a second to gut you like a fish.

  • Harry A

    most deceptive headline of the day i’d say!

    sidenote: i noted Ace called buzzfeed retarded…i thought that word was considered bad at twitchy, since i do remember Ann Coulter being called out when she used it to describe Obama. i think i also remember support for Palin when she called for Rahm Emmanuel to be fired as Chief of Staff cause of his use of the word “retarded”.

  • detroit19

    This does it! I am all over buying a ‘Unicorns/Rainbows flying out your a$$’ franchise…anyone?

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    The BenSmithers are busy doing what BenSmithers do.


    (v) A political tactic that disguises itself as journalism in order to protect Democrats, most specifically Barack Obama.

    1. Something happens or is discovered that might hurt Obama.

    2. That something is discovered in the alternative media and uncovered.

    3. Ben Smith (or the equally dishonest PolitiFact and Media Matters) pretend to investigate it, write something up disguised as “definitive,” and then hand the complicit media an excuse to ignore it.


  • ImTheNana

    “The National Treasury Employee’s Union, the union that represents IRS employees” and many, many other Federal employees: http://www.nteu.org/NTEU/

  • http://www.facebook.com/100000220517250 Thomas Collins

    The whole purpose of limiting campaign contributions was so that politicians could give the maximum to EVERYONE and still have cash left over,