New tone? Screw that! At least as long as you’re on the left.

We told you about the Romney campaign bus — and its new Twitter account — traveling across the country and pissing off humorless liberals everywhere.

Well, apparently the teasing was just a little too much for petulant MSNBC and resident doofus Martin Bashir, who decided to report on the bus tour via a montage of exploding buses.

Bashir and the hacks at MSNBC put the “ass” in “ass.”

Gee, ya think?

Twitter erupted in a blaze of righteous indignation:

MSNBC makes it look easy, doesn’t it?

Red State’s Erick Erickson makes an excellent point: this is how MSNBC gets its rocks off.

Crazy how that works, innit?

We’re not holding our breath.

  • Charles Knott

    Secret Service visit anyone? Of course after tonight’s hooker soiree’ is done of course.

    • Michael

      Charles, I agree. With his comment about “What could possibly go wrong?” immediately followed by the bus blowing up, it seems he’s inviting someone to blow up the Republican candidate for president.

  • Kevin Miller

    MSNBC should probably be realizing by now that nothing good ever comes of it when they edit tapes.

  • Eric Jablow

    It’s NBC. They’re used to faking explosions.

    • Mme Scherzo

      NBC is a woman. They fake everything.


        There are so many, many ways to respond to that… Oh. Sorry. Just faking.

  • $ does not = always right

    Most journalists need a miner’s hat complete with head lamp so they can see while their head is up Obama’s posterior

  • Burkard Kasper

    I hope they weren’t GM buses that were blown up… NBC has good experience in blowing up things real good, but it might have another lawsuit on their hands.

  • Carl Brown

    That’s NOTHING, didn’t you hear what Rush said about that girl?!? #sarcasm

  • Mme Scherzo

    And here I thought that Martin Bashir was a Christian. Perhaps he’s one of those kumbaya types, you know, an Episcoslamic.

  • erictheredone

    Bashir the Jihadi

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    MSNBC: “Stoop Lower”

  • Greg T. Rudisill

    Maybe they will show MSNBC’s commentator’s heads exploding after Romeny becomes President. Worthy of a Romeny vote.


    There defense will be it was a “joke” that wasn’t supposed to be aired. Or it was an intern. Or something useless and false.
    Looking at it from another angle, though, it tells of their despair. They know that obamination will be losing and they think the only way to prevent that is to blow up the bus the opposition is on. Tells what they think is necessary to win.

  • Romans 8:39

    Why can’t splice a fake of Mr. Rachel Madcow’s head exploding?

  • RightKlik

    Does Bashir’s disrespect have anything to do with the color of Romney’s skin?

  • SuperFash

    Outrage will ensue all over the MSM

  • Terika

    Hey, MSNBC … How does one show an ENTIRE CAMPAIGN… IMPLODING???