It’s not just the tourists at Mount Rushmore who are getting harassed for trying to enjoy the scenery. Visitors to Utah’s Zion National Park report similar treatment. And many are not taking the selective, politically-driven obstruction lying down.

A Twitchy reader on scene e-mailed:

I noted your Twitchy story about cones being placed at Mt. Rushmore so people couldn’t pull over. When we drove Highway 9, part of which passes through the outskirts of Zion National Park on Oct. 1, we were advised by the Park Ranger at the gate that we couldn’t stop our car at any time in the next 12 miles.

To ensure that we didn’t pull over at any of the scenic viewpoints, cones were placed at every turnoff. That didn’t stop people, however, as many were getting out, moving cones, and quickly taking pictures. People were incredulous at that restriction, as if they could somehow shutdown our ability to enjoy our surroundings.

At the other end of the road, there was another park ranger forcing people to move who had stop to photograph a small group of wild bighorn sheep. Because, you know, the government owns them too. All of this was happening on a public road.

I did enjoy seeing an elderly couple, in a display of civil disobedience, leave their car and walk hand in hand on the red rock.

While I can understand the concerns of liabilities of people getting lost or injured in the park, I see no reason why cars can’t pull over to the side of a public road and stand, take in the scenery, take a picture, and get back in their car.

Attention, Utah Gov. Herbert:

  • stuckinIL4now

    Love it! Go American Patriots!! Time to take back our beautiful country–literally and figuratively–from grumpy old Prezuhdunce Boorish.

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      How about we just refer to Obama by his true nature: the petulant spoiled brat of the White House.

      • Rusty Bill

        I’ve been calling him the Petulant President for years…

        • trixiewoobeans

          I like President Pissy Pants.

          • Christine Voss

            President Stompy Foot also has a really nice ring to it.

  • muckraker

    …and not a peep from MSM.

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      Of course not, they will tow the ideological line of the left, and when someone dares to stand for freedom, peacefully at that, they either ignore them or refer to them as some variation of being insane or foolish.

    • Blake Waymire

      They’re probably just completely shocked that people would directly disobey Obama like this.

      • ObamaFail

        I’m amazed they haven’t called everyone who disobeyed the barricades “terrorists”. Because you know how the left fringe loves to accuse people of terrorism when they don’t bow at Obama’s feet.

  • trixiewoobeans

    OccupyOurParks. OccupyOurMemorials. OccupyOurForestsStreamsOceans.

    • Z_He_Lives

      We should go put cones in front of the houses of all these dem senators. Go cone off Harry Reid’s house until he agrees to negotiate. I swear to God, the first person that does that will get a million dollars and a book deal from somebody for the picture and the story. Plus, that will turn public opinion in our favor, guaranteed.

      • Christine Voss

        I love this idea. Perhaps instead of candles in the window, every single patriot in this country should put a cone in their front yard. I wonder if I can barrycade King Barry’s inspectors, as per Obamacare, from coming into my home for whatever reason they cook up that I’m ‘at risk’ and ‘need their help.’

        • lorimainra

          Im gettin a cone!

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      #OccuPatriots You have the right idea, Trixie… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Guy_Montag_OG

    Reminds me of the Fallout New Vegas DLC…

    Progressives are doing their “darndest” to usher in the End Times.

  • Finrod Felagund

    The Right even does civil disobedience better than the Left does.

    • Z_He_Lives

      American Exceptionalism.

    • ObamaFail

      They do it without pooping on cop cars, raping women at their protests (Occupy Philadelphia in 2011, a woman was raped at the rally), or without damaging other people’s property. .

      • ThomasCollins1

        They do it without networking, too. Real grass-roots.

    • ThomasCollins1

      When the lefties do it, it’s civil disobedience. When conservatives do it, it’s terrorism. When the POTUS does it, it’s treason.

  • snowleopard (the true one)

    Bring it on, and stand strong against the insanity of Obama and the Fed’s. One step at a time and we can take it back.

  • BlahBlah

    He will reopen Mount Rushmore only after someone quickly ads him there.

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      Should be pretty easy, how hard can two hemispheres be? The little puckered place in the middle shouldn’t be that much of a challenge.

  • Matt

    And people suddenly care about National Parks…

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      We Americans have ALWAYS cared about OUR National Parks…And when we are denied access while our Preezy (More like Dictator, with the emphasis on DICK) throws his tantrum, we REALLY get concerned… #OccuPatriots #RightWard #PleaseDoNotFeedTheTrolls Jawamax 8<{D}

      • ObamaFail

        Matt just doesn’t understand why Obama shutting these parks down to foot stomp over not getting his way is a big deal to Americans. Some Americans anyway. The ones who aren’t ashamed of being called Americans.

    • NRPax

      Just because stupid comes in pints doesn’t mean you should order it.

      • Matt


        • ObamaFail

          Hey, at least you’re not being accused of being a terrorist or an anarchist simply for not bowing to the Socialist Agenda of Barack Obama. I guess you consider that “classy” behavior?

        • NRPax

          You’re welcome. Now do have anything approaching a shred of proof from a reliable source that people didn’t care about national parks before this shutdown? Or was it just a reflexive need to be insulting?

          • ObamaFail

            His proof is that HE doesn’t care, so he believes everyone should feel the way he does. Which is proof he’s a lib, because libs don’t like people believing or feeling a different way then they do.

          • Matt

            Never thought people took the national parks this seriously. I apologize.

          • ObamaFail

            It’s mostly because we’ve never had a dictator wannabe shutting them down just to foot stomp over not getting his way on a law that the majority of Americans have never wanted. Hell, Obama doesn’t want the ACA, seeing as how he exempted himself and his family from it.

          • NRPax

            Given that the memorials and the national parks were left alone last times we’ve had a government shutdown, I don’t think anyone is out of line in criticizing this administration for doing that. Heck, even Bill Clinton showed more class during the last shutdown

            And I take it that I was correct in that you have no proof with your statement above. Noted and apology accepted.

          • Kakarot

            . . . even Bill Clinton showed more class. . .

            NRP, I’m not sure which is more disturbing. That you thought that statement worth making, or that I agree with it.

            Never thought I would be considering Slick Willy an example of class.

          • NRPax

            Hey, I’m man enough to concede when my ideological opponents are doing something right.

          • Christine Voss

            Which didn’t answer his question. It’s just another dismissive, snide comment that doesn’t actually mean anything.

    • alanstorm

      Do you have a substantive comment to make?

      We care about national parks. We also care enough to observe that Obama – no one else bears any responsibility – is actively placing impediments in the way of the people.

      If the government is shut down, then leaving these places open and advising people that there’s no help available should they get into trouble would be sufficient. Obama’s actions are calculated to cause the most annoyance possible.

      I’m sorry if I misunderstood you , but it appears you are clueless on this topic.

    • Al’s Grandpa’s Ghost ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      A big swing and a miss!

    • ObamaFail

      That’s funny. Coming from a lib who only cares about “issues” that MSNBC and CNN tells them to care about.

      • Matt

        It would be hard for me to listen to what they say since I watch neither.

        I’m not a sheep.

        • ObamaFail

          Well then, so if you’re so informed, whose fault is the shut down? Because if you say Republicans without acknowledging all of the actions taken by Dems that helped cause the shut down, then you obviously get your info from liberal outlets.

          Because from what I’ve seen, the only thing the Republicans did was refuse to bow at Obama’s feet over Obamacare. The Dems killed 3 CRs (which we only needed those because Reid won’t allow any budgets to pass), which caused the shut down. The Republicans only crime is trying to get the American people the same deal Obama gave to Congress and Obama’s rich elitist big business buddies by exempting them from Obamacare or giving them a waiver.

          • Matt

            The GOP refused to fully fund the government unless they could defund ACA, and they Democrats refused to fund the government unless the ACA Was fully funded.

          • ObamaFail

            And the Dems refuse to let ANY of the government be funded unless they get Obamacare without any provisions or delays added to it. The Republicans are obeying the will of the people. The majority have always been against it, and the law is so bad Obama and the rest of the Dems who fight so hard to keep it in place exempted themselves from it. The GOP want to give the rest of us the same deal Congress and their staffers got.

          • Matt

            “The Republicans are obeying the will of the people.”

            If what they’re doing is the will of the people, they should have won the last presidential election, right?

          • alanstorm

            Apples and oranges. Obama’s (mistaken) re-election wasn’t a referendum on one subject.

            Try again.

          • Matt

            Maybe it wasn’t. But, the GOP’s choice did not win that election, giving the Democrats a mandate on their agenda.

            Sure, the GOP can fight it in Congress, but it’s a losing proposition.

            You want to change things? You get a majority in the government.

          • Adela Wagner

            Obama held a majority in the House and the Senate for 2 years. Every program he managed to get through was an utter failure.

            Answer this, why does a Free Market Society that is SO focused on jobs (according to Obama) STILL have the highest corporate Tax Rate in the world?

          • BAW

            It has always seemed to me that the election that was a referendum on Obamacare was the “Massachusetts Miracle.” What else could possibly explain Scott Brown winning “Ted Kennedy’s” Senate seat? What except that he was to be the ONE vote that could stop Obamacare? At least that’s what people who voted for him believed. Who knew Harry would just find another way? Brown didn’t get re-elected did he? It’s Massachusetts! What was that if not a vote against Obamacare? What, if not the voters all out effort to make DC Listen, to stop Obamacare?

          • Adela Wagner

            Elections have consequences as the Dems LOVE to spout. Well the Repubs WON the HOUSE, and they are fully in their constitutional right and DUTY to reign in an over reaching Presidency.

            The last Bundled CR the House passed would have funded Ocare, but would have delayed the Individual mandate for one year and would have nullified the Congressional Waiver they received for Ocare. The Repubs (actually the TRUE Conservatives) feel that if Ocare is supposed to be the law of the land, then Congress should not be waived from signing up.

            There are numerous video’s of Obama saying he WILL NOT negotiate. He called a meeting last week with Congressional Majority and Minority leaders. They went in good faith that he was ready to work on the barriers and come up with a way to begin to negotiate on these points they wanted to include, and Obama used the meeting as a way to sya to them in person that he “will NOT negotiate”…in the meantime Conservatives are called vile names by the President and the Senate Majority Leader, actually MORE than vile. To me, being called a “terrorist” is inexcusable. I want a responsible Gov’t, one that puts this country first and that is NOT terroristic.
            If you call on people to work with you, calling them disgusting names, does not provide a working together environment.

            Obama has come out ON CAMERA that he wants a single payer system. In order to do that the Insurance industry must be taken down. To pass laws that require them to cover pre-existing conditions is the fastest route to their demise. Insurance is basically a “sharing of the RISK of something happening in the FUTURE”, NOT covering something you have already experienced.
            You cannot total your uninsured car, then walk into an insurance company and get them to “cover it”…

            Many have been led to believe that Ocare is somehow “Free” and that could not be further from the truth. You may not watch any news because you don’t want to be a “sheeple” but you just end up being ignorant.

          • alanstorm

            IOW, the Senate has stated that Obamacare is more important that all other government functions combined.

          • NRPax

            Well, they have been pushing for single payer health care in this country as well as doing away with private health care for decades. Since they are within sight of that goal, it is that important.

    • Billy Bob

      I haven’t been to a National Park since 2001. However, I do have a National Park Pass, which helps care for our parks, whether I visit or not.

  • Jared Mucha

    Obama is such a diva…

    • ObamaFail

      I heard that after he leaves office, he’s made a deal with E! and WWE to be a key character on “Total Divas.”

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Next thing you know, KING FINK OBAMA will waste even MORE Taxpayer Dollar$ putting up Chain-Link Fencing around all these parks and monuments…I’m POSITIVE it wouldn’t be beneath HIM… #OccuPatriots #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Michael Anderson (WB)

      At some point it will be armed guards, or the RINOS will give in to his temper tantrum.

    • Ted H.

      Meanwhile, on the southern border….


  • alanstorm

    Is anybody asking these park rangers why they support this idiocy?

    • CBehrens

      I don’t believe they do support it. But they need their jobs and need to feed their families

      • Christine Voss

        As much as I understand the fear of losing jobs, there comes a point where people need to refuse. I HOPE that many of these park rangers are merely going through the actions.

      • Martin Hutchison

        That is why Obama is busy filling armed positions and positions of authority with women and minorities, they are more likely to go along with bad orders than men are, in part because the gravy train of federal pay is more important to them than abstract ideas like “freedom” and “independence”.

  • bluemount

    Everyone take part in civil disobedience. The American people own the parks, the lands, etc. Show your Patriotism before it’s too late. And damn it!! where are the Republicans grabbing microphones and shouting out disapproval for the closings by this king-baby in the White House!!

  • AmericanMom

    Americans should defy Obama on these closures. Screw him and the donkey ass he’s riding on.

  • Hcon1

    Remember: It’s only an act of Civil Disobedience when done by the Socialist Left.

    • ObamaFail

      Because at least when we disobey, we’re not doing what the libs did at the Occupy rallies, we’re not littering, damaging other people’s businesses, and we’re not pooping on cop cars. That’s the difference between Conservatives and Liberals. They damage property just to convey their faux outrage, but we’ll just step over a barricade and take a selfie and say, “F You and Your Pettiness, Barry!!”

  • docmacs

    So then park rangers are part of 0’s army now?

  • Exodus2011

    YEAH! DEFY this TYRANT America!

    bring on the #civildisobedience!

    Urban Dictionary: #Barrycades 1.A barrier (usually temporary) that exists for no reason 2. A barrier erected for political reasons #shutdown

  • Emily B

    I’m surprised the rangers aren’t handing out blindfolds. “Sorry, you’re not allowed to look at the National nature”.

  • ThomasCollins1

    People were getting out of their cars just to move cones? I thought that’s what bumpers were for.

  • alanstorm

    Pick up the cones. After all, they’re abandoned by the roadside, and creating a traffic hazard.

    The people who ordered this littering need to be fined.

    • ked5

      it came from the top. bozo wants the shut down to hurt people.

      • alanstorm

        I reiterate, the people who ordered this littering need to be fined. Or arrested.

  • OldmanRick

    It’ nice to know that there are still some real Americans left who haven’t been gelded by the government or brainwashed by the Marxist and Politically Correct educational system.

  • Buffalobob

    Sounds familiar. The Forest service, the parks service just following orders from on top. Like Nazi Germany.

  • ToyZebra

    I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to shut down the postal service.

  • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

    The 2½-foot generic orange Obamacone is the ultimate symbol of this administration’s towering leadership–either that or a “[x] days without threats of the world ending” workplace sign

  • napalmgod

    Yeah! And while all the park police are gone, you can take souvenirs! I’m thinking about visiting the Lincoln Memorial using a rock hammer to take his nose!

  • Jim Smith

    Imagine what would happen in Washington D.C. if Americans had the balls to protest like Egyptians, Tunisians, etc.

  • Billy Bob

    If I am correct, the Rangers have been working without pay since the shutdown but will get back pay when this mess is over. If that is the case, why can’t they do the same job they were doing before the shutdown? It would seem they rather do their regular job that to stand around getting hassled by people that are being kept out of their own park. Be a good time to catch up on some of the projects they have been putting off.

    • Martin Hutchison

      The wimpy GOP voted to pay all federal workers whether or not they show up. The NPS should lose all of their parks to the states for this.

  • Karen

    Why isn’t the White House barrycaded? It sits on Federal land and is a National Monument.