It’s 4:51am Eastern. The search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Sunil Tripathi continues into the early morning after a deadly rampage claimed the life of a police officer at MIT and left an MTBA officer in Watertown wounded by gunshot. Suspect Mike Mulugeta is dead. (Update: Sunil Tripathi is NOT the suspect, according to NBC. See updates here for the latest.)

Now, Boston police scanner traffic is broadcasting word of 3 injured officers at the Arsenal command post. The report comes after this:

No word yet on how they were injured. Bomb dogs appear to be on scene or on their way.


  • PatriotRG

    These terrorists would have had a controller – the way the London bombers had one in Pakistan. They are Chechen Muslims – who join Taliban as foreign fighters. These two are way to young to have planned this on their own. An older experienced operational commander likely abroad or even still in the U.S annonymous to them activated them at the time of the Marathon and gave them the target. This is all my guess

  • Roto

    Reporting is sketchy as usual. There was an early morning video of “Watertown” police arresting a man. They made him strip naked and cuffed him.

  • $30423294

    Leftist media:

    Looks like we picked the wrong week to give up border security and self-protection by firearms!

    • VerminMcCann

      They’ll play it the opposite way–“racist border control and the NRA caused this.”