GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, joined Twitter tonight to lash back at liberal CNN commentator Hilary Rosen’s attack on her choice to be a stay-at-home mom. Rosen mocked Romney for “never working a day in her life.”



Many Twitter users also had deservedly harsh words for Rosen’s snide swipe at the mother of five and cancer/MS survivor:!/RyanGOP/status/190255291223388160!/mattdizwhitlock/status/190240890529398784!/bzaz/status/190249709653336067!/RockSolidHiker/status/190245528821448704!/ckroberts/status/190262051627728897!/DLoesch/status/190262426493665280

Rosen is former career chief lobbyist for the RIAA and “Managing Director of the Public Affairs and Communications Practice of SKDKnickerbocker. A nationally recognized strategist who skillfully navigates the intersection of communications, media and politics in Washington DC . Prior to joining SKDKnickerbocker, Rosen was Managing Partner of the DC office of the Brunswick Group.”

SKDKNickerbocker is the home of former Obama hitwoman Anita Dunn.

Add this to Rosen’s biography: Shameless prog general in the Left’s war on conservative women and stay-at-home moms.


Rosen is digging in on Twitter:!/hilaryr/status/190256883465072641!/hilaryr/status/190257858028380160!/hilaryr/status/190260403488555008!/hilaryr/status/190260803117658112


When you’ve lost David Axelrod…!/davidaxelrod/status/190270056977022979

And Jim Messina…!/Messina2012/statuses/190268575141986305



More from Rosen and her Huffington Post pal Rachel Sklar:!/hilaryr/status/190272145568440320!/hilaryr/status/190272730128592896!/hilaryr/status/190274467166035969!/rachelsklar/status/190278476186664960!/navyvetpc6/status/190279537681108993!/kneeds/statuses/190285389825716225

Naturally, Rosen has milked the spotlight with an insta-Huffington Post column.


The Romneys’ son, Josh, weighs in:!/joshromney/status/190278001471143936!/joshromney/status/190279953391161346

And a stay-at-home-dad talks back to Rosen:!/thehumphries/statuses/190293813011558400

  • jeffjackie

    Jim Messina joins Axelrod.!/Messina2012/status/190268575141986305

    There must be panic in Obamaville.

  • reshas1

    I was a stay at home Mom, BUT, have had to find a job because of the Obama economy(husband in construction, self employeed), had a nice little life, not extravagent, did without alot to stay home.  3 years ago, puff, gone over night, no retirement, living pay check -pay check, drive a 99 Suburban, husband’s car is 9 years old(we pray nothing goes bad), a struggle..  Will probably have to quit my little part time job that took me 2 years to find if gas goes up any higher.   ABO  Anyone But Obama

    This whacked out woman doesn’t have a clue what middle America is going thru and just like the O admin, doesn’t care.

    • Silverbear Heart

      I was a stay at home mom, and lost everything because of the Romney’s 

  • Usermaim

    Gee, having a loving husband who honors and takes care of his family is now such a rarity Mom deserves scorn??

    • Silverbear Heart

      It how they respect other women and kids, it isn’t just about Ann and Mitt.  And they haven’t treated other Mom and kids well

      • tdpwells

        And many of us could say the exact same thing about the Barack and Michelle, so what’s your point?

      • Usermaim

        That makes no sense. Who are you talking about? I’m just saying it’s about time we teach our girls to seek respect and love, good, caring men – not sexual liberation, looking hot, etc. as their goal. They will only continue to be hurt.

  • marine37

    Hillary Rosen, another reason to keep your kids out of college.  What a moron.  Ann has never worked a day in her life?  Well, I know one thing.  Ann knows how to balance a checkbook, unlike our dear leader.  I can’t believe the BS that came out of this moron’s mouth.  Does Hillary have any children?  IF so, I bet they are taken care of by paid nannys.  Typical DEMOCOM!!

  • Usermaim

    Did the sainted Jackie O work a day in her life before she married Jack???

    • Stephanie Mayfield

       um…. yes she did.

      • Silverbear Heart

        And Jackie had a lot more class than Ann

  • CrypticSound

    Another foot in mouth outbreak. Someone give Biden a vaccine for it also please.

  • Lady_Penguin

    Ms. Rosen, you’re not married, have no children. You don’t have a chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis.  
    You’ve had a career…and that makes you an expert on women? No, I don’t think so. 

    • $15278936

      I think she adopted 2 kids with her partner a few yrs back, not certain though. 
      Either way – 
      Me & hubby were DINKs for 15 yrs before we had our son.  Now I’m a SAHM and it is the toughest job on the planet.  

      • Sonya A. Willis

        They did but she and Elizabeth Birch split up back in 2006.  Wonder who cares for HER kids?

  • Ben O’Keefe

    This is another example of Critical Theory in action. As most of the Left’s attacks are baseless, it tends to be the only offense they can provide. It’s time to expose Critical Theory and fight back.

  • Mr Kimber

    Just how difficult is it to be a community organizer as oppossed to be a mother of 5 boys?


    Libs are idiots; simple and true.  They will do anything NOT to work.  They usually steal if they can get away with it.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Check hilary’s twitter feed. She can’t help herself.

  • TristeH

    “Becoming a mother makes you the mother of all children.  From now on each wounded, abandoned, frightened child is yours.  You live in all suffering mothers of every race and creed and weep with them.  You long to comfort all who are desolate.” (Charlotte Gray)  Just because Ann Romney hasn’t had to work outside the home, doesn’t mean she cannot emphasize with working mothers and bring some understanding of their hardships to her husband.

  • $6903134

    The only bigger ass than Hilary Rosen is her actual ass.

  • T Hardin

    Ann Romney will make a fantastic First Lady that we will all be proud of.  

    • Silverbear Heart

      Ann will not make a fantastic First Lady.. Romney’s are not good people. They will be arrogant and horrible 

      • weRbroke

        Why should anyone take you seriously?

  • Jon

    Yeah.. Hillary Rosen was 100% correct in what she said. If Romney is using his wife as a platform to say he understands women, then his wife being out of touch with the real plight of working women in this country is not only relevant but is in fact paramount.

  • marine37

    Sounds like another Hillary. ” It takes a village to raise a child.”  I don’t know where the private schools and nannies fit in this equation.  You Democoms are so transparent! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! 

  • fivegreatkids

    I had an exciting rewarding career which I gave up to stay home and raise my children.  I also gave up the extra money we could have used for new cars, vacations, nice clothes etc… Best decision I ever made.  It is also significantly harder than being in the ‘so called workforce’. 

    How dare this ‘woman’ tell other women their choices are wrong.  Pretty obvious here which party is waging the war on women. 

  • Saugus77

    does Ms. Rosen realize that because of obama’s economy, more women HAVE to work?  I had to take a THIRD job to help my family….

  • Silverbear Heart

    I opened on account on twitter to respond to Ann and ask a question of her, my twitter  account was suspended.  Seems Ann is only interested in herself as a stay at home mom and not what the Romney’s have done to other stay at home moms.  This is the link I posted – it never showed, as far as I can tell on Ann’s twitter. blog piece is titled Is Romney involved in the abuse of woman and her children. 

  • Steve Picray

    Why is it so hard for Hilary Rosen to just say “I made a mistake, I apologize.” 

  • DianaHall

    Excellent comments made by everyone!  Motherhood…the 2nd oldest profession in the world….and D.C. is full of the “other profession” on the streets and in the House!!  Setting aside all the “name calling” although I can think of a few myself but am trying to be civilized in a world which doesn’t allow much of that…..Ms R definitely needs to APOLOGIZE to Mrs. Romney and every other woman in this country who has a Masters Degree in Running a Household and Raising Children 101….I seem to remember the musings of another Hillary who didn’t feel the need to stay home and bake brownies!

    Motherhood is the most ardent, self sacrificing, CEO position in this world!  A Mother has to be organized, patient, fiscally responsible, budgeting, and the oldest cliche of all time; “Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer”.  A Mother knows where everything is, who needs to go where and when dinner will be ready, shop for that dinner, and yes, like the song, “….bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan coz’ I’m a Woman…W-O-M-A-N!”  

    Every woman in this economy and government structure is affected by it’s policy and just because a woman chooses to stay home and raise a family does not mean she isn’t contributing to the general good of the country.  She may not be drawing a salary or paying taxes but believe me there is NO SALARY commensurate that would pay ANY WOMAN to stay home and do what a Mother and Wife does!  And believe me, she is working and getting compensated by much more than money can ever satisfy.

    LOVE is Priceless…..and the satisfaction in knowing that one has done their absolute best in raising successful, productive and grateful children to go out into society and be exemplary is glorious compensation. 
    A few decades ago my generation was sold a bill of goods by radical feminism that  we “could have it all”.  Well, we tried and believe me, everyone suffers.  And we do have it all now, heart disease, migraines, alcoholism, cancer of every variety, stress and every other ailment that used to be relative to “men” in the workforce but now that we are out here working, doing the same jobs as many of our fellow male workers and getting paid less, yes, still less than the men…we do have it all.

    I am not complaining, I enjoy working and I manage a business I don’t even own and I am good at whatever I put my mind to, as are most women and men….but to demean Motherhood and all it’s responsibilities and to slight it AS IF stay at home mom’s are sitting around on their “duff” eating chocolates and watching soaps while dinner burns and the kids run wild is ludicrous!

    And All this …..from a woman who has NEVER been a mother and never desired to be, yet, I am a W-O-M-A-N and I relate because I was raised by that “Stay at Home Mom” who gave up all her time, energy, dreams and focus to raise four great kids who are grateful, industrious, productive, generous, compassionate, thinking, loving and responsible adults who know rude and arrogant when they hear it!

    Peace & Hope     

    • weRbroke

      Huge HUG from a stay at home mom that appreciated EVERY word you said!  Thanks, you brightened my day. 

  • bazzyboy25

    Romney weak with woman voters, he knows it.  GOP working on trying to turn the tables and project Dems as those who don’t support women.  Its politics people….

  • $6903134

    “I know we’re spending — I added it up for the first time — we spend
    between the two kids, on extracurriculars outside the classroom, we’re
    spending about $10,000 a year on piano and dance and sports supplements
    and so on and so forth,” Mrs. Obama tells the women. “And summer
    programs. That’s the other huge cost. Barack is saying, ‘Whyyyyyy are we
    spending that?’ And I’m saying, ‘Do you know what summer camp costs?’”
    With all those concerns, one might wonder whether the women should be
    comforting Mrs. Obama, but she assures them that she’s really O.K. “We
    don’t complain because we’ve got resources because of our education.
    We’ve got family structure,” she says. “So I tell people don’t cry for

  • twolaneflash

    The Worm turns:  Ms Rosen is claiming victim status.  She now declares moral superiority because SHE is doing motherhood as a working LESBIAN woman, which is so much harder than the other kind of mothering, you know.  Now if she was a BLACK LESBIAN, you could all just STHU.

  • twolaneflash

    UPDATE:  Rosen apologizes to herself for getting blood on her blouse when she stabbed Ann Romney in the back.  Film at 6.

    • Cham4Cons

      Looks like they own this war on mothers, war on grandmothers, war on cancer survivors…

      Party of civility?

  • Anita

    @thehumphries–Good for you! I have worked as a stay at home mother and as a mother who dumped her kids on someone else. I assure you, the stay at home mom has the tougher job.