In Union City, Ga., today, students at Banneker High School held a “protest” for Trayvon that reportedly turned ugly. Many live-tweeted the disturbance and subsequent school lockdown, which has received no media coverage.!/xXHealMyHeart/status/185805422706442241!/xXHealMyHeart/status/185811129912655872!/xXHealMyHeart/status/185826218254413828!/xSeeSeeTHEGREAT/status/185828545795342336!/EveryDamn_Night/status/185788828815065088!/FreakyLuhh_Moee/status/185907293693554690!/_1LOCA/status/185835721456746496

There have been other Twitter reports of planned outbreaks:!/Jes_Uu_N_Me/status/185116631893151744!/XDeffMofo/status/184741049556668416!/IamMajorrTee/status/184748339806470144

Forget Al Sharpton. Across the Twitter-verse, calls to riot for Trayvon Martin show no signs of letting up:!/iDance2Live/status/185618120407384064!/Artistryanwlkr/status/184444927625793536!/RP765/status/185915226552680448!/music_MEcrazy/status/185911663810191360!/MugbeezY/status/185882710059925504!/_GeecheeBoyVell/status/185879849666220033!/Ptony22/status/185867662029623297!/LolaLatimore/status/185767840903741440!/TCash_SHM/status/185719666570821635!/Don_Jizzle/status/185592658528440320!/MackMarshthe3rd/status/185094758614564864!/tyra_brielle/status/185561799662383105!/OoWee_NaiNai/status/185538052876288000!/DOMnotKennedy/status/185514792361000961

A rare voice of sanity:!/requestGranted/status/185528877534285824


Related — In case you missed it, rap songs about rioting for Trayvon are all the, well, rage:!/NolteNC/status/185368092690489346!/HomerWhite/status/185355758458769408

All black in my hoodie
All black in my hoodie
Strapped up with them AKs
F–k protesters
Let’s start a riot
Fight, let’s start a riot

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Update: Here comes Al Sharpton, who tweets this morning that he’s headed to Sanford, Florida.

  • Honey Badger Clicker

    I’m confused.  Is this what “keepin’ it real, Dawg” means?

  • Smokey Behr

    I’ve seen how “gangstas” shoot. Every barns’ broadsides will be safe. 

  • GeeGee

    Now that the MSM has already tried and judged this case;
    were this man charged – how would he ever get a fair trial?

    If he were convicted, would people change their minds about wanting to kill him?  Either way, it’s just going to get worse.
    It seems the goal now.

    • Michael Langford

      If the police had done a proper investigation in the first place, the public wouldn’t even have heard about this.

      • Fredddd

        That’s ridiculous.

        They did a proper investigation.  Found no reason to make charges.  But that wasn’t political enough for Obama, he has to get his base stirred up.  To deflect from his utter and complete failures.

  • Ultros667

    Absolute thugs who all belong in prison for life!

  • LuciaMai

    What a bunch of nincompoops. They trying to destroy a whole race, bring it down, or make something better for themselves? In what way will a riot help anybody? They’ll end up suspended, jailed, injured, dead.  How you gonna live in a country when you act like this? Nobody will want to have anything to do with you.  Ever.

  • lawrence

    LOL what a bunch of illiterate morons

  • DaMav

    If only we had a President who wasn’t just into pandering the race-mongers…

  • DaMav

    This whole ugly incident is showing how important it is to have Stand Your Ground laws across the nation.  Unless you want to spend your life running from thugs and thuglets, better get one in your state eh?

  • DavidKramer

    Now do you know why they forced us to fund those free phones?

  • tcbinc

    It’s OUR fault THE time to be politically correct is OVER. We The People have laid down long enough being ashamed of being white.

    I’m NO race Hater BUT Letting 12% of our population call the shots Is letting the “Tail Wag The Dog” 

  • Athiest

    Attention all inner-city feral yutes:

    Suggest you look at what happened after the riots in LA back in 1990.  A couple of white people were injured and the only people that died were black.  Then most businesses in the riot areas shut down, people lost their jobs, their neighborhoods became ghost towns, and led to a majority of the black population being replaced by illegal aliens and hispanics.  

    Does rioting still sound like a good idea?  Idiots!

  • Ms Know It All

    MY TWO CENTS: Even if, and the media is NEITHER JUDGE NOR JURY mind you, so IF Zimmerman is guilty – is the black community’s reaction to this case appropriate?!
    NO. No, no, no a thousand times NO.
    Riots, looting, contract killing, threats if Zimmerman is NOT found guilty?!
    Seriously people, since WHEN is throwing a temper tantrum the BEST way to get your way?! I HAVE a 4-yr old, we teach her that it is NOT okay.
    It’s time we teach them the same thing. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

  • Retired Vietvet

    This is being encouraged by obama so we have a Hot Summer and he can declare Martial Law and cancel the elections…….

    • BlueMoney

      Except why would he bother to cancel the elections, given that the likely Republican nominees bring the Keystone Kops to mind?

  • disqus_AtF6T98fj0

    Better get used to it. Riots and civil disobedience are going to be the norm from now on. Its going to be a rich vs poor nation. This is what partisan politics gets you. The US claims to be a nation of god and a nation of the people, but the emphasis has been on greed and partisanship for decades. You gave your country away. Now you get to see the results.

  • Guest

    If those tweets are representative of the people the kid
    hung around, maybe, just maybe Zimmerman’s actions were appropriate…

  • ComanderCody

    Ladies and Gentleman:
    In the center ring may I present..
     Chicago scorched-earth politics.

    Sincerely Yours

  • NixTyranny

    So, should King Barack now say that if he had a son he would look like these folks that are rioting?

  • rm1evo

    Geez!! And they call conservatives uninformed.  

  • M0T

    There are treacherous forces at work that are desperately attempting to force riots and mayhem in our streets whether it be this Trayvon fiasco or OWS. Reverend Al Sharpton is presently point man on this contrived outrage — what I want to know is why the desperation and who’s the puppet master?

    • anposter

      Sharpton organizes riots?  Really?


    I’m sure I’d be outraged if I only knew what the hell they were saying.