Mediaite’s James Crugnale has some kind words for

It will be fascinating to see how the site continues to evolve as more people seek out savvy social media curation, but it is already clear that with this ambitious new project and Malkin’s undeniable talent for galvanizing her readers, Twitchy is a site to watch in 2012.

We’re most grateful for the coverage of our little startup. Make sure to read the whole thing.

Not everyone liked the piece, though. Some curious reaction…on the Right:

  • Erica Marceau

    Could someone explain what Ann Coulter meant by that tweet?

    • Serr8d

      Seems Ann Coulter is more than a bit jealous of MM.

      Ann’s been a bit twitchy herself lately, and not in a good way. She came out of the closet for that future November 2012 loser, the fellow who resembles Bob Dole and John McCain more and more every passing day, Mitt Romney. That was a mistake, Ann Coulter, because I can never again take you seriously. 

      So, Ann’s influence is waning; and as it does, she’s going to start striking out at those who are not so quick to change ideological course for selfish reasons.

      Will she go as far as that other spurned, jealous whore Charles Johnson? She’s smarter than he is by far, so let’s hope not. But keep an eye on her going forward, especially after Romney loses to Obama.

      • Fake Ken Nunn

        Obama is going to beat Romney? Haha. You wish.

        • Serr8d

           I hope he doesn’t, of course. But I’ve lost faith in the run-of-the-mill American citizen, who is now but a weak, soft, spoiled reflection of the Americans who built this Republic.

          Obama speaks directly to those who are soft and inclined to mooch. His ideology is to attract those who haven’t the spine to want to keep our Republic strong and ideologically similar to what the founders had in mind: Classic Liberalism. Look it up.

          We are no longer a strong-willed nation; the majority of Americans are attracted to the ‘Community Organizer’ who promises amorphous CHANGE! and free stuff.

          • Tom Key

             You invent a straw man and then “win” against the fiction. OUR President is not getting votes by giving away free stuff or promising “amorphous” change. He is getting my vote because he is not surrounded by empty suits but by experienced professionals with the expertise to solve problems. Because he has courage. Because he is educated in the Constitution, which he taught to law students for TEN years. Because in a generation, we rarely see such greatness engaged in the “political” world. He has elevated politics to the state-craft which is required during periods of great difficulty.

  • The Left Is Evil

    What that hell is going with Ann Coulter? Is like she is not her, she is acting and saying stupid things. What that that hell, Ann?

  • ICLemmings

    Hart need to stay away from the Grape !