Unreal. This graphic from the Senate Republican Policy Committee puts that all in crushing perspective.


It should be.

And this Twitter user notes what makes it even worse:

That’s right. Remember, the Newspeak-y “pre-effecuated enrollments” are also included in the White House figures.


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  • Clayton Grant

    Keep the pressure on them Sen Barrasso. Let’s turn the Senate in 2014!

    • Ghenghis Greg

      When are people going to stand up for their rights? When are these Demcoratic sheep voters going to realize that these grandiose ideas cost real money? No they are too concerned with gay marriage and who is going to pay off their student loans.

  • ObamaFail

    Selecting a plan isn’t the same as purchasing ones. That’s a little lesson for the libs spiking the football.

    • arttie

      But, but, but medicaid!?

    • rambler

      It’s that common core math, designed to have numbers say what ever the dems need them to say even when it sounds totally stupid.

  • twolaneflash

    @Satirist Turn it into what? Given Republican performance, Repugnican or Dimocrat makes little difference to the bureaucrats in charge of our lives. The same laws, same regulations, same enforcers all remain in place, while Tax-and-Spend makes America a Republic on its death-bed.

    • Chris

      While that is all TRUE, (no one can argue that), hopefully if we get some good conservatives in there, they can turn the TURNCOATS back to how they get elected, conservatism. Not saying it will happen, but it could, and at this point, thats all we have!!

    • BeeKaaay

      We have a one party system.

      • BlackBettysBlog

        What party would that be?

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          The Hegelian party.

          • algonquinmatt

            The K-Streetarians

        • Spinmamma

          The Bureaucratic Party.

        • Jack Deth

          The “Power At Any Cost” Party.

        • Ted H.

          The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

        • BeeKaaay


          We have the Marxicrat party and RINOpublican party, both are exactly the same thanks to both being infested with Marxists.

          • BlackBettysBlog

            It took you a full day to think that up? If you honestly believe there is no difference between the Republican agenda and the Left’s, then you are the avatar of low-information voter.

          • BeeKaaay

            When the RINOpublican party has zero party to stop the Marxicrats, they are nothing more than a decoration. And how do they respond to this? That’s right, they just roll over and say “yes, we do whatever you want”

            They refuse to nominate conservatives for the presidency. They only nominate big government Marxists.

    • BlackBettysBlog

      So you’re saying the country would be in the same desperate position it’s in now if McCain (and I say a pox on him, too) had been elected instead of Dear Leader in 2008. Is that right?

      • BeeKaaay

        Did you really think McLame wanted to win? Seriously?

        Senator John “QUICK! I must suspend my campaign to vote for a bailout package that 2/3 of Americans hate” McLame?

        Please don’t confuse decorations or placeholders with actual candidates running for office. We didn’t have two candidates running for office in 2008 or 2012. Just one.

  • BeeKaaay

    Will the RINOpublican party do anything? Naah.

    • BlackBettysBlog

      If your enemy is destroying himself, stay out of the way.

      • BeeKaaay

        The enemy is not destroying themselves. They are getting more and more powerful.

        • BlackBettysBlog

          You’d need a Ph.D. to climb up into the low-information class. Yes, that is an ad-hominem attack, which you richly deserve.

          • BeeKaaay

            Naah, you don’t want to admit we have a one party system.

  • JeffWRidge

    It’s only going to get worse. Just wait until the employer mandate kicks in.

    • Clayton Grant

      Scheduled to kick in early 2015, after the Nov 2014 elections. What a coincidence.

      • algonquinmatt

        they could have delayed the mandate specifically until Weds. November 5th (the day after election day) and the news media STILL would’ve given the (D)-bags a free pass.

      • idalily

        Yeah, but the cancellation notices and layoffs will occur just before the midterms. The timing might end up being perfect.

        • Clayton Grant

          I’m sure this isn’t the last time they’ll play with Obamacare dates.

          • idalily

            Just trying to be optimistic in the face of overwhelming disaster. :)

  • Motley Blogger

    Just the beginning. With the HHS director legally empowered to (literally) make up the rules as she goes, and with all the “disqualifiers” built into the law as it exists today, there will not be a single individual or group policy that meets the standards over the course of the next couple of years. Voila… everybody is forced into government-provided healthcare. Short of complete repeal of the ACA AND getting the federal government completely out of the healthcare business, there is no stopping a single-payer system. I would place a bet on that, but I am saving my money to help pay for my quadrupled health insurance premium.

    • Thomas Cosenza

      I agree .. the whole plan here was to collapse the individual market and build in incentives for businesses to drop their health care and force everyone on to non working exchanges. then government swoops in and provides the solution for the problem they created and will take over all health insurance except for the very rich since they will be able to buy either concierge care or health care insurance at high premiums

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    Wow, Downtwinkles the Fairy brought his/her brothers today!

  • Spinmamma

    So is the RNC going to widely publicize this graphic?

    • Guest

      More likely to be taken up by a PAC.

      • uselogic19

        One can only hope. Because I have little hope for RNC doing it.

  • HanaFiveO

    They need to update the graphic. 4.5 millions is so two weeks ago.

  • Griswold

    Well a least a dog was able to get an Obamacare plan.

    Colo. man signs up for his insurance, his dog gets covered instead


  • http://yourdaddy.net/ NotaLemming


  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    1 step Forward… 40 steps back.

  • Maren

    Excited to hear Debbie Wasserman Schultz spin those numbers. She’s really good at common core math!

    • BlackBettysBlog

      To quote Al Czervik: The last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.

    • Cymbaline

      But she was mizled.

  • jukin

    By the time Obama has destroyed the health care industry over 130 million people will not have the plan they liked. The only people to keep their insurance will be government workers and union members (BIRM).

    In old USA, you get insurance.
    In Obama’s USSA, insurance gets you.

  • https://twitter.com/thehiredmind Hired Mind

    And the GOP establishment wanted to delay this pain into another term!

  • Jay Stevens

    I notice that although the Senate RPC put the graphic together, the data itself came from the “AP and other media reports”, so the media could have put this together.

    I know, I know. For the media to present all this data in an easily assimilated form would be a random act of journalism.

  • Rock ThisTown

    One person signed up for every 40 cancellations, that’s about the same truth to lies ratio of this administration, 1 truth for every 40 lies.

    We have a truthiness-challenged President.

    • BlackBettysBlog

      That’s the same ratio of Obama truths to alternate universes the Starship Enterprise has visited.

  • Mr_Constitution

    Maybe Obama learned the new Commie Core Math? On the un-ACA, I recommend just letting it implode. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT – DO NOT CAVE NEXT TIME YOU GET