Seriously. Did President Obama forget to watch that television thingie or read some newspapers in order to get up to snuff on the news?

So, this happened.

Glitches, shmitches! President Obama addressed (allegedly) the issues with the Obamacare launch and the disastrous website from the Rose Garden Monday morning. Even Ezra Klein had to note a little something:


NRO’s Charles W. Cooke was flabbergasted.


But, hey, it’s all good. The “product” is awesome and stuff! And everything is working just fine, whiners.

He’s selling something. And America isn’t buying it.


No worries, here is your Obamacare presser preview (Hint: Involves ‘top men’) 

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  • Republicanvet

    Perhaps he thinks the 404Care web site is just like Totus. It comes on with all these soothing words…why would his web site be any different?

  • Steven S Mellnick

    This guy has a serious illusions of grandeur. He needs to step away from the microphone, and have someone else read his speeches for a bit.

    • BlahBlah

      Anybody, and I mean anybody at all if they were to be surrounded with people constantly fawning over them, pandering and coddling, anybody would act like this. As they said in the tweets up there, he never has a reality check. He’s been in the same echo chamber for years and even before the presidency.

      • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Even with millions fawning over me, I would know the website doesn’t work and the errors people getting have nothing to do with too much server activity. Of course, I didn’t go to Harvard, so what do I know?

        • BlahBlah

          Sadly you’re wrong. Anyone can be brainwashed into anything.

          • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Couldn’t have let me believe I was stronger than that for at least a half hour? lol 😀

          • Mack Bonham

            There. Are. Four. LIGHTS!

  • Gary Kunkel

    Perhaps we should tweet screenshots of exchange rates we’ve seen on the web site …

    • Jeremy

      good idea.

  • Republicanvet

    Good luck seeing a doctor using “essence”…

    • pinupartist

      Well, going home to take a pill & die is the “essence” of medical treatment, at least now. He’s dragging everything good about this country down with him.

  • HARP2

    Notice not once did he call it obamacare.

    What a pathetic little man.

    • Republicanvet

      Well, since it has been such a disaster…

      How soon before it becomes RepubliCare?

      • ObamaFail

        Once the libs see how much their “free” healthcare is going to cost them and start raising a stink, they’ll start calling it CruzCare, BushCare, or RepublicanCare, and the sheep will have to be reminded that no Republican voted for this crap.

      • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        It’s already started. “It’s just Romneycare”. “This was the Heritage Foundation’s plan”. Already been hearing it. Within a few years, Obamacare would have been passed on a partisan basis with only republicans voting for it.

        • jackay

          I was going to say the same thing. The term “Romneycare” worked out for them during the campaign so why stop using it now.

          • ObamaFail

            Because I think even the MSM isn’t going to deny that this was all the Democrat’s baby. They pushed it, they passed it, and they own it.

        • ObamaFail

          The question that could be brought up about is, “If Romneycare was so bad, why did they take elements from that and add their own and make it a national thing?”

      • David Leak


    • Clayton Grant

      I was about to make the exact same comment. He said ACA or Affordable Care every time. Starting to distance himself from the Obamacare label?

    • Matt

      Well, technically it isn’t “Obamacare.” It’s The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

      Though, it seems to be doing neither.

      • Ronald

        Exactly. The name is ACA. Not Obamacare.

        • Michelle ✓classified

          Are you aware that the official Twitter account for the White House uses the hashtag #Obamacare each time they tweet about it? The verified account of Barack Obama also refers to it as Obamacare. I believe Harp’s point was Barry himself will not call it Obamacare because once America truly understands what a horrific law it is, Barry doesn’t want his name associated with it.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      I called this days ago. The lapdogs are following suit.

    • Ronald

      Why would he call it Obamacare?

      • Corey Dennison

        Because he pushed it on us and according to the media and his supporters, it’s his ‘signature accomplishment.’

      • chicagorefugee

        Dunno. Why don’t you go to his official Obamacare Face Book page and ask?

  • brewerandpatriot

    Who are those people behind him? Can this guy ever make a speech without a southern Baptist-sized church choir behind him?

    • no_more_deceit

      Pigford farmer recipients.

    • journogal

      Was it really a big crowd? The shot looked very tight, or at one point it did.

  • OhHell

    He has to say that so that people the stupids who voted for him will sign up. If he tells them its a disaster, they wont even bother. Lying/manipulating are his areas of expertise

  • ObamaFail

    It’s amazing the way this guy can just walk out on live tv and lie without batting an eye. I’ve seen some liars in politics before, but no one has done it as easily as Obama.

    • Republicanvet

      That’s because no previous politician has known so definitively that they can get away with such blatant lies.

      Who calls him on his lies?

      Friggin Baghdad Bob was a piker compared to Bobo.

  • BlahBlah

    This is not the glitch you are looking for. *Jedi hand wave*

    • Clayton Grant

      The glltch has become a gulch.

  • tjack

    This isn’t obama delivering a speech to Americans so much as it is him delivering talking points to the media.

    • David

      Excellent point and spot on.

  • Maximum Booger

    He knows it’s not working. What this presser was to create the message his media lapdogs will now yip to the masses.

    • HARP2


  • HARP2

    I told you he would have someone faint.

  • ObamaFail

    The Liar in Chief does it again! I wonder how long until people start claiming it’s racist to bring up what a failure Obamacare is?

    • Clayton Grant

      That’s been going on since its inception.

      • David


    • BlahBlah

      He is not lying! Hook him up to a polygraph and it would show no deception. The bigger problem is that he really believes in what he’s saying!

      • Spinmamma

        Yes, narcissists always do.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Another few days.

      How long until people start claiming using the word “Obamacare” is racist?

  • no_more_deceit

    It’s working better than our coverup on Bengazi, our denying Tea Parties non profit status and our denial of Fast and Furious, what more could you want?

  • Paul Jurkoic

    Reminds me of the old Knickerbockers song:

  • therantinggeek

    Well, let’s see how long it takes before our usual suspects (a.k.a. the Leftists) start showing up in droves to defend this latest speech.

    UPDATE: Any takers?

    • David

      Bueller? . . . Bueller?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      The silence! It’s deafening!

  • Bklynnygirl

    Update: Via WaPo’s Zachary A. Goldfarb

    @Goldfarb: 3 of the 13 people back-dropping Obama just now have actually registered for the ACA—including 1 who did it last night.

    The Washington post, reported this

    • TexasMom2012

      I bet they didn’t do it online or the phone. I bet they did it in person expedited by Sec KS… for the purpose of trotting them out for Obama’s backdrop.

      • Cyrena

        Nailed it!

  • David

    “Okay, now that I’ve fixed that healthcare thing, what time is tee time,” Obama said.

    • thedumbblonde

      He played yesterday, I believe. Where did he take up the game? Anyone know?

      • David

        He took up the game at Bob’s Miniature Golf Extravaganza. It is rumored that he aced the dreaded windmill hole . . .

        • therantinggeek

          I thought it was that loop-de-loop hole?

          • David

            Are you crazy? No one in miniature golf history has ever aced the loop-de-loop hole!

        • Cyrena

          Sounds like presidential material to me. What a great entry to add on his resume for POTUS.

  • Jack Deth

    It’s a good thing I was driving around with the radio off and tending to errand while this BS schlockfest was going on. The cops might have pulled me over if they saw that my ears were bleeding.

    That, and having my teeth itch occurs whenever I hear that voice.

    • therantinggeek

      Almost like hearing fingernails being dragged across an old fashioned chalkboard?

      • Jack Deth

        That’s Hillary and her screeching cackles.

        • therantinggeek

          Ah. I stand corrected. :)

    • David

      Now that’s funny.

  • JonInVa

    “Believe me, if you’re serious about health care, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster Insurance Plan is the way to go. You think you hate it now, but just wait until you get it.” – Obama

    • David

      “or my name isn’t Charles Ponzi,” obama added.

  • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Ok, so let’s say you buy a car from Government Motors. You get it home and park your shiny new car in the garage. When you try to go to work the next day, your Government Motors car will not start. You call the Government Motors dealership where your purchased the vehicle. They tell you that “eventually, the product will work just fine.” Do you accept this?

    • David


    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Down vote douche…..have anything of any substance to say? Yea, didn’t think so. Down vote douche would probably start blowing into the tailpipe, hoping that would get his new not working, but it will work eventually car up and running.

      • World B. Free

        Well, you can expect this to be a pretty much “troll-free” thread, since they can’t possibly defend 0bama on this.

        All they can do is show up and downvote our comments. It’s all they’ve got, bless their black, shriveled little hearts.

      • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Thank you for confirming your idiocy, down vote douche.

  • ObamaFail

    Don’t worry guys, once NBC and the other liberal media shills start accurately reporting on the problems, Obama will finally find out about it. Remember, he doesn’t know what his administration is doing until he hears it on the news.

    • arttie

      Remember MSNBcarp does not do hard news, or easy news for that matter.

    • HeavyMetalPolkaMonkey

      But….but…..Corky has proof his policies are working.

  • HARP2

    ‘The Product Is Good’

    Then how come you and the kids ain`t on it ?

    • HeavyMetalPolkaMonkey

      One should not disparage our Dear Amerikkan Leader komrade. Every time Obama talks about change, a baby diaper becomes clean and a homeless person’s cup fills up with nickels.

  • mtshark

    Don’t panic people, a few more years and a billion or two more dollars and everything will be OK. Move along, nothing to see here. Oh, and just in case, it’s the Tea Party’s fault.

    • HeavyMetalPolkaMonkey

      And in other news, Obama promises to create thousands more economically neutral jobs.

  • cfc1905

    PANIC – def//:: The moment liberals realize that the smartest people in the room are ad men and they can’t actually solve ObamaCare…

  • Scott

    Our Idiot In Chief reminds me of Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun!!

  • Diane Stephan

    This should be a teaching lesson to our children. When you do something, do it right, take your time, do your research, cross your t’s and dot your i’s. Rushing something through for the sake of it will be a disaster.

    • Republicanvet

      The best lesson would be to teach kids to reject socialism in all its forms.

  • Chip

    On the Lemon Lot…

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    Actual footage of the President’s speech:

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      I didn’t know Mooch attended the speech.

  • algonquinmatt

    If the GOP knew that Obama was giving a presser on Obamacare today, why did they not have a presser set up to follow his, where there could’ve been people up on the stage who have lost their insurance, lost their doctor, etc.. all of the things that Obama promised would not happen.

    when are we going to learn to play the game the same way the lefties do?

  • Sakemoto

    Was that Barack Obama or Bernie Madoff talking today?

  • mtshark

    Obama: The essence of the law is working just fine. He is absolutely correct, since the essence of the law is to screw the American people.

    • ObamaFail

      Yeah, because everyone getting cancellation notices or getting the letters of how much their premiums going up are feeling pretty screwed. As are the people cut down to part-time or laid off because of it.

  • amabo

    As a society, look how far we have come………………………………….

    My lord, the people have no work and can not afford Obamacare and bread for their children also. What should they do?

    Obama: Let them play golf, and eat cake.

  • HARP2

    I must have missed it.

    Did he mention deductibles and co-pays ?

    • ObamaFail

      I doubt he did, because he doesn’t want people to know how expensive those are going to be.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      I listened to every single word on the radio, and, unless he was holding up flashcards, the answer is NO. In fact, he kept up that ridiculous lie about it costing less than $100/ month, like your cell phone or cable bill. Arrrgh!!!!

  • Paladin

    He probably had this speech prepared sometime last year. His speechwriters likely decided to run with it instead of producing a different one that wouldn’t have acknowledged what a pack of incompetent boobs this group really is.

  • EyesWideOpen

    I don’t know which is more disturbing: the fact that the president is delusional or the fact that the Obamabots will believe every word.

  • justlittlolme

    Maybe he had his speechwriters set up the website…..or had the nincompoops that setup the website write his speech.

  • Red Fred

    It’s the insurance for the “folks”, i.e. what difference does it make?

  • Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

    That’s because, the way he intended it, it IS working exactly as he wants it to. So people will come crying for single payer, fully government-run healthcare.


    Has to have his props, what about all the citizens that have the policy canceled due to his obamacare!

    • nc ✓s & balances

      He unbelievably insisted that “85%” of Americans have insurance that is unchanged. Yes he did! And the other 15% will be able to get their policies for less than $100 or the cost of your cell phone or cable bill. I heard it myself. No mention of deductibles.

      The good news is he won’t be able to deny it later.

      • DWAAP

        Some how, they will spin it, some how, idiots believe everything the man says and the lib media, some how, we will survive this and fire our beloved politicians that refuse to work for the people. Some how, God will prevail through all of this!

        • nc ✓s & balances

          It would be nice to live to see it. I wonder if I will.

          (I only say that because I think it’s going to take a very long time, perhaps a generation, to recognize and undo this damage.)

          • DWAAP

            Hopefully not, but know full well it will take a very long time before it is fixed!

  • Karin_A

    I like that tweet up there about the pre-existing mental condition. And Cooke is right, that when you’re so insulated and unchallenged, your brain goes lazy. And your narcissism is well-fed.

  • snyper77


    • Scott

      Brilliant snyper! Just heard the Canadian firm CGI Group that won the contract had been fired by the Canadian Govt for major issues on a project they were working on??

      • snyper77


        • Scott

          Just like the Oscamacare Navigator’s, why would the HHS bother with background checks or reference checks??

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Who ya gonna call?

      • snyper77

        Health-Care Busters!

  • rambler

    Yeah, in his utopian bubble, every problem is caused by others not living up to his expectations. But wait…. he’ll just wave his magic wand all all those problems will disappear. All he needs is a pair of ruby slippers so he can chant, “there’s no place like home” and maybe the powers that be will transport him to the yellowbrick road.


    One day America will wake up!

    • Scott

      Unfortunately, that day was supposed to have been NOVEMBER 6, 2012 and we are going to ALL be paying for this MISTAKE for as long as OSCAMACARE is the LAW of the LAND!!

    • Michelle ✓classified

      I have been saying that since the day he was elected – he’s the biggest con job ever to be pulled on the American public. The only reason he got elected is because he had an outstanding marketing campaign. I haven’t liked this man since the day he put his hat in the ring for the election. There is something not quite right when a freshman Senator isn’t in congress for even two years before he goes for the gold (White House). Power hungry.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Well, if the guy who exempted himself from Obamacare says it’s working, it must be true.

  • bluemount

    emperor wearing no clothesl we’re all laughing at this idiot!!

  • HARP2

    The real funny part is………dems just voted for this mess….AGAIN.

  • Exodus2011

    even the Lefty media are starting to bail on this FOUL Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT, but the corrupt Spitehouse Phoney is following the orders of his evil gal pal val and continuing to tell America it is a ‘good product’

    lefty/commie/marxist civil war?

    I hope so


  • Pat Loudoun

    Probably one of the easiest speeches he ever needed to give. “It’s a problem. I recognize that. We’re on it.”

    And he even screwed that up. Thanks, single women, unemployed millennials and black grandmothers.

  • Ronald

    A website can be fixed very easily. The program itself will take more time to fix.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Hey America…just remember this in 2013. NOT….ONE….SINGLE….REPUBLICAN….VOTE!!

  • Brett Weir

    The problem is that the Obama presidency has been one success story after another. There have been no terrorist attacks on US soil or military bases during his tenure. The economy has been going gangbusters. The border is so secure that we can hand out guns to banditos without backlash. Our embassies are safe havens where little security is needed. Everything has been going so well that this little technical error is pounced on by Republicans and exploited to make Obama look bad.

  • HeavyMetalPolkaMonkey

    Come on gang, enough bickering. Let’s all grab a marker and card and play….