Cannot. Stop. Giggling. Wow, an introduction of ONE must have taken hours! Good thing she’s so faithful and dedicated!

Twitter was buzzing with the news of an Obamacare event fail out of Virginia Sunday.

But as the “introduction” picture above attests, that wasn’t the only massive fail. Crowds numbering in the ones showed up in other Va. spots, too.

A tie for the win?

Aching sides! Serious You Guys! Those two dudes are totally not backing down.

To be fair, perhaps many were too creeped out to attend. Besides the cultism witnessed out of Florida, there was also this:

Good grief.

Thanks for the laughs, OFA Virginia!


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  • CatHerder

    Who wanted to hang with a bunch of ofays anyhow.

    • Kimihiro Watanuki

      Really, they’re always the dullest people in the room. I’ve seen livelier crowds in George A. Romero flicks.

  • Blake Waymire

    “President Obama sat here”? Good Lord… I always thought it was half a joke that they consider him a god, but I guess they really do.

    • Clayton Grant

      It would be more accurate if whoever painted that chair had put a picture of their face on it.

      • Slugglife

        haha. thats rich.

    • TugboatPhil

      Someone with photo talents should put a comparison next to that picture with an outline of the United States. Words on the country would read: “Obama shat here 2009-2013.”

      • Deborah Hallsted

        Typically, the chair is -empty.

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          EASTWOODING! Jawamax 8<{D}

        • octagon999


        • Slugglife

          even richer.

    • Peetweefish

      You don’t even want to see the bathroom Obama used when he was there. Spoiler: the left it just as he left it.

    • ChandlersGhost

      “The Messiah planted a gigantic fart right here. Take a long whiff.”

      • Slugglife

        Thanks for the laugh. I’ll give you a thumbs up since no one else will.

  • Peetweefish

    Useful idiots.

    • CatHerder

      Not that useful, apparently.

      • Peetweefish

        Fair enough.

    • ReubenHood

      This explains the worshipping. So many years being useless idiots and then the one finally shows up, now they really get to shine as useful idiots.

  • ErskinFlibberJabber

    you know….if you add up each one at each event… may get a baker’s dozen! So see….it’s not a fail…wait…what? it still is? my bad.

  • Patriot

    I’ve seen more people at a Claude Rains fan club meeting.

    • Bud-Kathy Jones

      Hey ! Claude Rains would have made a great president.

      • octagon999

        And been more honest.

      • Patriot

        I agree! My reference was to his role as “The Invisible Man.”

        • Bud-Kathy Jones

          Good post.

      • TocksNedlog

        Claude Rains couldn’t have been president. He was born in another country and . . .

        Never mind.

        • Slugglife

          Like that matters.

    • Smokey Behr

      Who’s Claude Rains? #RHPSCallback #ScienceFictionDoubleFeature

      • WSPISFA

        IIRC he’s an early 20th century actor (long gone of course) who played the Invisible Man…can any seasoned citizen verify?

    • Slugglife

      Nice. there were more people at the mobile pet vaccination this weekend. Yeah there were about six people there.

  • mwill
    • dinkerduo

      Empty chair for an empty president!

  • TugboatPhil

    What is left unsaid is that Centreville, Virginia is in very blue, moonbat rich, federally dependent “northern” Virginia. If OFA can’t get a crowd there, then naturally they’ll have to be bussed in from NYC next go around.

    • nc

      Good to know!

    • Marvin Nelson

      Think of “Northern VA” as “South DC.”

  • Terry_Jim

    Young “Lincoln” can fool ONE of the people one time…

    • CatHerder

      More of an Edsel than a Lincoln.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        ….And the Jersey Mobsters said, “OH!!!” Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Jim Denney

    They should have had Sandra Fluke appear, she has been proven to have 10X the crowd appeal.

    • 32lain44

      Yeah, and they were dissapointed also…………just ask the last one in line.

      • David

        OK, I give. You are the winner of post of the day!

      • Slugglife

        So everybody got a chance with fluke?

  • Roger Beshears

    How long does it take to define “train wreck”?

  • Cajun

    makes me wonder how so many weak, coward, fools voted for this trash. Really people, is the thought of a little free stuff, enough to make over half of the nation sell out their souls?

    • samazf

      Dead people and illegals each got to vote Dumbcrat numerous times.

    • dinkerduo

      Now knowing of the NSA spying and what the IRS did I’m not so sure he was “honestly” voted back in!

      Remember–one POLL WORKER said that she voted for him 6 times and that her grd-dau voted for him 3 times–seemed proud of it and didn’t seem to think that she broke the law!
      I think that so much crookedness went on that it’d make Lombard St. seem straight!

  • Right Wired

    There were more people in my backyard on Sunday.

    • TocksNedlog

      Mine too!

      Well, in my case I live 40 miles from the Mexican border, so they were just passing through;
      but still. . . !

  • greatunconformity

    I’m told the Alexandria, VA “seat shrine” is a very popular destination for Obama pilgrims.

    When in its presence, it is customary to kneel and kiss the seat while making an “O” shape with both hands above one’s head. Smelling of the seat is frowned upon.

    • World B. Free

      I’d like to sneak in there with a can of lighter fluid and set it on fire.

      The “O” cultists would probably weep uncontrollably.

      • TocksNedlog

        Either that or they would look upon it as if it were the burning bush.

        • CatHerder

          Heh heh…you said bush. Heh heh…

          • WhoMeToo


          • IBXNJ

            Where are Beavis and Butt head when you need them??

    • mdtljt

      What restaurant is it in?? Wanna make sure I don’t go there anymore…

  • BrotherMatthias


  • WhoMeToo

    I love the sweet luscious flavor of Irony in the morning. >:^)

  • Carter_Burger67

    We have seen the Emperor’s New Clothes and we are not impressed.

    • World B. Free

      Many of us even saw them back in early 2008. Unfortunately the “Hope and Change” proved to be an irresistible force to the weak-minded.

      • TugboatPhil

        I still get a daily chuckle from your screen name and avatar.

        • WhoMeToo


          • World B. Free

            Thanks, guys. My wife thinks I’m being mean to Rachael.

          • WhoMeToo

            Seriously. One of the best lines ever spoken in open court. ~_^

          • journogal

            I think she is a great and appropriate representation of teacher’s unions and public education. She should be the student keynote speaker at their next convention.

          • Guest

            I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that a career in public speaking is not in her future.

          • journogal

            However, be an elected official just might be.

          • dinkerduo

            Too bad–and she’s probably the Valedictorian of her class:(

          • Lotte Lenya

            Nah – once she uttered the words – fair game. I get a hoot when I see it too.

          • nc

            She’s right. You are. But it’s still funny.

          • UJ

            You might be, if Rachael could read.

      • Carter_Burger67

        I agree. None of the low information voters bothered to ask what the “change” was to.

  • Momcat2010

    That’s what happens when you declare war on their livelihood: coal

  • Goldmouse

    And the Ones that did show up were Probably paid in Food Stamps bwahaha

  • Axelgreaser

    “MYRTLE? I think I’ll just wrap this cheese ball and take it home to Elmer and the dogs. Do you want the bean dip and nachos for Fred?”

  • TocksNedlog

    “Some Commie’s been sitting in my chair.”

    “Some Commie’s been sitting in MY chair!”


      Notice it’s an EMPTY chair too…

      • TocksNedlog

        “Some Commie’s been sitting in my chair, and his policies are STILL sitting in my chair!”

        • WSPISFA

          “Well that commie’s STILL sittin’ in OUR chair…and he broke it!”

  • Joseph Hansell

    Well we laughed at the sparsely attended Sandra Fluke “rallies”, too, didn’t we? And similar poorly attended Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren campaign stops. And I believe Obama won “red state” Virginia, where this “rally” was held, twice. So forgive me if I fail to find much humor in this.

    • Axelgreaser

      You will. Wait till 11.4.14.

    • TocksNedlog

      Yeah, you’re right.

      Obama killed both Osama bin Laden AND humor.

      The jerkface.

      We should ALL be too busy hating him to laugh at him.

      Unfunniest president evah!

  • TocksNedlog

    “What this shindig needs is some giant vagina costumes! Who’s with me? Hank?”

    • Bud-Kathy Jones

      Where’s code pink ?


      “…and tampon earrings and pink shoes!” Ugh, what IS the left’s obsession with ladyparts?

      • Bud-Kathy Jones

        I’m tellin ya every time she talks my ears bleed.

        • WSPISFA

          Well silly that’s why you need ta get yerself a pair of them tampon earrings! /sarc

          • Bud-Kathy Jones

            Thanks for good advice.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I’ll bet even Sandra Fluke(d) and her gaggle didn’t even attend! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Milodactyl™

      Fluke was working at Planned Parenthood….give her some slack

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    We are not backing down! (We are just not showing up.)

    • World B. Free

      Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • MSM

    They built that…

  • MarcusFenix

    Centerville is about an hour from here…and I can’t think of a single person in my travels locally who even knew this was going on, much less wanted to attend.

  • TocksNedlog

    Lesson learned: Next time DON’T advertise that your free slices of presidential birthday cake are “gluten-free with tofu icing.”

    • mike_in_kosovo

      White icing…..RAAAAACIST!!!

  • TocksNedlog

    Kinda takes all of the suspense out of ‘Who won the raffle?’ don’t it.


    Hehehe, reminds me of those “coffee parties” back in 2009 or so….’memba those? The failed Demonrat answer to the TEA parties

  • Conniption Fitz

    The Al Sharpton 100 cities Trayvon protest rallies didn’t have many more than this.
    Folks ain’t buying Obama Brand Snake Oil.
    Bet they won’t buy Hillary’s either.

    • Pablo

      Unfortunately, we’ve already bought it twice.

  • Emily B

    So they held their events in 1) someone’s basement, 2) an abandoned train station and 3) and abandon parking lot?

    • nc

      Yeah, they’re a classy bunch.

  • carla5731

    Martinsville has the highest unemployment rate in the state of Virginia. I’m glad to see that the residents of yet another town that’s been abused by Obama’s jobs plan aren’t falling for the “Immigration reform” meme.

  • nc

    More people would have showed up, but they were at home, sick on Obama Birthday Cake.

  • journogal

    Says a lot when Sandra Fluke draws a slightly larger crowd.

  • LinTaylor

    I guess this is Saint Barry’s birthday present to the Right – a scene so delicious that it tastes better than the richest, most moist chocolate cake.

  • Guest

    No one finds it funny that that’s a picture of an empty chair?

  • Hajjster

    Obama sat there? That’s two asses in one place!

  • Jack Deth

    You can sell what the people don’t want!

    Looking to see the media twist and contort into pretzel shapes trying to spin this fiasco.

    Oh, wait… That would reflect badly on the ebony messiah. So cue up the crickets.


    LOL, that Green Shirt Guy in the first photo just looks SO into it too doesnt he?

    Actually the only ONE who doesn’t look completely bored or disengaged is the denim shirt chick in hipster glasses, out on the street corner..

  • therantinggeek

    *scrolls through the comments*

    Hmm. Not a peep from the Left on this. No surprise there… 😀

  • NY2DC

    I thought these were healthcare events for obamacare? Why are the two idiots under the tent tweeting about immigration reform?

  • FilleGitane

    Why is it the cult of Obama attracts so many dumpy loser women? Guess they can’t get real boyfriends.

  • Cranios

    The chair should have a map of the USA with “Obama Sh*t Here, 2009-2016”

  • Marvin Nelson

    As someone who lived in Martinsville, I’m not surprised at the turnout. There weren’t a lot of BO fans there. The chair is really creepy! Do you think that they worship it as an idol of the Anointed One? YIKES!!!

  • Smith

    On the chair pic, that explains the tu………….

  • People Corporation

    I like the Clint Eastwood stage prop.

  • Roadster73

    Don’t be surprised if later on the unions or some other leftist organization start busing people from all over to avoid that kind of embarrassment to their cause.

    And about the “Obama sat here chair” I think I’ve seen something like that before…..
    “At one point, one of Ling’s photographers is nearly deported for
    photographing a statue of Kim from a disrespectful angle. We see a park
    bench enclosed in glass. Why? Because Kim Jong Il sat there once!”

    Obamabots showing their true colors. Blind subservience to their “Dear Leader”

  • Marcy Cook

    The chair is almost as broken down, classless, and worn out as the useless person who sat in it.

    • alan


    • Bud-Kathy Jones

      I’m surprised he didn’t steal one of the legs off it.

  • AZcommenter

    Only one person turned out for the event in Northern Virginia? That is a very liberal area. Dare we hope that Americans, even the brain-dead liberal versions, are starting to catch on to the massive fraud that is Obama?

    Hey, Obama stooges: we are not backing down either! And there are a lot more of us than there are of you.

    • alan

      The chair is almost as broken down, classless, and worn out as the useless person who sat in it.

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  • ImaLindatoo

    I particularly like the one of Obama’s chair. However, they really didn’t need to post a sign that read “Obama Sat Here” we could tell by all the chipped off paint from blowing so much smoke out and hot air out of his ars.

  • arrow2010

    OFA will win due to sheer overwhelming numbers. They will crush the conservatives!

  • Truth

    Yes, but how much of OUR money is going to be spent on “Obamacare works” propaganda? And the Stewart and Maher crowds will consume it as real.

  • Truth

    Again with the “great leader” worship!

  • MelinTN

    Even Sandra Fluke had more people show up at her rally… LOL

  • Montesquieu

    The 18 tendencies imported by Stuart Chase included a centralized government with an executive arm growing at the expense of the others.

  • Mary123s

    the woman who supported OFA says it was for the health care part that allows parents to keep their kids on till 26, and that her son has Chron’s Disease. I know many people with stomach issues and they are no fun. But it is the only thing that she has experienced. When her son turns 27 and has to have insurance
    on his own, that may be different, determining whether he will be able to afford it or not

  • Slugglife

    Nobody is showing up because hes already been elected again. All of the useful idiots are organizing for the final move- Soros checkmate- hillary clinton. Obama was just a half black puppet used for all he was worth. The communists are running the show now. Congratulations to Lenin and Stalin. You were right. Americans could be spoon fed socialism until one day they would wake up and be living under communism. So whats next?