Wait, what? Isn’t the campaign over?

Not in Obama Land, where campaigning never ends. Liar pants Stephanie Cutter recently sent out a breathless email on the fiscal cliff. Then, the official White House website displayed political #My2K tweets. Now, this (featuring Liar Pants Cutter again).

Just pick up the phone, rubes. It’s the least you can do. For him.


Heh. And this Twitter user has another idea.

Keep the truth telling coming, Twitter.

  • Purple State

    How dare the American president engage with American citizens! Doesn’t he know how that contradicts the “bow to the king” narrative that’s been so, so hard to construct?

  • EOD

    And let it be said that for Obama loved the world himself so much that he would pass out Free ObamaPhones to the masses so they could call him

  • dennylee60

    While we want to mock and make fun of this, I think we have to understand an important point: Obama is not interested in solving any problems that we face; he is interested in destroying the Republican party. He is waging a huge PR war to lay the groundwork for 2014. We have to realized this and fight back on the same ground. As much as I hope the Tea Party will come to the rescue in 2014, I am not sure that will be the case. If Obama gets another 2 years of all Dem House and Senate, I can’t even begin to imagine what he will do.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      Just to be clear, he is also intent on destroying those within the Democrat Party, delusional they may be, that don’t understand that their Party has become the Communist Party USA. MY 83 year old mom is one of them. She still thinks that the Democrats are “for the working man.”

      • dennylee60

        Yes and no. The problem is that the MSM covers for them endlessly. Until we break through the MSM shield, the Dem will forever seem to be a reasonable for the working poor party.

  • snapper451

    Yes 100 Trillion dollars in unfunded entitlements and Bozo is focusing on getting 8 days worth of money from the rich. This is ridiculous!