In keeping with its tradition of snubbing all things patriotic, Google completely ignores Flag Day and the U.S. Army’s birthday. Can’t celebrate any of those pesky patriotic holidays now, can it? Diversity! Citizens of the world and stuff!

Unless the diversity includes being proud of America. That does not suit.

Twitter users express their disgust at Google.

Stop bitterly clinging to your patriotism, rubes!

Exactly. It, and every other holiday that honors America and its exceptionalism, is not important to Google.

But, some good news: You can head over to Bing ™ instead.

Bing ™ realizes the importance of honoring America and Old Glory, even if Google executives do not.

  • NCR Elite

    I’m getting so sick of google

  • Teritd

    I will be using Bing as my search page from now on.

  • tomtom1983

    Which is why I will be deleting my google programs and browser. And drop significant use of google play.

  • Armando

    Windows Phone is better than Android anyway, I will totally get one once my contract expires.

  • 1peevedbob

    I’ll bet anyone a brief case full of hundred dollar bills that google will celebrate national tinker bell day with a rainbow background when the day arises…

    • $1718659

      Pay up – they have.

  • Yogi

    Big marketing blunder. The bottom line comes down to money, and this choice only results in a loss of revenue. After all, it is not about patriotism, it is about money. This decision will result in a loss…. Sorry folks, ‘patriotism’ by corporations is just manipulation….

    • Justin Pareme

      Do not click on any ads in any google apps, give em a taste of revenue loss!!!

  • Devon Velasquez

    Fascinating… the laws and regulations of American Capitalism allowed Google to sprawl forth to become one of the most successful companies not only nationally, but internationally as well. And this is how they repay what this country has given them?

    You know for all those educated folks up there at Google, they sure do promote an uncanny sense of stupidity.

  • $1718659

    Google has never acknowledged any patriotic day, ever. It’s the main reason I have not used Google in years, preferring Bing by far. Google is in bed with “progressives”, as is insurance company of the same name. BOYCOTT Google and Progressive!

  • Linda Qualey

    google should go and google it self….

  • westernskier

    I honestly could care less about the Army’s anniversary. However not mentioning flag day