As Sen. Marco Rubio bragged a few days ago, the Gang of Eight bill grants legal status to illegal aliens before anything has to be done to beef up border security.

That’s great news if you support amnesty, but not so good for the rest of us.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, has introduced an amendment that purports to increase border security in the bill. But according to Sen. David Vitter, R-La., the amendment won’t change the fact that illegal aliens will be granted legal status before the border is secured.

Other opponents of the Gang of Eight bill seem to agree:

  • peteee363

    why are the republicans involved with shamnesty?

    • rennyangel2

      They are idjits.

      KILL THIS BILL. 888-978-3094 or 202-224-3121. Call early and often and say, “VOTE NO!”

    • Barbarian

      Because the Koch Bros et al…give them $$ Wise up.

  • RblDiver

    “Sentence first! Verdict afterward!” -Queen of Hearts

  • William J. Miller

    Is there anyone on the radar yet who could give Cornyn a legitimate run for his money in the 2014 primary?

  • Squirrel!

    As I have heard, they won’t add any amendments that change any of this bill because of backroom deals/agreements which were made with unions & special interest groups (ie SEIU & LaRaza). Who is really running this country? There is no loyalty to the American people.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    I support the position of Diaper Boy. Every legislature needs an infantilism fetishist.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    Cornyn has obviously forgotten what happened to David Dewhurst last year. In 2014, he can-and should-be replaced!

  • BAW

    Thought Cornyn had the political sense to follow Cruz’s lead for his own self interest, which is all I believe he actually cares about. Guess not.

  • BenY

    Viitter always comes through. He’s a keeper.

  • KansasGirl

    I can’t wait to see how these %&@# try to sugar coat this bs.