Breitbart News writer Brandon Darby says he fought a snake in his bathroom. Naked.

You’re welcome, ladies.

Winner: Darby.

One follower offers a warning:

Darby is prepared.


(Hat tip: Lee Stranahan)

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I’m sure the snake was a liberal Democrat intent on killing Brandon Darby and blaming guns for the murder.

    • Gary Freeman

      Instead now we’re going to hear about how that snake was denied it’s right to choose by the liberals.

    • Beth Lott

      That would mean that liberal had not read the Evil Overlord List.

      “34. I will not turn into a snake. It never helps.”

      It didn’t work this time either.

  • alvin691

    If Katie was there, I am 100% sure he would have been distracted.

    • thetreyman

      i know i would be.

  • ahmedmohamed31951

    I agree with you Donald Paluga

    Working as a writer for מועדי

  • susan heeth

    Oh my gosh. Call the snakexterminator.

  • BlahBlah

    This can and will cause more global warming. To offset his violent act Brandon should adopt a kitten, like PETA on FB and send a monetary contribution to the local knitting club.

    • LadaMokusa

      Wait a minute! Not all vegetarian, kitten-loving knitters are PETArrhoids.

      • BlahBlah

        It’s OK. I sew and love kittens and raccoons (the latter not really by choice). But give up BBQ? Not ever.

  • BlahBlah

    But more importantly… WWCCD?

  • Judy B

    Good grief, a grown man kills a non poisonous snake! When I stepped on a rat snake in my house, I got a broom & swept it out the door, no harm, no foul.

    • Mike G.

      Sweetie,( yeah, I went there), there’s a difference between being fully clothed with shoes or boots on and completely naked dripping wet. And although a bite from a non-poisonous snake isn’t usually fatal, they can still become Septicemic and have resulted in amputations in some cases..

    • BlahBlah

      That’s nothing. Once I saw a cockroach, screamed, jumped on the chair and waited until my son killed it dead and disposed of its wretched corpse!

      • mickeyco

        You’re my kind of woman. When I lived in the south, a tiny little tree toad (frog?) got in my toilet. I closed the lid, ran to a neighbor’s & dragged him back to take care of it. He laughed himself sick, but it was a very small price to pay.

        • BlahBlah

          Please don’t make me tell you about the Great Escape From the Fire Ants of 2010. It was a warm summer evening down in North Carolina…

          No, the details are too gruesome for even the internet. :/

      • LadaMokusa

        A mouse ran in front of me at church and I did something similar. During the meeting. People still laugh about it, and it’s been three years.

  • Ben Bollman

    If Katie Pavlich was there I would forget about the snake. Snakes don’t scare me anyway.

  • ChelieinTX

    Dammit, I was hoping for some nekkid Brandon Darby!

    • thetreyman

      i didnt know who drandon darby was and was a bit concerned because of the title naked snake fight photo. thank god it was a real snake.

  • JadedByPolitics

    Thanks Twitchy for teh HOT visual :)

  • Bklynnygirl

    One night my Husband and I were asleep and I heard a noise so I turned the light on. and there on the wall was a large water bug above the headboard. My cat went to get it and even my cat backed down scared. (scaredy cat)
    I woke my husband, he jumped out of the bed screaming, GET HIM, GET HIM. (chicken)
    I went to hit it and it flew. (didn’t know they could fly)
    Till this day we laugh at that. I also tell him don’t worry if anything/anyone comes in our home, I will protect him.

  • $23293071

    So what? Frank Burns once killed a golfer with a stick.

    My unreserved apologies to Larry Linville, and Bill Murray.

  • Jake Wilde

    It was a freakin’ rat snake Conan!

  • aegean1

    Aw, poor rat snake. But I guess I can understand, in the heat of the moment and they WILL “rattle” their tails, being more worried about a rattler than positively identifying a benign species.