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The officials say Qassem Aqlani, who was in his fifties, was shot dead while on his way to work early on Thursday. They say a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire at him and fled the scene.

Aqlani had been working for the U.S. Embassy in the Yemeni capital for nearly 20 years.

Reuters reports that multiple masked gunmen opened fire on the U.S. embassy employee. An unnamed source told Reuters, “This (assassination) operation has the fingerprints of al Qaeda which carried out similar operations before.”

The terrorist attack that killed four Americans in at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi occurred one month ago today.

The embassy is not releasing more information until other staff and the family of Qassem Aqlani have been notified.

Reports are coming in that the assassinated employee was a guard at the embassy, not the chief of security.

Michelle Malkin notes that the assassination took place on the eve of the 12th anniversary of the deadly USS Cole bombing.


CNN reports that the assassinated security official was leading the investigation into the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Yemen.

Cue the Bush blamers:

Shockah! President Priorities is heading to Miami for more celebrity canoodling tonight.


More on the murdered embassy employee:

Freelance journalist Adam Baron is based in Yemen. His sources say that contrary to CNN’s report, Qassem Aqlani was not conducting the investigation into last month’s attack and was not on his way to work.


Baron deleted his tweets (preserved above) indicating “the embassy worker WAS NOT on way to work, head of security, part of embassy breach investigation.” The tweet complaining of “widely reported misinformation” has not been removed.


CNN initially reported that Aklan was leading the investigation of last month’s attack on the U.S. embassy in Sanaa. CNN now reports that the U.S. State Department has said that Aklan was not involved in that investigation. According to a Yemeni official, the investigation is being overseen by Interior Minister Abdulkader Qahtan.

Twitchy will monitor this breaking news and update as more information becomes available.

Editor’s note: The headline has been updated to reflect that there was more than one gunman.

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    Cue the Liars from White house…..”this was a spontaneous protest due to the posting of a clip called Bad Lip Reading on The Right Scoop, just as your President was about to… OH LOOK OVER THERE… a SQUIRREL”!!!!!!

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      Not only a squirrel, but emm effin Romney has a dancing horse!

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    The White House, State and its bought and paid for minions in the media won’t be able to get in front of this story fast enough. So, my guess is that they will strenuously and vociferously ignore it.

    Expect a new Big Bird ad in 3…2…1.

  • SansMercy

    They are already downplaying it by referring to the victim as “security guard ” and not “lead investigator “. Nor do they admit this was in retaliation for the Big Bird video.

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    They are always masked. Such pussies!

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    Incompetence=WH. I hate the fact that they HIDE behind their spokesman. How do they expect the people to take responsibility if THEY won’t.

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    Was this in response to a video of Baba Booey passing gas which just happened to sound like the name Mohammed?

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    This was in response to a video of Debbie Wasserman Schultz…….any video.

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    Oh dear, more workplace violence. Someone tell Sock Puppet to warm up his autopen for another regrets letter.

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    All these bumps in the road can’t be good for the nation’s shocks.

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    Just saw Victoria Nuland with the expected “it’s too early to draw any conclusions” talking points. No doubt they are awaiting confirmation from Harry Reid’s invisible friend.

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    Which video was this in response to? or was it because they don’t want Romney for POTUS?

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    Wait, I heard of this late last week on my Fox news for Android and didn’t realize/forgot to check that it wasn’t covered here before now. Chalk up another for the ball-spikers.