Just one day after Penn State removed a statue of disgraced coach Joe Paterno, the NCAA announced that the school will pay a $60 million fine. That’s the penalty for tacitly condoning and facilitating years of sexual abuse by convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky.

Other sanctions and corrective actions:

A reminder of Joe Paterno’s words when Southern Methodist University was shut down for a year in the 1980s.

Many feel the penalties aren’t harsh enough.


But others believe Penn State should have gotten off easier. Hey, why should Penn State suffer for allowing a child rapist to steal the innocence of multiple children?





It’s an injustice? It’s unfair? Was Sandusky’s brutal violation of children just? Was it fair that Penn State officials built a culture of secrecy and silence that allowed the abuse to continue?


And now, revolting rape and molestation comparisons are bouncing around the Twitterverse.






The proper response:

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    Hey Penn State,it wasn’t rape rape.

  • johnteetsarchitect

    THe punishment did not fit the crime. They convicted a university based upon a report by a deeply flawed Louis Freeh who had all manner of mess under his own leadership. The NCAA is full of hypocrisy since they have let all manner of things go for years. NOT ONE ATHLETE was invovled in this thing, except McCreary who was actually the only one who was in a position to stop Sandusky and did not. Yet he is the only athlete, past, present, and future that went unpunished. The hate against a school with an otherwise stellar record is absurd.