What sort of joke would a Detroit Free Press reporter make about a chemical spill that has left hundreds of thousands of West Virginians trying to make do without tap water? This sort.

We know that Detroit is financially bankrupt, but come on.

At least she deleted the tweet.

* * *


Detroit Free Press assistant managing editor Stefanie Murray responds.

We’d say this was premature:

  • SansMercy

    Had there been no chemical spill, and if pajama boy had been born from it, then it would be construed as fact. Nothing more.

  • Cozy Powell III

    She obviously has no irony detector. She’s from Detroit for cryin’ out loud. And she’s mocking an entire region that doesn’t look like a war zone?

    • Nicholas D. Wolfwood

      I bet you a doughnut…no cruller, the part of Detroit she’s from looks just fine.

      • Zane Henry

        What? Not a cronut?

    • americanexile

      Exactly. So instead of being a bunch of butthurt wimps about what was a truly funny joke, WV lovers (pun?) should just make another joke at her expense.

  • TJ

    A dumb tweet should never be a fireable offenses. Unless the employer has rules about social media and that twitter feed is used for work related tweets. If she said something about “now it can work on getting off coal” she would be a hero.

    • May or may not be Penguin

      I would agree, but for the fact she notes who her employer is in her twitter profile and her being a supposed journalist. Words are supposedly her job. She can say whatever she wants, but then must answer to the consequences. Plus it took almost 2 hours for her to post an apology. If she needed to wait for feedback to come to the conclusion it was an awful thing to say, she shouldn’t be working for a publication as a journalist.

      • petroniabern

        I think you’ve touched on the main point, Penguin; we’re not trying to encourage folks to kick up their heels whenever something offends them, and certainly not when a private citizen is speaking in his/her own capacity as such. But someone who has, in effect, become part of the public face of a company (for Meyer, it’s a known quantity that she writes for the Detroit Free Press), has also to some degree forfeited the right to say whatever pops into his/her head, because that person is expected to represent the business/company in a professional manner. Regardless of whether you can ‘take a joke’ or not, the Tweet was not professional; and the folks at whom the ‘bigotry’ was directed aren’t, at the moment, the average man on the street. They’re going through a crisis, and some of them are suffering–it’s not the time for jokes, even if the subjects are thick-skinned. Side note: Twitter should have a three-minute lag-time for Tweets so that people have a chance to think about whether they want to post stupid things.

        • Chris F.

          I work for a smalltown paper and even I’ve been warned to be careful what I say on local sites because of my visible reputation as a member of the paper. Even my personal thoughts must be weighed.

        • Fraze Turner

          The three-minute lag time is a good idea, but it should be the tweeter who enforces it on him/her self.

        • jorgaone

          This SHOULD go for BO, Biden, Holder, etal…but doesn’t. THEY can say whatever comes to mind; it can be recorded and laughed (or cried) over–but THEY suffer no consequences…

    • Happy Dragon

      But it often is. A relative works employment law, and she’s known a lot of stories about people who post stupid stuff on Facebook/Twitter and get fired over it. Even in WA.

    • conservachick

      furthermore, and i agree with you and the penguin, i think we are becoming a nation of babies. someone says something that we dont like and we go crying screaming into the streets demanding they be fired or worse.

      it was a stupid joke. it was a bad stupid joke. how people are getting seemingly genuinely “offended” over it is beyond me. i live in (not FROM mind you) a small town in VT where we get the brunt of incest jokes because its so rural. do i get offended? um no, because i have a sense of humor and thick skin.

      • Fraze Turner

        Yep. You got it.

      • freakbiker .

        The problem is these liberal hack hypocrites will scream louder and longer with a vengeance when they are offended, yet think a simple apology is enough when they are called out for it.

      • MnVoiceofReason

        The ‘hullabaloo’ is because Meyer isn’t an edgy comdedian or some guy on an overrated A&E show. She’s, supoosedly, a journalist. The rules of decorum are different.

    • Fraze Turner

      Agreed. If we claim to stand for free speech, then we have to support it for everyone. Besides, these little “oopsies” tell the world who the real bigots are. Keep it up, lady.

    • Guest

      And what do you mean, Getting off coal she would be a hero? Explain yourself!

      • TJ

        Something about Global warming and coal use would make her a hero to some. She would not have to delete, apologize and risk her job from it. Something in 140 characters that would say they solved the tainted water problem they can solve the tainted air problem by keping the coal in the ground.

        • Guest

          You should have been a comedian! So you think coal is a killer? We heated with it for years and years. I am 70 years old and doing great. You don’t care if thousands of coal miners lose their jobs. Well, I assess it like this: “We will keep taking coal out of the ground in WV, but they will never be able to extract your head from your ass. You probably never have been inside a mine, but I worked in one. So quit being so ignorant and get off the cases of our coal miners. I guess you are a Obama supporter (lol) who advocates other energies and one which is air which is killing off our national bird the eagle. You are not very bright at all!

          • TJ

            I am on your side. I was suggesting a replacement for this reporter incest joke on the tweet that would not get her fired by her bosses at Detroit Free Press but praise not that I agree with that coal is bad. It would show a double standard on what one can tweet and get fired for it. She could bash coal, coal miners and any one who denies global warming is man made and not have to apology or even delete the tweet. She bash the people of WV with an incest joke and she could get fired. If that is not a double standard what is.

          • pepjrp

            You are a good guy in response to MODIDDLY uncalled for rant. Nice job.

          • pepjrp

            Take it easy. You are over reacting.

  • Love of Country
    • Fraze Turner

      Now that’s insensitive. You should be ashamed. (Nice shot, though. :))

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Now that is totally wrong! It goes like this,”Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, give a man a fish for 7 days and he eats for a week, and on the eighth day, he will steal your beef if you’re in Detroit!

    • Al’s Not So Sad Grampa

      I don’t remember that being one of the Beatitudes. I’m guessing it’s one of King David’s Psalms?

      • mrstockenstine

        You obviously have no idea what The Beatitudes are about. For your edification:


        Now when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to Him,2and He began to teach them, saying:

        3Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

        4Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

        5Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

        6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness,

        for they will be filled.

        7Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.

        8Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

        9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.

        10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

        11Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.


        • Al’s Not So Sad Grampa

          It’s my fault; sarcasm doesn’t translate well in a forum such as this.

  • http://911familiesforamerica.org Tim Sumner

    @Ziatimeyer Here’s your sign

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      #BillEngvall (Sorry…I just COULDN’T resist…) Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Michelle ✓classified

    I’m so sick and tired of the whole make a seriously stupid Tweet, followed by a delete and an “I’m so sorry!” nonsense.

    • May or may not be Penguin

      It really is getting old isn’t it?

      • Michelle ✓classified

        It’s way past old. Most of us learn to think before we speak in our 20’s. This chick looks well into her 30’s, no excuse. I think we’ve all grown very tired of the “Ooops, just kidding!” crap.

        • Al’s Not So Sad Grampa

          I don’t worry about offending anyone; I just post what I’m thinking and accept the consequences.

          That said, as another pointed out in a post above, someone from Detroit mocking people in West Virginia? Really?

          • D S Dunlap

            Yes… that is much like Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans talking smack about the New England Patriots.

        • Detroit

          Don’t get too friendly. She might ask you out.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      I would tell them to ‘THINK before they tweet’ , but these people almost NEVER actually think so it is a moot point.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        I used to have a sign, “Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear!”

    • Lee Saffold

      Indeed! I agree with you entirely. In fact one does wonder
      just what exactly her “joke” was. I for one fail to see any humor whatsoever in it at all and I do wonder if anyone other than her elitist, bigoted, left wing friends found anything about it that would justify its being classified as a sincere intentional attempt at humor of
      any kind. How exactly did she expect any of us to find such words even remotely funny? I do doubt seriously if Ziati Meyer could prove that her words had anything about them that any person with a refined sense of humor would find irresistibly laughable. It seems to me that she is simply following the habit of left wing elitist using the “joke excuse” as a cover for their Freudian slips which cause them to inadvertently display their bigotry.

      What portion of her words even takes the form of a joke? No this was not a joke but it was instead her expression of her view of the people of West Virginia that she just could not resist expressing having forgotten that there are people in her audience that are not left wing bigots who share her uninformed prejudices against the good people of West Virginia who are honest, hardworking, and the majority of them are sincere Christians who are as deserving of as much respect as any other citizens of this great nation. Her words should not be described by the watered down feeble term of “inappropriate”! They were not merely “insensitive”. They were intentionally brutally offensive, rude and without any basis whatsoever in fact. In other words they were not a mere joke but rather an intentional lie apparently intended to insult and intimidate them for being largely conservative and Christian in their world view.

      This action is not the first nor the last time this tactic will be used. But our response to it must change from merely accepting the apology to refusing entirely to ever forgive it until these elitist renounce it! We should continue to quote her words as evidence of her sincere low opinion of
      the people of West Virginia until she comes out and admits that her opinion, not her joke, was ill informed, completely wrong and entirely unjustified and express that she is studying to learn the truth about the people of West Virginia and that she hopes to find good reasons to respect them as worthy members of the human race rather than judge ignorantly without knowing much about their history and culture and forming a just and balanced view of them.

    • porkchop6209

      Add to that the fact that so many LWNJ’s want a free pass for stupid things they say, yet let a conservative say something “they” don’t like and civility is tossed out the window, replaced by pitchforks, torches and gallows. Hi Michelle!

    • Detroit

      Being in Detroit, I well know the type of cloth the Detroit Free Press writers are cut from.

      BTW, she is not a reporter there because the Freep rag has not employed that term for eons–they are “writers.”

      And of course, she is sorry now only because she was outed for being a bigot…


    Why are libs so bigoted against incest? Hypocrites.

    • Michael Rice

      Exactly, I have been saying that for a while. Who are they to decide what two consenting adults do? Love is love and all that jazz…

    • $56231069

      Seriously. Consenting adults in the privacy of their bedrooms, right?

    • Fraze Turner

      What about consenting non-adults? And what does consent have to do with it? If it feels good, do it, right?

    • John W.

      Maybe their objection is to heterosexual incest (because for one thing it involves heteronormative behavior, which makes progressives uneasy, and also it has the potential for procreation, which is disturbing for those progressives who have ideals about population control), and they are just fine with same sex incest. Of course, it would still make them hypocrites.

    • porkchop6209

      Hits too close to home for them.

  • BigChris79

    I think her apology is sufficient. Hope she doesn’t get fired over it. Tired of every time someone does something stupid (and it was beyond stupid) people start calling for their heads. Hopefully she’ll grow up.

    • freakbiker .

      The problem is the libs will never stop attacking any perceived insult, whether it is subtle, unintended or downright wrong.

    • Lee Saffold

      I agree that she should not be fired over it. But an appology is not sufficient for me because I am not convinced that she intended it as a joke. She is seems to me to be merely using the “joke excuse” to escape from having to justify her claim that West Virginians need to “work on incest” as if it was a real problem among them. I have not seen any good reason that I shoud believe that she really was attempting to be funny. It may be far too late for her to “grow up”. Her early training in good manners appears to have been woefully lacking..

  • Matthew Koch

    People need to stop getting their knickers in a knot, it was a bloody joke. Not a funny one and I don’t agree with her point of view, but still just a joke.

    • $56231069

      Probably a lot of people outside WV don’t care about the lame unfunny joke. The rest of us are just sick of being bullied by self-righteous PC pajamapeople and want to inflict a little karma.

    • Jill

      She’s free to make a ‘joke’ at a time when individuals are hurting, but the audience for her tweets are similarly as free to express a healthy bit of derision.

    • algonquinmatt

      you don’t make any jokes about people who are suffering. forget about the incest angle, etc..

    • Lee Saffold

      What exactly was the “punchline” of this so called “joke”. I am from the south and I recognize these jokes about incest among us but they hardly represent a problem that actually exist in the south least of all in West Virginia.. And if it is a joke it doesn’t really have a “point of view” does it? And if it does then it is a joke seeking to support a “point of view” and what point of view do you think this so called Joke actually has other than that the people of West Virginia are an incestuous people. And no it is not funny so what makes you think it was a joke other than her claim that it was one? If it was not funny and it had no decent point of view, and it seems to have been more offensive than anything else then it is very likely that it really was not a “joke” after all.

  • Hirogen

    Jeepers. I can never remember when somebody should be boycotted, suspended or fired for saying something somebody finds offensive…and when we should be defending them because of our freedom of speech.

    • Jill

      Her dismissal is not being called for on a national level, is it?

      • Hirogen

        I didn’t say it was. But considering 99% of the nation likely has no idea what she said or who she is, I’ll say no.

    • Lee Saffold

      I would not call for her to be fired at all. I do not think she should be fired but those who have read her words have a right to form an opinion of her character based upon her own expression of her opinion and have every right to condemn or express their disdain for her opinion. And that is all that should ever happen when someone expresses an opinion that others do
      not like. We are not protected by the constitution from any offense. Instead we are free to express opposition to any opinion that we find offensive and be as offensive in our condemnation as we choose to be. I agree with you that this constant calling for someone to be fired because of their expression of views that the majority of the people finds offensive should not be happening in our free society.

      • Hirogen

        Thank you! I couldn’t agree more. People certainly have the right to get angry when somebody says something they find offensive. But people have the option not to listen. If the Duck Dynasty guy says something you don’t like, then don’t watch his show. If Melissa Harris Perry says something you find disgusting, avoid her show.

        I would love to love in a world where the worst thing a person could do is make an inappropriate joke.

  • obamaiscarter

    If you live in Detroit, a city that makes Beirut look good in comparison, you really shouldn’t be making fun of the residents of any other state or city.

  • https://twitter.com/UnicornOfMayhem Hi This Is My Username

    Bad joke, but I wouldn’t call for her head on a stick over it.

    • PeterP

      I would and here is why: a) she believes it; b) she preaches tolerance, love, diversity and compassion. Dante reserved 9th circle for the hypocrites.

      • Lee Saffold

        Amen! The hypocracy is obvious from what appears to have been in her case an unfortunate “Freudian slip” which inadvertently showed her real face.

      • https://twitter.com/UnicornOfMayhem Hi This Is My Username

        But at the same, it’s her right to say and believe stupid things.

        • PeterP

          Why of course it is.

          • https://twitter.com/UnicornOfMayhem Hi This Is My Username

            I look at it as them outing themselves, which is useful.

  • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

    Good thing she didn’t make a gay joke. She would’ve probably been fired.

  • David Mackey

    Detroit Free press is an embarrassment. Uber lefty. Still blaming the white man for all its problems in Detrot including new city council pro tem being stopped out side a strip club ( after narrowly missing hitting 2 cops) with open liquor bottle and weed smoke. Of course it’s racism.

  • PeterP

    Not accepted! It’s just too damn easy to say vile things and apologize and all is forgotten. No way. This woman Zlati Meyer behaves as if she herself is a product of incest.

  • Jennifer Bryant

    I’m normally a very tolerant person, but being without water for nearly a week makes me want to have this woman’s head on a pike. I still face a few days without water. All I want is a long hot shower, a fresh cup of coffee, a hot meal, and the ability to clean my home. Only those who have been without water for this period of time will understand.

  • PeterP

    Now we know why the press is free in Detroit. Who the hell would buy this drivel.

    • Irena Sendler

      ^^^^ For the Win

  • RobertMN

    Oh, but THEY’RE not bigots. They’re the ones we’ve been waiting for — so perfect in every way.

    Can you imagine one of these lefty clowns coming into your office for a job interview, thinking that “journalist” on their resume is a plus, or taken seriously?

  • amberdru

    Muslims often marry their cousins, even first cousins. Why no jokes about them?

    • Perry

      The same reason they attack Christians for their beliefs about “gays”, and give Muslims a free pass.

  • DeadlockVictim

    I was trying to think of a corresponding Detroit joke, but I couldn’t think of anything they had “under control”.

    Anyway, I’d tell her to go to Hell, but she already lives there.

  • MrApple

    The incest joke was really the height of Liberal smugness and regional ignorance.

  • MartiniShark

    What adds to the offensiveness – apart from using a calamity to smear a region – is the comment is rooted in blanket prejudicial thought. The media elite always lectures us that is improper behavior, and since they are the enlightened class who can lord over social mores it is more than reasonable to rise up and slam the membership when they become guilty of the parameters they have erected.

  • skolbrother

    As long as it doesn’t involve kids why shouldn’t adult incest be legal ?…..all I hear from the LGBT crowd & their supporters [ & I’m sure she is part of ’em ] is that “it is not right for society to decide who can love who”…well LGBT crowd ?…….is there an asterisk at the end of that statement ?……probably, so that makes them just as “bigoted” as a person such as myself who certainly doesn’t approve of gay marriage & adult incest….

    • Perry

      It’s coming. Then they will say, “Who are we to decide at what age people should be able to ‘share their love’?” It’s coming, folks.

      • skolbrother

        These people definitely have mental & awareness deficiencies.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      It’s coming soon. The whole argument of the homosexual marriage crowd was “we’re born that way” (which can’t be proven or disproven) and “we love each other.” (which is also subjective)

      There is now no legal reason why Grandma can’t marry all of her grandchildren.

    • BO_stinks

      same with bigamy, who’s to say I cannot “love” more than one at a time?

  • Joshua Embrey

    As long as I can make jokes about minorities in Detroit, have at it, boys.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Look at the last few tweets… Zlati Meyer’s tweet is called “inappropriate,” then the Editor, Stefanie Murray virtually congradulates her for posting her 1,000th Tweet? And all this, after one of the biggest emergencies in West Virginia’s history?!? I think BOTH of these bimbos need to be FIRED! #JustMyTwoCents Jawamax 8<{D}

  • $84598387

    Liberals are the biggest bigots going. And they do not hide it.

    Talking like that about WVians is no different than saying all blacks like fried chicken and watermelon or all Jews are money grubbers! No difference at all.

  • Pedro

    I have a hard time understanding how anyone from Detroit, otherwise known as Beirut, MI, can work up the gall to be critical of someplace else.

    • Perry

      No doubt! West Virginia is a beautiful State. Detroit is the armpit of the nation.

      • Guest

        No Indiana is the armpit= Detroit is the Butt crack of the world!

  • tsj710104

    Toxic drinking water and incest. Sounds like the movie Wrong Turn.

    • Rusty Jewell

      I might be the only person who gets your reference as I saw that movie several years back.

    • john

      What does cannibalism have to do with “incest”? Are you sure you watched the movie Wrong Turn,.. or are you only certain it was filmed in WV…?

  • Thomas

    So many Detroit jokes come to mind, yet I have the restraint that the so-called professional journalists at the Detroit Free Press fail to muster. (Yes, we know that despite the aplogy y’all are giving high fives in the newsroom.)

  • TJC62

    At least she didn’t use the “I’ve been hacked”excuse.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    The media is populated with the mediocre this is just one more example.

  • putthehammerdown

    Guys I live here in S/E Michigan and can say without reservation that the Detroit Free Press was, is and will always be a Progressive org. I get it on Sundays only and I informed The Media Partnership that controls both papers that I wanted to cancel strictly be cause of my mandatory Freep, and the utter drivel it contains.
    [Detroit News does not publish on Sundays]
    As a result they offered it to me, free. I’ve been getting it free for over 15 months now.
    After reading the 2 or 3 pages that are worth a sh!t, I use it for a liner for my cat boxes. They’re O K with it…………
    Guys,… she’s a Progressive, and a “journalist” What else do you need to know ….?

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Irony: Anyone from Detroit calling West Virgina backward.

  • rennyangel2

    The left will test the waters with more incest and bestiality “jokes” as it prepares another “sexual identity” frontier. Lenin legalized both in 1919 in order to transform the old czarist Russia into the new USSR utopia. Never doubt a leftist/Dem. always has an agenda for control and power and nothing is better at either than sex, which is why we have all these GBTWHYZ mutations and permutations on college campuses and the state of CA.

  • cltcat

    I saw a propaganda video from North Korea talking about how America was in financial ruin and in disrepair do to the North Korean pressure. The video looked like a war zone. It was video from Detroit. I’m not kidding. But I guess the water is drinkable. Go you!

  • southernlights

    Before anyone starts with the Detroit jokes I’ll be first to say it’s a great place according to my cousin. He has a great job too….he’s tail gunner on a beer truck.

    • no_limit_neckbeard

      Don’t they have tail gunners on the Buffalo Wild Wing and KFC trucks in Detroit also, or do those have flamethrowers instead???

    • Clete Torres

      Detroit is it’s own joke, no additional are needed.

  • FreedomCzar

    Detroit ..proudly destroyed by DIMocrats.

  • billkoch

    Is she still working for the Free Press?

    • Kristopher Schindler

      I know that I don’t want to see anyone fired for making a stupid statement… But that does not mean that I don’t want it to sting for a long time!

  • Wrinkly cankles

    She’s done a great job at “learning” Twitter. Now she can perhaps learn about common decency and balanced journalism?

  • OwlCreekObserver

    Maybe next time she should avoid sending out tweets after she’s sucked up four or five glasses of chardonnay.

  • BO_stinks

    coming from a city that has 47 pct illiteracy rate, how moronic.

  • Hussein Oblahblah

    Another ugly degenerate lefty.

  • Jason Gary

    What is it about Twitter that magically removes all inhibition from morons? I mean, it is literally MAGICAL. Nobody would ever say such an awful thing, as a journalist, to anyone, ever; but, give her a worldwide forum? All filters = GONE. Lol.

    • Arkuy The Great

      Well, there is a “delete” function but, as we see here on Twitchy, your indiscretion cannot be hidden. Nor forgotten.

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    She is not sorry. This is how liberals feel about rural Americans.

  • bikerdogred1

    It’s all relative in W,VA.

    • Clete Torres

      Been home lately?

    • john

      If you mean family oriented, close, helpful, wholesome, humble, giving, and UNITED? Then that’s more than you can say for most of America right now.

  • Herbert Edmonds

    Some people are too quick to engage their big mouths before putting the brain in gear !!

  • Jason Gary

    Counter-awful-tweet: “And now, maybe Detroit can work on… working.”
    Hope the Detroit Free Press is *actually* free, unless they want a distribution of 37 people.

  • Jeff Herndon

    this is how the yankee librels think of us in the south! they think all of us F–k our sisters and have only 3 teeth and cant read they all can go to hell and how about stop sending all your old farts down here to die and running up our health care cost

  • Jesse Oaks

    I think Columbia University has the incest problem, not WVA.

  • john

    At least WV can budget, and manage money better than Detroit can.

    • Kristopher Schindler

      Boom! From the top rope!

  • Jay Conley

    So , she is a master of the obvious!

  • john

    Gee.. wonder what she would have said about Kentucky? Something much more “clever” I suppose? Journalist my backside… pfft.

  • Nan M Eich

    I’m from Detroit. If this ‘reporter’ wants to be a comedian she should go to ‘open mic night’ at a comedy club. A chemical spill is not funny and she should learn what is appropriate and what is not. I’d say her parents didn’t do a very good job teaching her manners or good judgment. Snarky remarks show that the author has NO class.

  • BillLawrenceOnline

    Would Stefanie Murray have been that supportive if Meyer made a bigoted tweet about gays? Would she still have her job? H8ers will H8, right Ziati?

  • holly

    I’m from WV and I don’t appreciate the comments one little bit !!!

  • john

    At least WV had the sense NOT to elect Barack Hussein Obama… in 2008 OR 2012.

  • Semper Fi

    Can we just nuke Detroit and be done with it already?

    • john

      Nooo.. Detroit should be held high, and shown often as the city run by Democrats.

    • Arkuy The Great

      No need. At the rate it is depopulating and collapsing from neglect the necessary total annihilation will happen all by itself within 20 years.

  • MikeDR2012

    she looks like the librarian at this place i go to that has a lot of books

  • Gary Holveck

    Throw the plate on the floor. Did it break? Yes. Say that you’re sorry. “Sorry.” Did the plate go back to its original form? No. Do you get it? You are an adult. Using infantile or juvenile humor and bigotry as a professional simply destroys your credibility and trust. Tough shit.

  • Ryan_Knows

    I really don’t see what the big deal here is. I’m from VA and we make jokes about West Virginians of this nature all the time. It’s all in good fun, and what she said was clearly in jest. I think we’re becoming too much like the left if we can’t laugh at a joke sometimes instead of taking it so freakin’ seriously.

    • john

      There is a reason WV seceded from Virginia… look it up …PLEASE.

      Oh, and “joking” about incest in a state WITHOUT WATER for a week is funny to you? Perhaps you should experience NO WATER for a period to see how funny incest jokes are? pffft.. liberals.

      • Ryan_Knows

        John, perhaps you didn’t really read my post, but let me see if I can clear it up for you. My point is that we are becoming like the LEFT by acting like the LEFT when we are OFFENDED every time someone makes a politically incorrect joke. I am a super right wing conservative, and while I have seen lots of offensive stuff come from the left recently that was definitely a step over the line, I don’t believe this one ranks up there with the others.

        Why is it not ok to make a joke in light of a few people having water issues?? Are you immune from jokes if your water isn’t working for one week?? I think not . . . especially since the joke wasn’t even about the water.

        The point is . . . LIGHTEN UP, LETS NOT BECOME LIBERALS BY ACTING LIKE THEM! Being offended at every little thing means we are joining their ranks and not distinguishing ourselves from them as we should be.

        • john

          I think you clearly miss the “point” of “logical reasoning”.. and common decency? This isn’t about “”Are you immune from jokes if your water isn’t working for one week??””” This is about a DISASTER! Water is a natural NEED of SURVIVAL. The water was OFF LIMITS to drink, bathe, and cook with? I suppose this would be a terrific time to toss out “Incest jokes” when people are in desperate need of a basic essential?

          I do understand your point… but this isn’t about “becoming liberals”.. it’s more about offering liberals a MIRROR to reflect on how they truly are.

          This is a disaster on the level of a hurricane, or a tornado… PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING while you laugh at “jokes” on their behalf. If you are any kind of “super right wing conservative” you’d indeed stand up to such foolishness, and STOP excusing it away like a “liberal”.

          • Ryan_Knows

            She wasn’t making fun of their predicament. There still needs to be room for laughter even in the midst of hard times.

            The ones who are acting like liberals are all you people who are choosing to be OFFENDED at everything that is said on the left out there that is meant as a joke. That’s what liberals do about comedy on the right (ie Rush Limbaugh, Mark Steyn, etc). Do I need to give you example after example or can we agree on that point?

            That’s not to say that liberals should not be called out when they overtly cross the line (ie Martin Bashir and his comments about Palin), but this is not anywhere near that ballpark. Choose your battles folks . . . this shouldn’t be one of them!

          • john

            So it would have just been “funny” if someone molested your daughter, and then joked about her being a whore? Just sayin’ You obviously don’t get it. This is a “REPORTER” and so called “JOURNALIST” working for the “media”. She has a certain “power” to promote a “message”… to reach readers,.. to REPORT. Her obvious “opinion” wasn’t necessary, and to give it on a social network, ..and then “apologize” for that message only AFTER THE WORDS WERE PRINTED isn’t good enough. She STILL managed to let her true intentions be known. It’s no less offensive than the “N” word.. or being racist or bigoted. She KNOWS her boundaries for the career she has chosen, and has freely chosen to CROSS those professional boundaries to drive home her own opinion in a way she knew would bring attention through controversy!

          • Ryan_Knows

            Your analogy is ridiculous and not even slightly comparable to what happened here. Once again, what she made fun of HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WATER ISSUE!!

            Additionally, are you saying that journalists are not allowed to have their own opinions, and post them on their own twitter feeds simply because they are journalists?? That also does not compute.

            Lastly, making an incest joke about WV is not nearly the same as throwing around the “N” word. That’s just absurd.

            I love the “Wrong Turn” movies. I supposed those are just as racist and wrong as a KKK raid in your book ay?

          • john

            You post this and call my response “ridiculous”? In the same tweet she tweeted about WATER she tweeted her degrading remarks. Not the least bit “funny” in a time of tragedy and disaster.

            As a “journalist” she is free to tweet as she wishes.. but it was very CLEAR her profession AND where she worked. While she is “entitled” to her own opinion.. excusing away her profound INSULT is just “ridiculous”. She alone is responsible for HER behavior.

            I have a feeling a lot of issues simply “don’t compute” for you..

            The fact that you even relate this issue with a movie filmed in WV is enough for anyone to realize how out of touch with the real world you really are.

          • Ryan_Knows

            John, you are way too upset about this. I won’t keep stoking the fire for you. I’m sorry you were offended by this journalist (and I guess by me in the aftermath), but I hope in the process you will also gain a sense of humor and be able to distinguish more clearly what battles are worth fighting and what aren’t.

            BTW, I wasn’t relating the “Wrong Turn” movies with this disaster, but with the whole incest joke itself. Is there ever a time it is ok to make incest jokes about WV, because I’m going to be really upset if that’s become taboo.

          • john

            Perhaps had this “gem” come from the likes of Bill Maher, or some other worthless comedian it might have been excused as a “joke”. But this DISASTER made a mockery by a JOURNALIST isn’t funny in the least.

            My sense of humor is just as in tact, as my sense of decency. Her “freedom of speech” is also my own “freedom of speech”…

            Oh and yea.. because WV folks are exactly like the Wrong Turn movie. Freaks ..cannibalism and torture is the specialty there. *end sarcasm. (eyeroll).

  • Karl Nilsson

    >from detroit

  • Seth

    Super hilarious, I’ve sat here for a week wallowing in filth–unable to rinse dishes, wash clothes or for the love of God bathe/shower. Mean while living off of total garbage because I can’t cook, I feel unhealthy and sick almost from living like this the past week then I read some total asshole saying I have sex with my mother? I’ve wrote The Detroit Free Press, I’ll be phoning in and making as big a deal as possible of this Via social media while we’ve still got national coverage.
    When Hurricane Katrina hit, how politically correct would it have been to kick the survivors in the ribs while they were down? Our entire aquatic system, life and all could be irreversibly harmed. We could find out in 20 years that exposure to this stuff gave us all cancer, etc. I sincerely hope that Zlati Meyer never has to live through this depressing and miserable ordeal. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll never forgive her or The Detroit Free Press for endorsing her right to slander a group of people in the middle of a disaster.
    I don’t want an apology, she deserves to be fired.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Once again proving that Liberals are the most INTOLERANT People on the face of the earth, while preaching TOLERANCE and accusing others of being INTOLERANT.

    • john

      It’s the “oath of hypocrisy”. All liberals pledge it.

  • Mys Tery

    It’s now exceptable to post inappropriate comments. Then just post I’m sorry. How about thinking before posting. Since we no longer have to speak to someone face to face we can do that.

  • Lee Saffold

    Lying about her stated honest opinion of the people of West Virginia being merely an “insensitive joke” when it would be better to either defend her opinion or renounce it proves that the all too often dodge of “sorry it was an inappropriate joke” is nothing more than a mere tactic used to allow these elitist to express their bigotry without consequence. Once the message is out there they then delete it and say “sorry”. Once they are forgiven they can then sit around and laugh privately with their elitist friends about how they told those “pathetic, backwoods, and incestuous” folks in West Virginia a thing or two. And by using this tactic they even
    manage to retain the luxury of proudly resuming their “holier than thou” status
    as they go about condemning those right wing bigots out there! No, this
    elitist,, arrogant, and persistently recurrent tactic must not be forgiven until it
    is recognized as left wing form of elitist bigotry and renounced!

  • john

    Ah incest jokes from the left media. You’d think these same liberals fighting for gay marriage would actually have NO problem with consensual adult incest by now..? It’s all about “equality”, “tolerance” “fairness” and “acceptance” after-all, …isn’t it? How “bigoted” of her.

  • Ouvita E Hodge

    @Zlati Meyer I for one have a beautiful family most of which was born in West Virginia your bigotry doesn’t bother me so much. Because fact is if there is any incest in family’s it must had landed at your door step” for someone to say such a horrible thing while so many are suffering. You have no heart or soul to be so cruel. Your not so sorry only thing your sorry about is that your true colors are now exposed! might be now that your Bigotry will come around in full circle and bite you is the only reason you now seek forgiveness. Shame on you!!

  • Brian Bayley

    Being an a-hole seems to be a prerequisite to being a liberal. But it’s OK because they’re “on the side of good”….

  • blaked12

    Please don’t fire her. She is one of the few people in Detroit that has a job.

  • macksfield2

    Everyone makes mistakes, but it just gets old. Left-leaning intolerance. Profiling cities? Seriously?

  • http://itsaboutliberty.com/index.php ToddF

    Where does this Real Journalist of Genius live again? Ya. Detoilet residents have no right to hold themselves over ANYBODY.

    You, Detroit, are the toilet of America, hence the name Detoilet.

  • Guest

    Ms. Meyer: We have a serious problem in WV and then you make fun of West Virginians. Shame on you! Very poor taste! I’m proud to be from WV and prouder that I do not live in Detroit a city ran by democrats since 1962. Detroit looks like it has been bombed, but not my town. We are proud people, but not proud of you at all!!!

  • justathought22

    Thank God she is a liberal! the backlash will die down and she will go on her merry way ready to spout her bigoted, unfunny supposed journalism to a bunch of people who will believe her drivel!

  • David Michael


  • Clancie

    Apology NOT accepted. Live with your words.

  • Nancy Moore

    I am from West Virginia. I am 76 years old and I have never hear of incest there in my life. Friends and families are very close and look out for on another. I think they need to set her down in West Virginia with some of those poor people who can’t find work and see how she makes out there.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    The last people who should be cracking incest jokes are the liberal media who are the most ideologically inbred people in human history.

  • Roadster73

    Making a stereotypical “joke” about any non-white minority? Racist. Making a stereotypical “joke” about a subsection of the white community? Laugh riot.

    How can someone like her expect to end discrimination if she doesn’t have the same respect for all kinds of people? Especially when those people are having a hard time.

  • https://youtu.be/h82D5ZvcALM CrustyB

    Leftist hypocrisy says it’s OK to make bigoted remarks about people from the south. See Phil Robertson.

  • krell51

    If it comes to living in Detriot or the hills of WVa, I’ll take WVa anytime, Detriot has nothing to brag about.

  • itsfun

    Come on folks, it was a stupid thing to say, but don’t we have more to worry about than a joke in bad taste. We should be worrying about our elected officials lying to us on a daily basis. They are ones we need to make unemployed.

    • http://lnsmitheeblog.blogspot.com LN_Smithee

      Sorry, no sale. To those who give no quarter, no quarter will be given. The quickest way to get people to realize how much political correctness stinks is to put it under their noses. And as for “don’t we have more to worry about” — maybe you can’t multi-task. I can.

      • itsfun

        good for you, just multi-task away. I still think we are making a big deal out of nothing.

    • Arkuy The Great

      Starting with the City of Destroyed…I mean Detroit.

  • mpetrie98

    West Virginia is a beautiful state. Their only problem is all the Democrats in their Congressional delegation.

  • Harold

    Fire the Bi###

  • http://lnsmitheeblog.blogspot.com LN_Smithee

    In 2007, former San Francisco news anchor Dana King made a similar remark about NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. out of the clear blue. This was following the news that he had split with Dale Earnhardt Inc., the racing team founded by his late, legendary father Dale Sr. that was willed to his stepmother, Teresa Earnhardt.

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. is NASCAR’s most popular driver, and his millions of fans have purchased merchandise emblazoned with his #8, which is the property of DEI. Negotiations with Teresa to allow Dale Jr. to race under #8 on his new team broke down, forcing him to choose a new number. 88 is the number he selected (he purchased the right to use the number from another driver).

    O’Donnell, who as the sports guy really should have known more about the matter than, say, me, suggested that the sole reason why Earnhardt Jr. switched numbers was so more Dale Jr. merchandise could be sold. As O’Donnell concluded, news anchor Ken Bastida — who apparently knew more about the story — chimed in, saying “I thought it was about his stepmother.”

    At that point, co-anchor Dana King said “I think he should marry his
    stepmother.” Nervous laughter from the rest of the team resulted, to which I believe King responded, “Well, isn’t that what…” leaving her follow-up comment a fragment. Then she turned to the camera, smiled, and said, “On that note…” went into the introduction for the following program, and the reminder to view the 11pm newscast.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/l-n-smithee/2007/09/20/sf-news-anchor-dale-earnhardt-jr-should-marry-his-stepmother#ixzz2qOxAVfA0

  • I_Callahan

    Why are conservatives (of which I am one) being as oversensitive as liberals? Of course it is in poor taste, but one of the things that separates conservatives from libs is that conservatives have thicker skins. Don’t prove that wrong.

    • john

      Ever once “consider” that the outrage is that of a huge mirror being put in the face of a liberal journalists to prove who she REALLY is.

      It’s easy to excuse this behavior when you haven’t lived the disaster.

  • NormanPaperman

    Maybe she should team up with Natasha Leggero. Set the “Tasteless bar” a little higher.

  • Hank Devigne

    Things have a way of backfiring. There were formerly many remarks about in kin in West Virgin… Now I look around in PA…

  • Lorna Bradshaw

    Is she really so obtuse and mean spirited as to think that slandering thousands of people who have been hurt by toxic chemicals spilling into their water supply is basis for a joke? I’ll accept Zlati’s apology If she is sincere, but she should try to use a little common sense and decency in future posts, It will serve her better to build up, rather than to tear down people just to get her jollies.

  • knarf714

    Someone from Detroit making jest of someone from anywhere else is ridiculous.

  • old motorcycle enthusiast

    I subscribed to the Freep for almost 30 years, during that time it went from an independent publication to a Progressive Propaganda organ.

    That the Freep has low information Staff writers with such total lack of self-awareness does not surprise me 1 iota.

    • plumberskid

      So YOU’RE the one!

      • old motorcycle enthusiast

        Yep, when I moved out of State in 2000, the paper’s circulation collapsed. Dropped 50% I heard.

  • Hendrick

    Easy to see whats always on her mind.

  • CowboyZuck

    When exactly did we conservatives lose our sense of humor? Was it a proper comment? Of course not. But really, it was just a silly joke. We can’t go crazy over crap like this and then criticize liberals for doing the same thing.

    • Yael

      To you maybe it was a silly joke. To hundreds of thousands of people who’ve had no running water since Thursday, and thousands of businesses that may go out of business, it’s a good deal worse than that.

    • john

      I guess had a tornado struck the White House in DC and break Barack Obama’s leg, a “reporter/journalist” should then state that “he’s alive and ok, but the negro is gonna have to find another place to live now”. That THAT would be “funny” too huh?… “Media” would be all over that screaming how inappropriate it was and you know it.

  • southroncross .

    Her moral bankruptcy is one million times worse than Detroit’s financial bankruptcy. Of course, I am not suprised she did it. Its always been ‘game on’ when it comes to insulting and mocking Southerners, and country folks.

  • kennedy63

    Really someone from Detroit has the audacity to even make a joke about West Virginia a very Beautiful and Scenic place…enough said.If I was from Detroit I wouldn’t open my mouth about anywhere including hell.and yes I have been there.

  • Yael

    As one of the 300,000 West Virginians struggling with the consequences of this chemical leak, I don’t accept her apology. What she needs to do is STFU.

  • Maureen Keenan

    They should fire her ass

  • Glitter

    That tweet just shined a light on her disdain for people she perceives as less than her. This is probably what she really feels in her heart.

  • kahall

    You can see examples of this all over twitter. Just search for the word Ozarks and watch that stream for a while.

  • http://www.callcrybaby.com wildbill357

    funny as an abortion! biotch!

  • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

    How can we complain about how Phil was treated if we feign offense as well?

    • john

      She’s a reporter. A journalist,.. not a “reality tv star”.

      • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

        I realize that, I am just concerned about freedom of speech. It is a freedom that is on the verge of being lost to political correctness, and revenge.
        Should she be held accountable, I guess, but I feel a true twinge in the pit of my stomach that we are losing our freedoms.

        • john

          “Freedom of Speech” is not something anyone should have to apologize for… Apologizing for saying something you intended to say, is not an apology… it’s an excuse.

  • Eric Weaver

    On it’s worst day West Virginia has nicer people and more hard workers then all of Detroit.

  • LeftFeather

    I chuckled.. A silly stupid joke.. BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL!

    OMG!! Someone call the PC Police!??

    Seriously though… It wasn’t that bad…

  • hadenough57

    She is from Detroit, enough said.

  • Scooter Biggs

    Leftists are the most vile, bigots there are.

  • littleones

    Unbelievable that a news organization would employ someone who could make this type of public statement

  • rokebaum

    I guess I can see how she’s able to look down on W. Virginia when Detroit is such an impressive example of sophisticated society.

  • FeralFemale

    I am an Appalachian American who grew up a stones toss from the WV border. I went to WVU, and remember my years living in WV, enjoying its people and it’s wild, wonderful natural beauty, as the some of the best years of my life.

    It always breaks my heart when when I hear such derogatory comments about WV. Liberal City Dwellers will never understand the how deep their ignorant comments cut.

  • Arkuy The Great

    Then there’s this oldie but goodie. Detroit has been a byword itself for longer than many of us have been alive.


  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Just why does every idiot think that after they say something derisive about someone or a whole lot of people, an apology makes it go away? IT DOESN’T Those words are out there forever fool!!

  • Keninmo

    Consider the source — she writes for a paper in a bombed-out ghetto cesspool. What else would you expect?

  • Paige Jackson

    I’m not believing that anybody in the worst city in America has the stones to snark at West Virginia for ANYTHING. It’s like watching Cher call someone crazy.

  • geronl

    Detroit must be Utopia to be able to make jokes about other places

  • beautifuldayifyoubelieve

    As a born and raised (until people of no color were hunted down in the 70’s) and now live in the metro Detroit area, THIS IS SO COMMON, these people are the ones who show up in Birmingham (all want to bes) and say they live in Detroit. I told my husband its time to move from LIBERAL HE@$! Don’t believe what people say DETROIT is on the come back, they are just moving out of the city and into surrounding towns and taking them down one at a time!

  • reasoning with facts

    Now that she has apologized doesn`t matter !
    Now everyone has seen the true condition of her heart and what`s imbedded in her mind ! Apologies don`t cure bias` !

    • Willa Thompson

      I think this reporter should be required to investigate why it is okay to dis Appalachian people in ways that are not tolerated about people of color or other ethnicities. If she figures that out she could win a Pulitzer. Hillbilly jokes are not funny. They are cruel and demeaning. They are a source of pain to us and to our children.

  • blaked12

    Please don’t fire her. She’s the only Detroit citizen with a job

  • Don Bailey

    Geezz, her lead sentence contained the word “taint”. That would have been a better avenue for humor than the road she took.

  • plumberskid

    The Freep is a rag, and has always been a rag. It’s Motown’s version of the NYT. Not even good enough to wrap fish in. If it weren’t for union members it would have been out of print years ago.

  • dave schenning

    lets get over it and talk about important issues,like lets get the ball rolling with impeachment of the worst president in americas 200+ years.still cant get over how he,s still in the oval office with all the wrong,corrupt,non truth of almost 75% of rubbish that spews from his mouth,bengazi,and a thing that the government and media doesn,t bring up at all is the radiation that has now contaminated the west coast from above canada,down the west coast of the united states to the lower americas and the safety of seafood, water,air which has been tainted for the past year from reactor meltdown in japan from the earthquake/tidal explosion that crippled japans coast which is now affecting millions of humans,animals,water supply.seafood,our beaches and land.this is some serious life threating problems that obama doesn,t speak word of this and media that is either scared to leak the dangers to the masses in fear of the obamas brainwashed followers may finally wake up and smell the sanka brewing.just the corruption alone should be enough for the impeachment.wake up before its to late.

  • Kevin G O’Brien

    “I can’t apologize enough.” She’s never been more right in her life.

    • Guest

      Hey look the very ones demanding “tolerance” are the ones supporting hate. Do tell.

  • Guest

    I am insulted by you white motherfuckers on the right everyday but i don’t ever get a apology

    • john

      I thought most people had intellect, some integrity, and respect for others. Apparently in your particular case.. I was completely wrong.

      You are the finest example of the “left” I know..

    • dabhidh

      Oh look – a troll! And his name is “Guest!” Quelle suprise!

      Keep speaking truth to power, Anonymous Guy!

  • Maliheh

    Mitt Romney won West Virginia in 2012 so Pres Obama shouldn’t help them with Government funds for chemical spill clean up

  • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

    Of course I do, however I also have the right to vigorously disagree.

  • Bronwen Mary Hintz

    My feelings are this is nothing but a trash paper anyway subscriptions keep falling and they still don’t get it……

  • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

    See we can agree

  • jackieaxe

    I’m a big fan of sincere apologies, lets move on.

  • AZWarrior

    Would the last employed person to leave Detroit please turn out the one remaining streetlight that works. Thank you.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    Liberty and free enterprise free us from the shackles of collective agreement required thousands of years ago when bands of our ancient ancestors obeyed their primitive collective instincts.