For survivors of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting outside Killeen, Texas, having the attack called an incident of workplace violence was only the beginning of an ongoing series of injustices. According to Fox News, a Defense Department position paper argues against awarding those wounded in the attack the Purple Heart, because that would suggest that shooting suspect Nidal Hasan was guilty of an act of terrorism that turned Fort Hood into a battlefield, allegedly jeopardizing Hasan’s chance of a fair trial.

Hasan has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder and faces the death penalty if convicted. Eyewitnesses say Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire in this peculiar case of “workplace violence.”

Neal Sher, who is representing Fort Hood families in a lawsuit, called the position paper “a cynical travesty,” adding, “What the government has done by making this statement is guarantee that anything done to help the victims will effectively prevent or impair Hasan’s prosecution. There was no reason for the government to put this kind of a statement in writing.”

  • Maxx

    Let me get this straight…the Army is afraid the terrorist won’t get a fair trial if they give Purple Hearts to those shot by….drum roll please….the terrorist?

    Note when you take an oath to join the military, as I did three decades ago, you swear to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign AND domestic, which in this case, meant taking fire on domestic soil.

    Award these soldiers what they deserve and get on with giving this gentleman the “fair trial he deserves,” which if there is any justice in this land, will end with

    … Old Sparky.

    • CatHerder

      Aren’t Purple Hearts awarded by the Red Cross? What jurisdiction does the DoD have over them?

      • Richard Jefferies

        I hope that was sarcasm. If it wasn’t, no, they are an armed forces medal.

        • CatHerder

          It wasn’t sarcasm, I was just misinformed. It happens.

          • Richard Jefferies

            It’s cool, it’s just that is probably the oldest of the armed forces medals. Didn’t mean to offend.

          • CatHerder

            Apologies, I just spent the last 17 hours in the ER with my very pregnant daughter (she’s resting comfortably, btw) and I responded with a false memory. OTOH, now I have to figure out where the heck that memory came from or I will go the rest of the way nuts.

          • CherDash

            @disqus_PYvOgR4OrC:disqus Congrats :-)

          • CatHerder

            Sorry, I gave the wrong impression. She was sick as a horse and badly dehydrated which brought on (something-something MedSpeak) contractions. They gave her something to stop them since, big as she is, she’s only 32 weeks along.

          • AZWarrior

            Our best wishes for you and yours.
            BTW, the Purple Heart is the first American military medal. It was designed and given by General George Washington to wounded members of the Continental Army from Valley Forge onward. He wanted to recognize the suffering in the American cause but had no money from Congress to award a cash award (somethings never change). It is honored among American warriors along with the medals given for valor in combat, a very high honor. A writer during the Vietnam War commented on the Purple Heart by saying “some gave all, all gave something”. The medal remains to this day a heart shaped gold pendent with a purple heart shaped overlay.

          • NRPax

            You’re implying that you weren’t nuts to begin with? Bravo! -:-)

            And congratulations on the new family member.

          • CatHerder

            Thank you, but it’s about 7-8 weeks too soon. I’m anxious to meet the young man too, the estrogen level around here is approaching toxic values 😉

          • NRPax

            Ah. Mea culpa. I read your post before coffee and assumed the birth had already taken place. And yes, it does sound like you need a boy to balance things out. Good luck.

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    Our lazy- *ss – chief – in charge doesn’t like our military, has no respect for them and will pick and pick until we have no military. A terrorist killed soldiers, he is Guilty as charged.

  • stellatruman

    what a sad state for the US Army and all of our other armed forces….gotta wonder how they feel taking orders from the disgrace of a president we have in office

  • RedSoloCup

    Obama and With-Holder gotta protect their cousin.

  • RedSoloCup

    [email protected] you, Obama.

  • Jack Deth

    This makes about as much sense as the DACOWITS feminists in the Pentagon ordering the accused male Navy fighter pilots to testify on Capital Hill in civilian clothes during the “Tailhook” investigations and hearings.

    While the allegedly offended Navy female fighter pilots testified in uniform and with whatever few ribbons they had accrued…. Oh, wait.

  • James Walker

    This had nothing to do with a fair trial. This is all about Barack Obama. Obama’s claim of no terrorist attacks on American soil during his administration goes up in smoke the minute the soldiers are awarded the Purple Heart.

    • Travis Wolfeil

      Not only that, but he’s a master at bowing down to Islamic terrorists, because all true left-wingers believe that “hurting” the feelings of anyone they claim to care about (Muslims, gays, illegal aliens, etc.) is to infringe on their “civil rights.”

      • conservativechick

        It’s also about money. They would get more benefits if they got the Purple Heart and they should. It would be Obama having to admit Hassan committed a terrorist attack and was not suffering from Holder’s conclusion of “workplace violence.” That has always pissed me off! Funny how this administration can get any of their agenda issues all the way to the SUPREME COURT ASAP but they just can’t seem to move these terrorists to trials? So frustrating.

        • Travis Wolfeil

          Well said!

  • TocksNedlog

    If Hasan had died in the attack, the survivors would have been awarded the Purple Heart without question. But he lived, so they’re screwed. Heckuva job, Barky!

  • Peyton

    If they had served with John Kerry, they would have gotten plenty of them.

  • capisce

    “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten,” Obama said. “I haven’t forgotten those kids.”
    POTUS’ own words – 2 days ago.
    Some victims are more memorable than others.
    Putting a terrorist killer ahead of dead soldiers and their families – this is not the action of an honorable nation.
    Change whatever needs to be changed so we can, as a nation, honor the loss of life and service to country, instead of this blatant disrespect.

    • Steve_J

      He only remembers the victims who serve to advance his agenda(s).

    • David

      Great comment. thanks

  • syvyn11

    Put aside the purple heart, for now. What pisses me off is that these survivors aren’t getting benefits from their wounds. That should be the real shame. That and the fact that Hassan is still drawing breath.

  • roccolore

    Oblabla wants to appease his jihad supporting friends at Hamas-linked CAIR.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Isn’t this “aid and comfort”?

  • kim

    Oh come on!
    How can you expect the gov’t to continue bragging that they’ve stopped all terror attacks on us, if they admit to any terror attacks? After all, if they say it enough everyone will believe it anyways

  • David

    OBlamer has corrupted basic moral principles for his own purposes – disgusting.

  • george_m

    Well, is anyone surprised ? This administration continues to do everything it can to fuck the military over. This is just another example

  • cicerowasright

    Jesus get over yourselves and the fact that a Democrat is president. Its about his right to a fair trial. Sorry posters, just because he’s a Muslim doesnt mean he doesnt get a fair trial. He’s still an American citizen, whether you like it or not. Purple Hearts can also be awarded at any time, including AFTER his trial and conviction, which is inevitable.


    ARMY JAG, Active Duty

  • Elizabeth capecod

    Hasan was in communication with Anwar al-Awlaki, terrorist in chief.
    Hasan killed soldiers while yelling “”Allahu Akbar”, the Islamic battle-cry .
    Hasan’s recruitment by al Awlaki to commit his murderous act of terror is no different than KSM’s recruitment by OBL to commit terror. But yet the government made no distinction that labeling KSM a terrorist would jeopardize HIS right to a fair trial.
    Something very unjust is at work here.

  • aemoreira81

    Technically, in order to give these people Purple Hearts, the law does have to be changed (the governing statute is 10 USC 1131, referring to EO 11016). It’s because Hasan is an American citizen. KSM is not a citizen.

  • bret robertson

    a fair trial for the terroist who shot up fort hood ? i think he has gotten enough of fair shake in that he wasn’t put in front of a firing squad or hung on site

  • Guest

    So-called “workplace violence” does not qualify as being wounded by the enemy…
    according to the Comrades, anxious to preserve the rights of a Muslim terrorist.
    What did happen to America in 2009….
    oh wait…Obama’s TRANSFORMATION.

  • AZWarrior

    This is nothing short of spitting on our valiant dead and wounded. The idiots let this terrorist into our brotherhood of warriors and after he attacked his fellow warriors screaming alla akbar at the top of his lungs, this president and his politically correctl Generals are calling it workplace violence. Rot in hell, all of you.