Hmm, who would have guessed that the mainstream media would ignore the substance of Sen. Marco Rubio’s SOTU response and make the story all about his sip from a bottle of water? Everyone, actually. That settled, the only question remaining was how far they would take it. We’ll give CNN credit for adding a question mark, but the Chyron reading “CAREER-ENDER?” beneath a super-slow-mo replay of Rubio’s sip was a bit too much.

Awkward, maybe, but career-ender? As in his position as a United States senator is in jeopardy?

We have a winner:

Update: If this guy’s career managed to survive, there might be hope for Rubio after all.

* * *

Update: CNN’s choice of words caused enough of a stir on social media to elicit a clarification of sorts.

  • RonP

    Yeah, I can totally see how this would be a career ender.

  • Maxx

    Liberals have initiated a Palen-esque obsession with Marco. Negatively covering him 24-7 since last night.

    nah…they’re not scared. lol

  • Gallatin

    I would say that posting the question “Career Ender?” would be more of a “cable channel ender” but really who watches cnn anyway?

  • Joe W.

    But if Barack Obama were to hit a bong or snort a line in between sentences, he would be hailed as “cool”…..#choomgang

  • Matthew Koch

    Was killing someone a career ender for Ted Kennedy?

    • Matthew Koch

      With water nonetheless?

      • Rabid

        Ironic, isn’t it?

        • Tom Bannigan

          I don’t know, was it HARD water?

        • Tom Bannigan

          I don’t know, was it HARD water?

  • Monica_Showalter

    Obama swatted flies during two of his public speeches. Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton broke wind on live TV. Yet it’s Rubio who’s supposed to have committed the career-ender by drinking a sip of water?

  • Toad Hermit

    Could Rubios water gaff have given us the angle we were looking for to end his career?

  • Jimni27

    They can’t call him old, they can’t call him white, I almost imagine them running around wondering how the hell they are gonna end his career?

  • rinodino

    His career as president is probably over, I feel sorry for you guys I really do…. One day you’ll get it right

    • Jack Deth

      Jeebus, you’re ignorant.

      One does not have a “career” as president. One is elected to four years terms. And if this iis the best you’ve got. You got took!

      Care to opine even more and reveal your bottomless well of stupidity?

      • rinodino

        Yeah it’s “is”instead of “iis”, care to respond to your stupidity?

        • Rabid

          A swing and a miss… Strike one on Rino.

        • Jack Deth


          Strike two.

          Anyone else care to point out rinodino’s obfuscating, distracting, creepily masochistic tendency to avoid the topic altogether?

          I think it’s page 47 of the Alinsky Handbook. Could be page 48, but I don’t have the Handbook nearby.

  • Jack Deth

    I really enjoy when CNN whines “We are joking. It was a tease.” only after they were busted on many, many levels.

    It must be a sick, sad world over at CNN and their direct feed into DNC Central. Maybe they should all dressing in brown shirts with white piping and runes. Lots of runes!

  • Michael Rice

    I did not have drinks with that bottle…

  • Rod Rambler

    CNN’s new boss is a career “ender” for several CNN host’s such as Soledad O’brian. Maybe he should end a few more of their careers if they think this is news.