Normally, this would be the kind of embarrassing slip-up that you could later blame on your phone’s auto-correct function. The thing is, this is Rupert Murdoch tweeting.

  • thtroll

    WTH is @rupertmurdoch tweeting about, maybe he needs a person to filter that Crap like @RonPaul. #stupid

  • Calcat36

    Maybe Rupert knows something that Holder is covering up? We could be running arms or drones to Guatemala… Who do YOU trust more, Rupert or Holder?

    • thtroll

      I absolutely don’t trust Holder or Obama.

    • ratizbad

      Zero.. Add Hussein and the numbers drops in the red!

  • Krazy Kent

    Hey…:they all sound alike. Start a proper noun with “guan” or “gua”…..Guacamole???!
    I’m hungry…..where are the chips???

    • Calcat36

      I’ve got some guano for your chips!

  • FFlintstone

    I bet he at least knows how many states there are in the US. (Obama set a pretty difficult gaffe record to break, didn’t he……the only worse gaffe in the last 20 years is the congressman who thought Guam was going to tip over).

  • Zefal

    He meant to say Poland.

  • AlertUpUSA


    • rogueco


  • seek456

    I wonder if it was his auto correct and he didn’t notice.

  • Infinite_Indeterminism

    Autocorrect is a crime against humanity!

  • DaProf

    I’m thinking ” autocorrect” is at fault. Never trust your iPhone(tm) to actually get the word right when it matters 😉

  • TugboatPhil

    I’m wondering how many of the tweeters shown above could find both Guatemala and Gtmo on a map, on the first try.

  • Mike Rogers

    Looks like a typical ‘correction’by an i-device!
    If Murdoch isn’t careful, he’ll be banished to Ignomino bay!
    If it was a lib tweeting, we might expect them to mix up the names f their prisons and their lattes!

  • fishydude

    There is a simple solution.
    Release all the Gitmo inmates and close it. But the release my be from 15,000 feet out if the back if a C130 with parachutes packed by the surviving families of 9/11. The stop zone must be the gulf stream. What there? The average life expectancy of anyone falling in those waters, even from a boat, is 15 minutes. So even if they survive the drop, the ocean predators will get a nice meal.