With all partisan politics set aside for the moment, would it be too much to ask that Joseph, Mary and Jesus not be called homeless anymore? Inventor of the Internet Al Gore did it. Hillary Clinton did it. Jesse Jackson did it. Is the New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz setting himself up for a run for president on the Democrat ticket?

  • TheAmishDude

    Yep. They had a home in Nazareth. They were in Bethlehem to pay taxes. It was Big Government that forced Mary to give birth in a stable.

    • AMERICAN Kafirâ„¢(KAdams)

      It also made them move to Egypt. A sudden rash of 2 yr old death syndrome was going around.

      Edit: Lol. This is on his profile, so I would have to come to the conclusion that Borowitz is currently engaged in the latter of the two:

      “There is a fine line between social networking and wasting your fucking life.”

    • Gallatin

      Big government that didn’t want armed civilians, I’m sure the Roman soldiers stopped anyone with a sword and confiscated it.

  • Jack Deth

    Andy Borowitz: The King of Ass Backwards Land!

    Also, no doubt. The recipient of a public school indoctrination.

  • disqus_DiNJpJg4wR

    Yes, we want all homeless people to suffer as much as possible.

    (Sigh) Liberals actually believe this. Yet, they claim to be smarter than us? Geez!

  • George Washington Mclintock

    This lesson on the Bible has been brought to you byLiberals: proudly not knowing squat about squat since the time of Nietzsche and Marx.

  • AMERICAN Kafirâ„¢(KAdams)

    Anyone who knows anything knows Jesus is God, ergo…

  • RIChris

    Whereas Democrats like homeless people so much they work hard to ensure there are many.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!
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    Just waiting for the family to wake-up! The kids at whose house we’re staying (now in their early 60’s) had their 37th wedding anniversary yesterday and were out late on the town so they’ll be in bed (probably) until noon. The Wife is out walking around the property — this is the 1st chance she’s had for quiet reflection in a week.
    /OT off

    I’m somewhat surprised that Jackass Jackson miscalled the homeless state of The Lord.

    He’s supposed to be a “reverend” — I guess he was busy choomin’ that class.

    I know I’d not have the nerve to purposely misstate facts about Deity, but I’m old-fashioned.

  • BeyondPolls

    Liberals don’t care about homeless people anyways.

  • sally1137

    Jesus is only homeless when it serves the left’s purposes.

  • Wag_a_muffin

    Once a motel lost our family’s vacation reservation. I guess you could consider US homeless too.