Senator Marco Rubio was pulled out of Mitt Romney’s motorcade en route to a campaign event today after his daughter was involved in a car accident.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that 12-year-old Amanda Rubio was airlifted to Miami Children’s Hospital, where she is in stable condition.

Prayers and well-wishes came in quickly.

Rubio was scheduled to speak along with Senate candidate Connie Mack at a rally at Land O’ Lakes High School where a crowd of thousands had assembled.

Twitchy sends its best wishes to the Rubio family.


Even though the tweets calling for prayers were overwhelming in number, a handful just couldn’t put aside politics, even for a 12-year-old.



According to CNN contributor Ana Navarro, Amanda Rubio’s accident involved a golf cart.


Rebecca Sosa, a Miami-Dade County commissioner and friend of the Romney family, says that Amanda suffered a concussion but “she’s fine” and her family is by her side.

  • Danny Wheeler

    My thoughts and prayers to Mr. Rubio. May his daughter recover.

  • DG

    A parent’s worst nightmare. My prayers and thoughts with the Rubio family and Marco’s daughter!

  • nc

    So much more difficult when it’s your child. Prayers and wishes for Amanda’s speedy recovery. God bless the Rubio family.

  • detroit19

    Praying for Amanda and Mom & Dad!!

  • Christine McIntire

    Prayers for you and your sweet daughter.

  • Love of Country

    God bless the Rubio family …. representing among the very best that politics has to offer.

  • Lady 12

    Praying for her!

  • Jack Deth

    Prayers up!

  • Penmar

    Prayers for the Rubio Family, God Bless them.

  • dan sprunger

    my thoughts go out to Sen. Rubio, his daughter, and the rest of the Rubio family… Wonder what Obama thinks?

  • Retired Cop

    Praying for the best for your daughter.

  • Momthing

    I proudly pulled the lever for Mitt Romney today. Honestly, as long as the Democrats demonstrate that they have no sense of decency, & the DNC encourages the dimwits who vote for them & engages in demonizing & identity politics, I will never ever vote Democrat again, & this from someone who was raised Democrat. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Rubio and his family. IF Mr. Rubio ever runs for President, I will be voting for him.

  • MoxieLouise

    Prayers for healing for Amanda, strength for the family, and wisdom for the doctors.

  • $30736095

    So by their own logic, we could claim Sen. Harry Reid’s accident is no more than “God’s punishment” too???? Unbelievable. Praying and believing Miss Rubio will recover in full health. And Sen. Reid too.

    • Tod Thompson

      I guess the Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations as well. Stupid people are everywhere. I don’t think they are of any particular political stripe, though it seems the vitriol from the left is a lot more hateful and abundant.

      • $30736095

        Agreed. I’m utterly astounded at how “normal” it seems for them to spew gross and unconscionable remarks at anyone and everyone they hate – exempting no one from their attacks. “A 12 year old’s life is not more important than the country”?! What kind of attitude is that?!!! Whatever help they need, I hope they get.

  • medicinewomantwo

    Hope all goes well for Rubios daughter and those that were snarky and classless, here’s hoping karma draws your name,,,,,,,,,,,,8*)

  • Kimberly O’Neal

    I’m keeping the family in prayer and hope for speedy recovery.

  • Coleen Trusley

    My prayers for Rubios whole family go out to them. May they feel the love of Christ

  • Fredis Garcia

    Dios bendecira y cuidara de tu hijita. Mis oraciones estan con tu familia

  • mystere

    The lefties become more repulsive with each hate tweet. I hope Amanda Rubio recovers quickly with no permanent injuries. Shame on those who sent out hate tweets.


    Marco Rubio, all the best wishes to your daughter and your family.

  • Sherri Dennis

    Sending Thoughts and prayers to Marco Rubio and family for his 12 year old daughter.

  • Beth Larsen

    I love Marco Rubio, and I really hope she is ok. Shame on the people making vile and rude comments about this.

  • bret robertson

    will pray for you and family Senator Rubio

  • bret robertson

    will pray for you and family Senator Rubio

  • marcellucci

    The leftist/liberals have had a war on children since their inception….
    My prayers are with the Rubio family…..

  • marcellucci

    The leftist/liberals have had a war on children since their inception….
    My prayers are with the Rubio family…..

  • cityflat

    I admire Marco Rubio for doing the right thing, not like obama that went campaigning in Las Vegas while Americans were being killed in Benghazi. God bless the Rubio family.

  • brewerandpatriot

    The tweeter that said “this might not have happened if you (Rubio) were on the right team” is absolutely right. A concussion is a brain injury, which renders Dems, liberals and/or regressives impervious to concussions.

    • silenteyedstorm


  • Tammy Franke

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Amanda and her family. God bless her and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • ratizbad

    Amanda get well soon,You are in our prayers.

  • BeeKaaay

    What’s this? Leftwingwackos behaving as if they have no soul or conscience? That’s how they are.

    For those who have a conscience and soul, we pray for his daughter.

  • VAMOM2

    Many prayers headed from Virginia to the Rubio family. Also many prayers sent out as well to those among the vile left that a similar fate doesn’t fall upon your family…what tools you are to spew hate regarding a 12 yo girl.

  • PrincessofSnark

    Prayers and sincerest good wishes to Senator Rubio’s daughter and his whole family as they go through this terrible thing.

  • brianmouland

    Really wonder about the mentality of a person who finds a 12 year olds pain amusing

  • Andrewpalandrew

    So much hate on the liberal left. Unbelievable.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Didn’t think it was possible but the leftists get more and more evil as the years pass…

  • rant stocks

    What a vile despicable bunch of lefties that would say bad things about rubios innocent 12 yo daughter…I’m a big fan of karma in time god will deal with the hatered of these (hic) people.

  • ObamaPelosi

    Why are the left so vile, evil and disgusting? Can’t they put politics aside to support a fellow human being? Can’t the world see the hatred of the left?