Pressure from Commentary magazine’s John Podhoretz and others forced the correction of a BuzzFeed headline which claimed a “testy” vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan had “walked out” of an interview with a local reporter — but only after the Obama campaign had jumped at the chance to spin the story their own way, “amplifying” a few details along the way.

Wow, Ryan walks out, storms out, and runs away all at the same time? Too bad no one caught this unhinged outburst on video. Oh wait, they did … and it doesn’t really look like what the fact checkers in the Obama camp describe at all. Weird, huh?

Ryan’s spokesman, Brendan Buck, told BuzzFeed that the reporter had already gone over his allotted time “when he decided to ask a weird question relating gun violence to tax cuts. Ryan responded as anyone would in such a strange situation. When you do nearly 200 interviews in a couple months, eventually you’re going to see a local reporter embarrass himself.”

After a lengthy Twitter exchange and some insults (and apologies), BuzzFeed changed the headline from “walks out” to “ends.” That’s closer, at least, but no cigar.

Whether or not a headline change is “interesting stuff” is up for debate, but Podhoretz’ point about false memes getting started is dead on. The president’s team wasted no time making sure the original headline was spread far and wide.

So it works something like this?

For now, the BuzzFeed headline has settled on “Paul Ryan Gets Testy And Ends Interview.” No rush from Team Obama to correct the record, though. Weird, huh?

  • Christian Collins

    I’ve worked in television production, particularly SMT’s (Satellite Media Tours). Interviewers often take license with the end of their time windows. It’s totally appropriate for someone in the control room (or off-camera area) to end an interview once the time window has expired. Lots of factors that have nothing to do with the extra question(s) asked.

    • Milkshakes Anytime

      This is my husband’s industry as well, and he said the exact same thing when he watched the interview.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    well, he was testy… who wouldn’t be? as for storming, running and all that, it looked more like he was ready to stick around and see it through. if anything, i’m sure the reporter wanted to run away.

  • Joe W.

    Well, when your boy is self destructing like Barack is, you have to resort to more of this crap to attempt to slime your superior opponent. Like all the hacks calling Gov. Romney a LIAR, etc. The POTUS has lost and his minions are left with nothing but slime.

    • R0nin

      You say that as if it isn’t their go-to strategy to begin with 😉

      • Elaine

        Liberals are SO VERY DESPERATE. I love it and it proves Romney is WINNING.

  • elijahzabmom

    It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it didn’t look good.

  • Brenda Hellwig

    WTF! Just watched video and how can anyone characterize that as running away is beyond me. I guess KoolAid goggles make everything look like what you see in a fun house mirror. Sooooooooooooo tired of Obama and Co. lying about everything. They make the Clinton administration look positively saintly.

    • Taxpayer1234

      BOOM! And I didn’t think making Clinton look saintly was remotely possible.

  • KateNE

    I thought it was hilarious that Ryan stayed and confronted the reporter for the crap question. He in no way ran off. I am truly and deeply sick of the MSM in this country. They are shameful.

    • ember

      He called him out like a real man would. Love it!

    • Elaine

      Don’t like the ANSWER to your question? Ask it again… and again.. and again. Still don’tlike it?… combine all the questions into ONE. Maybe that will change the answer you didn’t like int he first place? LOL MANIPULATION and Ryan was having NONE of it!

  • Jack Deth

    Ryan immediately.kept the interviewer from steering the sound bite towards Gun Control. Took the winds from the interviewer’s sails right away and the interviewer went into snit when Ryan mentioned churches and charities.

    Masterfully played!

  • kbielefe

    I personally would like to find out more about this interesting plan to use tax cuts to buy guns. How can I sign up for that?

  • weRbroke

    Taxes and gun violence? Ask Al Capone…

  • charrenee

    Obama’s media superpac working overtime

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    “Walking out” is what Sock Puppet wishes he coulda done last week!

  • DANEgerus

    Please, Please, Please… let Ryan attack the MSM in the debate

  • Amanda Louise

    “Journalist” used Putting Words in Interviewee’s Mouth. It’s not very effective…
    Paul used Roundhouse-kicking Journalist Back In His Place. It’s effective!
    Paul used Water Bottle Sip. It’s very effective!
    “Journalist” is confused. He hurt himself in his confusion!
    “Journalist” fainted!