Earlier today, as Matt Drudge teased the release of “Obama’s other race speech” on his site, media outlets raced to be the first to scoop the others and release the video. BuzzFeed uncovered the “old” video on YouTube — a nine-minute edit of a 2007 speech — and then quickly pulled together previously unseen bits.

So what’s “new” in this old video? A shout-out to Reverend Wright, for one, as well as a previously unseen and racially divisive take on the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina compared to 9/11 and Hurricane Andrew, a take which echoed Kanye West’s claim that George Bush “doesn’t care about black people.” “Where’s yo’ dollars,” Obama asks the crowd. “Somehow the people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much.”

Old news to some perhaps, but the reopening of old wounds to others.

Even before the video aired, progressives had declared it nothing worth getting excited about. Members of the mainstream media seemed to agree. We told you all of these things back when we were vetting the president for you, right? Remember, Newsweek?

Remember, CNN?

Funny that no one remembers something that was so heavily covered.

Oh, that’s right. You found all of this out for yourselves, despite our efforts. No point reviving it now, then. But with previously unseen bits of the speech like the Hurricane Katrina comments finally seeing the light, could it be that the real “old news” is that, even five years later, Barack Obama, whom the mainstream media tried so hard to paint for us as the great uniter, doesn’t quite match up with the one seen on video and off script?


So, why would these newly aired segments of Obama’s speech not be news? Because the comments are irrelevant, or because the mainstream media expects us to have come to terms with this brand of division?

  • WingedBishop

    So… was that his real accent in the video?

    • Love of Country

      No … that was the generic DNC black accent used by Al gore, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden before him ….. Chris Matthews never complained because he expects that kind of racism from Democrats who have been doing their best to control black people for over 200 years.

  • http://twitter.com/coleenft Coleen Trusley

    Dont know if that was his real accent but it was his real feelings.

    • irishgirl91

      Didn’t you know, that is southern Hawaii, with a slight lilting of choom.

  • digitalPimple

    Interesting. A sitting Senator lying to promote racial conspiracy theories??? Takes all of 10 minutes to debunk, and not one person in the media questions this? What, are black people now allowed to be lied to? That’s just OK..? What in the hell is going on in the media?

    • Bowdoin81

      Should be a Todd Akin moment, bu it won’t be.

  • redheadgrl

    Not sure what is so damning about this video? I only saw the daily caller version, but other than the props for Rev. Write, not seeing anything? Am I missing something? I am no fan of Mr. Obama, but I do agree with the statement that if there were more minority owned businesses in urban areas, the commute wouldn’t be so bad for those that work. In Atlanta, in the 40s and 50s, there was an area called Sweet Auburn that was all black owned, successful businesses and educated people. He even talked about how he got saved.

    • neelie

      Obama was a senator at the time, and he is not being truthful about the Katrina response. He is race baiting the black audience. I guess it’s ok to lie to black people? This part of the video has not aired until now.

    • strat77

      Seriously? Watch it again. Fake accent – calling the Federal Government racist – a sitting US Senator trying to create racial division in our country – lying about the amount of aid sent to diaster areas. Please.

      • Theresa32766

        And lying about his past, his mentor, Rev. Wright

        • redheadgrl

          I think the lying about Rev. Wright came after – during the campaign of 2008. Back in 2007, he was all about his preacher.

      • redheadgrl

        Yeah, I got the accent, but that’s par for the course with Dem politicians (remember Hillary and Gore). Was he really lying about the aid sent? It seemed like he was talking about a dollar matching act for rebuilding being suspended for other areas, but not NO. Maybe this is false, I haven’t done the research.

        • GTFOBigGovt

          This is covered in the Daily Caller analysis. Yes he was lying about the aid comparing 911 to Katrina.$90 Billion worth of lying.

      • Anthony

        This might be news to you, but certain ethnic groups have a way of speaking to their own that they DO NOT do in the company of mixed races. Some call it work voice & home voice. The fact that Obama got around a group of black people & got comfortable enough that, yes the way he spoke changed, is nothing new and not news worthy. I’m sure you do not speak or use the same language in your workplace that you do in your home life or around your friends at the bar.

    • weRbroke

      gov regulation and taxes at all levels have all but squashed all those local mom and pops. Little diners, bakeries, variety stores, etc are a thing of the past, mostly because it costs and arm and a leg to RUN one, and the regs to follow and the licenses, inspections, codes and other FEES turn into a great big hassle. It gets even worse if you want to EMPLOY a couple of people, then you have payroll, withholding, unemployment insurance, liability/workers comp, local and state demands for other paid benefits, and a growing number of people who just don’t care to get up and go to work.
      I managed a Bar for three years, got really intimate with bookwork, and government RULES and REGS, and cost of employing workers. Taxes, insurances, repairs and regulation mandates for updates to more expensive equipment.
      I would love to see small business come back, local shops filled and people happy about finding local stuff, BUT, we are a consumer driven society that has an appetite for new, better, faster, cheaper, and popular stuff, most of which arrives on a boat. I can’t compete with China on the labor…precisely why I am NOT pushing to produce items that people aren’t willing to buy at my cost of materials and very modest labor.
      Nannystate regs squash local economies by limiting their ability to meet their financial obligations, inflicting additional expenses and unecessary rules that do NOTHING but hinder a business owners ability to make ANY living at all. If someone has a great idea, and a wonderful product, getting to market is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE unless they sign their life away and work like a dog day and night, mind all the regs from the top down to local, pay their taxes and fees, and hire an attorney/bookkeeper/taxpreparer, and carry every insurance known to exist…and even then, it is likely that it will die in infancy and the owner will be left with a debthole to dig out of.

      • Elaine

        Don’t you wish WE got to grill Obama in a debate? errrr lol

        • weRbroke

          yeah, I do. Somewhere in my internet travels i stumbled across the IRS 990 filings for a non-profit org in Louisianna. It had a pumping of $25 MILLION grant moneys in 2006, the same year it was created. The same person and address is listed for the addy of the non-profit in later returns as well and little appears to have been spent. This org went from 0-$25 million in the blink of an eye, using a physical address that is a dilapidated old shack that looks unfit to live in. Somewhere, sits a man that was given $25 million, but has never been audited to see what the money was spent on. I am reasonably certain there are hundreds, if not thousands of instance where non-profits benefitted greatly by the flow of MONEY, grant money allocated to do good, but went to fatten the pockets of the people running that “charity”

      • redheadgrl

        You’re right weR, the gov’t red tape makes it very hard to start a new business and be successful.

    • filippop

      Saved? My Jesus doesn’t advocate race baiting or the hatred being spewed out here! He certainly hasn’t united or led our country like a “saved” person. “By their fruit you will recognize them.” http://bible.cc/matthew/7-16.htm

      • redheadgrl

        Fili – you are right. I had just never heard Mr. Obama talk about being led to Christ. My dad schooled me on this – you can’t claim to follow Christ then use the gov’t to go against Christ’s teachings.

        • filippop

          Well, if you use that argument, even Bush couldn’t govern in a totally “Christian” mode. As a president, you need to bend. But I did know where he stood on certain items. Though, he wasn’t perfect he didn’t talk out of both sides of his mouth. Continue studying 😉

    • GTFOBigGovt

      The whole speech? The Daily Caller also gives the transcript and how he veered off script. For one, everyone is a victim, they need “training” on how to dress, how to act in an office, how to show up on time – we have to help them”..Now in Va he says “I don’t believe we can get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims, who think that they’re not interested in taking responsibility for their own lives” and somewhere else “I look around and only see hard working people”. If you rely on partial soundbites you’re doing exactly what the Obama machine wants. If you don’t see the disdain Obama showed for everyone not of the urban victim complex (like bashing suburbs) they love you. Did you know that there’s an effort underway for cities to seize control of the suburban tax base and even education to transfer “wealth” to the city? Nobody’s talking about that. Kurtz wrote a whole book on it – Obama’s War on the Suburbs. Apparently Liberals and Caucasian Obama supports are the racists believing that non white really ARE incapable of their own self determination (Obama version pre 2008). Just like they coddle Islamic radicals for, I assume, the same reason “Oh they just can’t help bein’ mad”.

      • redheadgrl

        Ali – I didn’t watch the whole speech, just the portions that were on the Daily Caller. And I am very aware of the urban areas trying to seize control of the suburban tax base – we just had a huge referendum here in Atlanta that voted such a proposal down (overwhelming by about 73%). It was a transportation bill (with several non-transportation projects included), that would add another penny to the sales tax. But the kicker was, your county only got back a portion of that penny tax collected based on population. That meant a majority of the funds from about 10 metro counties would go directly into Atlanta, which in my opinion is a huge mismanaged money-pit. I chose not to live in the city because of their high tax rates and corruption.

  • HS013

    Obama is a hypocrite. He wants to talk about the government response to Katrina. I’m sorry, but when did he mention visiting after Isaac? Oh that’s right, after Romney said he would.

    • louisiana_mom

      Actually he came a day or two after Romney…

    • redheadgrl

      I think this video was from 2007.

      • Sheerie Knoll

        exactly, 2007. It was edited. 2007. The media never reported on the removed portions of the video. Until now. 2012. What does that tell you?

        • redheadgrl

          Well, I was referring to Katrina remarks vs. Isaac remarks from HS013. Mr. Obama couldn’t have mentioned Isaac in 2007 because it hadn’t occurred yet. But yes, I agree that the media did not do the public justice in 2008 in regards to Obama coverage as a candidate. I also read the book “Game Change”, and it was clear the media was on his side as they would not even research the info that the Clinton campaign was feeding them (stuff like Rev. Wright, no birth certificate, college records, etc – all that started with Hillary in early 2008, not the Tea Party).

          • HS013

            I guess my comment wasn’t self explanatory. In 2007 Obama criticized the Bush administration for their response time. Now it’s 2012, New Orleans got hit by a hurricane, some surrounding areas flooded, and Obama was no where to be found (he was campaigning). Then Romney says he is visiting the devistated areas, and only after that did Obama mention visiting. I would also like to add that Jindal was prepared for this storm, not the federal government. He requested everything the federal government sent and Obama took the credit for it

          • redheadgrl

            Agreed. Jindal showed how it’s done.

  • SpaceRacer423

    Imagine if Romney had said black people don’t know how to dress, talk, or act properly in an office. yep, Obama said that.

    • conservativechick

      This may be a bit long, but I have wanted to say it for 2 years now! I don’t get it.

      If I had President Obama in front of me I would ask him why he wants to divide all American into GROUPS by class, race, social beliefs, religions, even political parties and then pit one against the other, making it so we HATE each other? Why do you incite so much anger, fear and mistrust within the masses of your own American people? We are not “YOUR” people and MY PEOPLE, as many, even in your administration, refer to us. We are AMERICAN PEOPLE. We are the UNITED States of America, or at least we once were.

      You are willing to use this division and hate to facilitate your own ambitions. You have set race relations back 50 years! If the goal of the movement was for all men to be EQUAL, then the civil rights movement has failed. Why do you still push reparations and affirmative action? You became president of United States, yet you tell others “You can’t achieve that on your own, so let’s do that FOR YOU?“ Trying to make the evil white man PAY for the sins of the father only creates another generation of racists on both sides, angry, entitled or resentful. You have created more hate than jobs and it’s very sad to many.

      No wonder those who break the chains of oppression by the Democrats and the see the light, actually open their eyes to what was really holding them back. They turn to the Republican party! The party the really believes all men are created equal and have the SAME opportunity to become great and to do great things!

      Only good jobs for all on the same playing field will change what’s wrong with this country right now. It starts with education and you even put your own ambition and goals ahead of that when you took away school choice from kids in DC who were finally showing incredible achievement. What is more important to you, really? I say you getting elected as President again, at any cost, is far too costly!

      This is why you hear us saying “we want our country back.” It has absolutely nothing to do with the color of your skin and that is an excuse for all your failures so far. We embrace conservative blacks and applaud their achievements and successes! They did it on their own and they were very capable of doing so, without “affirmative action,” which is Unconstitutional and should not exist now, 50 years later, with a black president. I hope voters chose to turn from your message of hate and division, now that they see your true agenda for our country. It’s time for us to be the UNITED STATES of AMERICA again, from sea to shining sea. Vote for Romney/Ryan 2012!

      There I said it! Even though I know Obama won’t READ it, I feel better somehow and will repost it on other sites just because I can! Thanks for letting me vent! :)

      • LightSabre

        Well said, Elaine. I think you spoke for a number of us!

      • http://www.facebook.com/laurie.legarde Laurie LeGarde

        Well said..

  • Love of Country

    Hurricane Katrina was the birth of the Chris Matthews dog whistle conspiracies if I recall correctly and he had so much fun projecting his insatiable racism onto George Bush that from that day on …. it just came to define who and what he is all about …. an uber dishonest, racist piece of garbage.

    I can still hear and see him (like it was yesterday) repeatedly saying “Look at all those poor black faces” as helicopters flew over the flooded town and cameras panned around at all the black people stranded on the flooded highways and bridges because they chose to ignore 5 days of warnings to evacuate by the Bush Administration while Blanco and Nagin were AWOL.

    Beyond that …. Dinglebarry is nothing more and nothing less than a George Soros/Hugo Chavez sock puppet bereft of one single redeeming quality.

  • CalCon10

    /sarc on/
    Now, now, wingnuts. Nothing to see here.
    We kinda covered it in 2007, so that should be good enough for you right-wing nutjobs. And as for the parts we conveniently ignored, HEY–it happened in freakin’ 2007, man–OLD NEWS. Gimme a break!
    Nothing new or interesting here.
    /sarc off/

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3WF2ZV2NYXMNXZEY3SXMA3T6KI Lefty

      But hey, did you know that Romney cut the hair of some kid as a prank and that kid later grew up to be a gay man who committed suicide?

      Yeah, the past only matters for the #KneePadMedia when it enables their narrative.

      I have no respect for the MSM.

    • kiki1958

      Now now libatard of course there is nothing new to report this story is about the Liar in Chief musn’t make this socialist look bad..oh wait they never report the truth about him…it’s sickning

  • denbren52

    Harry Reid, in 2008, was quoted as saying privately that Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

    I guess “he wanted to have one” in that speech. He poured on the dialect and fired up the black as victim rhetoric but the lefties in the media would have you believe that he didn’t mean any of it. He just said it for the audience. So who should be angry? Those he was pandering to? Or the rest of the country who heard a different speech on the campaign trail?

    Was Rev. Wright a close friend and confidant or just a pastor who sometimes said things Obama didn’t agree with? What about Ayers? What about Frank Marshall Davis?

    There is still too much we don’t know about the man in charge of the greatest military force on Earth.

    • Anthony

      “There is still too much we don’t know about the man in charge of the greatest military force on Earth.”

      Why do you say that? Are you saying we should be in fear of him and what he might order with that military force? What are you trying to insinuate?

  • lana ward

    The MSM should all be hung! They’re traitors

  • http://twitter.com/Mr_Shy Mr. Shy

    “I gotta give a special shout-out to my pastor… the guy who puts up with me… COUNCILS ME… listens to my wife complain about me… HE’S A FRIEND and, uh… A GREAT LEADER…. Not just in Chicago but also in the country. So, please, evra-body… give an EXTRAORDINARY WELCOME to my paster, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., Trinity Church of Chicago… Where’s he at?? There he is…. that’s him…. that’s him right there!!”

    — Obama introducing Rev Wright, the radical, vile, hate-filled, America-hating, racist pastor, in his own angry, divisive, racially-charged speech in 2007

    WATCH THIS… “Obama Detached”… and please repost…


    – shy

    • Anthony

      Him praising Rev Wright in 2007 is news how? He never hid his affiliation and love for this man, so why is this an issue.

      • http://twitter.com/Mr_Shy Mr. Shy

        Good grief, you’re a sad Obama sycophant, aren’t you? You have no shame.

        Obama adores Rev Wright, and was very close and very inspired/guided all those years by a hate-filled, America-hating, racist, foul, ranting POS pastor. Who gives a fudge — other than Obama lap dogs like yourself — whether he revealed this in 2007, 2009, 2012 or 2020?? It’s just clearly evident now, and speaks VOLUMES to who Obama is himself… an equally angry, hate-filled, divisive POS, if you can bear to listen to a 40 minute ranting speech by a SITTING SENATOR, no less.

        Seriously, do you idiot liberals need to see Obama strangling a cat on video to finally get a clue to what a despicable con man he is?

        Watch this video I made… “Obama Detached”… and please repost / share…

        – shy (& Romney) in 2013

        • Anthony

          lol..Ok, no need for name calling. Why are you so angry? My point being is, you point to him praising Wright in this video and my response is, so what? His admiration and connection to him has never been hidden and in his own words he speaks of him in found terms.Angry and hate-filled? Specifically show me Barack Obama being that?

          • http://twitter.com/Mr_Shy Mr. Shy

            Anthony, I’m so angry because I sat and watched 40 minutes of Obama spewing ugly, race-laden, hate-filled, class-warfare junk and conspiracy-driven lies about the U.S. gov’t while he was a senator himself, and talking like Malcolm X all of a sudden to pander to his audience that day, and that by some twisted miracle he managed to win the Dem nomination, much less the presidency, after all this foul stuff was out there on video for everyone to see back in ’07 and ’08.

            And that’s just scratching the surface of why I’m “so angry.” So angry on one of millions of internet comment threads. I’m sure you’ll live.

            You live in liberal land, where you pretend this admiration and connection to Rev Wright, for some 20 years — on this stark and very close, loving level — was covered by the media back then. How come, then, are millions of us seeing this particular footage just now for the first time?

            Obama brushed Rev Wright under his big bus, claiming he did not hear all of that charged rhetoric. Now here he is, himself, TALKING that same rhetoric. Was he lying through his teeth or not, Anthony?

            I honestly don’t understand you or any liberal defending this appalling human being at this stage, and seriously still considering voting for him. But you’re free to do it, of course, and I’m guessing you will. Heaven help you.

            – shy (& Romney) in 2013

          • Anthony

            Mr. Shy, do not presume to paint me with the liberal brush stroke, I have my criticism of Obama. However, this faux outrage over Rev. Wright is ridiculous. Certain ethnic groups have different American experiences and feel there has been injustice and an uneven playing field to succeed in Ameria, heck, live a normal day-to-day life. It’s that same experience that resulted in the civil rights movement in the 50’s & 60’s. Do i believe Obama never heard this rhetoric, NO! Is there anything in his political career that specifically shows he’s govern with Black Power racist intention to get whitey and move the Black community above all other races in America, HELL NO!

          • redheadgrl

            Anthony, during the primary race in 2008, Mr. Obama totally distanced himself from Reverend Wright, denying him the opening prayer at a fundraising event (after he was already scheduled), and then again saying he didn’t really go to church that often over 20 the years he was a member of Rev. Wright’s church. I think that might be why some are so angry with the Rev Wright part – and, their relationship was ignored by the media.

          • http://twitter.com/Mr_Shy Mr. Shy

            “I have my criticism of Obama.”

            What is it? And I see it’s singular, not plural (really?) And policies/politics aside, what’s your report card on Obama’s character as a man, especially after this latest video?

            “However, this faux outrage over Rev. Wright is ridiculous.”

            Do you not read? Did I not give you my Laundry List A (of A-Z) of why I’m outraged, and that that makes it in no way “faux”? Wright is more than ridiculous, he’s vile. And guess what, NOW we see Obama up on the pulpit being “ridiculous” and vile, too. You down with that?

            I also love how you diminish the Rev Wrights of the world who are clearly influential to people and communities as just “ridiculous”, when it’s an inconvenient truth about them. Obama’s own trumpeting words: “A great leader — not just in Chicago but also in the country.” Read what people say and really let it sink in.

            “Do i believe Obama never heard this rhetoric, NO!”

            Again, after all your posting on this thread and engaging us, are you not aware that he didn’t just hear it but engaged in it HIMSELF?

            As for your “certain ethnic groups” stuff, and then going down the road of black guy (you are, I can see) cornering white guy as paranoid about “black power” and black theology, etc., I absolutely do NOT want anyone peddling that stuff anywhere near the Presidency, or even in Washington D.C. Do you? And yet, the nightmare is real, and we do.

            I’m way past race, and ugly stuff is…. ugly stuff. I hate mosques preaching islamic hate, as well, and hate anything that’s full of hate and ugly and pitting groups/races against each other. Are you with me there?

            – shy’s funk/pop for 2013 (and Romney/Ryan, too!)

          • Anthony

            My criticism of Obama: The economy, it has not grown/improved under his tenure. Understand we are not privy to all the info he had when he became president to know how bad the economy was that he inherited. While he has pandered to the gay community (support of gay marriage and repealing DADT) and the Hispanic community (Dream act), feel he has not done enough to improve the black community. He did not do enough with healthcare reform that seems to have been more beneficial to the health insurance companies. Why no single payer option and why did he allow union exemptions? Stop lollygagging with North Korea and pacifying Israel. If they want to attack Iran, let them. But make it clear, the U.S. will not be big brother and commit. America troops to back up their military plans.

          • Anthony

            Don’t agree with everything Wright said, however, again, like I said, the experience for some in the U.S. is different from other where distrust and resentment for the treatment of minority groups. Why is it when Jewish Americans point out antisemitism, it’s lauded. When the Gay community points out anti-gay policies and statements, they’re brave to speak up. But when the Black community speak on the continued mistreatment and injustices going on in their community, their angry and racially divisive? Because you disagree with the statements Obama made does not make it a belief that is held within certain minority communities. And what he said is no different than other politicians and celebrities have spoken.

  • michael s

    another white media attack to be expected.

    • Michael Rice

      What are you talking about? The white media attacking people revealing teh real video….yep that would be it…

      • RaggedyAnn46

        Michael, do you work for CNN? You sound just like the MSM, putting a spin on things!

    • precursor

      Delusional race baiting rant.

    • http://twitter.com/Apologianick Apologianick

      I find it amusing that playing a tape of Obama’s own words is considered an attack.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

    Hannity should have done a side-by-side comparison between Obama’s 2004 “no white America, no black America, just the United States of America” speech with his 2007 “NOLA not part of American family”– I think that wouldn’t be so easily brushed off by MSM as “old news” like the Rev. Wright stuff (i.e., they are falling back on the old lie that Obama hadn’t seen the *incendiary* remarks in 20 years & once he did he “disowned” Wright).

  • tjp77

    Please, mainstream media, explain to us once again how Obama barely knew Jeremiah Wright and their relationship is unrelated to Obama’s worldview. It’s all just another irrelevant ‘distraction’, right?

    But I’m sure that if Romney was even in the same room as, say, a KKK member at any point in his life, much less gave a speech praising him, it would be a lead story for at least ten days.

    • Anthony

      “barely knew”, by his own omission Obama has stated how close he was with the man. And you do realize there’s a difference between Wright and the KKK. Wright has never advocated nor committed violence, genocide even, on a race of people.

      • tjp77

        Rhetorically there’s no difference between Wright and the KKK.

        • Anthony

          Really? Please show me where Rev. Wright has demanded a group of people to go kill persons of another race? Please show me where Rev. Wright has spoken about disenfranchising a race of people.

      • Sheerie Knoll

        You are correct. By ommission, Obama has left out many things regarding Rev. Wright. By omission, Obama has left out many things regarding his association with Bill Ayers.
        By admission, he has stated how close he was to Wright. By admission, he also threw him under the bus.
        By YOUR admission, it doesn’t matter to YOU what Obama does or says, YOU will drink the kool-aid.

        • Anthony

          Where have I stated that I do not care what Obama does or says. Please argue what I say and not make poorly constructed assumptions about me. How does knowing more about Obama’s connections with Ayers and Wright matter. We have 4 years to see that he is no unfairly favoring Blacks. He is not authorizing genocide against non-blacks as a form of payback. The Black community has not surpassed non-black communities in economic standing. So how has the association really played out on the national stage for Obama as President. in four years, we did not become a radical, socialist country nor has there been any moves made (openly) towards that.

  • bhhntr

    let it hang on him like stink on an onion. just keep on peeling back those layers to get to the real ugly stuff.

  • Tanker74

    His affected black preacher voice was pretty creepy in that video, but the press didn’t deem that worthy of mention at the time.

  • sharon

    The “lame stream media” is always covering up for bho. disgusting

  • RaggedyAnn46

    I think that video showed his true colors. But MSM will sweep this under the rug, as they do everything that puts B.O. in a bad light. The only ones wrong, according to MSM, will be those exposing his racially divisive remarks.
    I must say on a side note that I noticed when he was talking as “himself”, that annoying whistle of his was almost nonexistent, which was a bit of a relief, in spite of his hate filled speech. That whistle of his is like nails on a chalkboard.

    • wrenhal2010

      That could be why he stutters and pauses all the time when giving his “real” speeches. Because he is working hard to overcome his natural “blackness”.

  • Paul C.

    I hope Romney blows the doors off of Obummer tonight. Using racism to get votes isn’t that great.

  • irishgirl91

    Nothing revealed on that tape is new to most of us on this site. We have done our homework on this man before the last election and during the last 3yrs. This has just been a very public pull back of the curtain hiding the little wizard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

    Well there were no human rights violations, and genocide to ignore like their Iraq ” Exclusives Office ” had, so that’s kind of a bright spot for them. Unbelievable, CNN reaches new depths in their attempt to discredit themselves, and it looks like they are at least a couple more feet from the deep chasm that NBC is free-falling into.

  • michael s

    Its the job of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to perform the task of vetting a presidential candidate during a presidential election. NOT THE WHITE MEDIA. Hannity started this new and selective form of vetting.And we know why he’s doing it.

    • precursor

      More racists BS!!! keep it up..only makes you and Obama look stupid.

    • wrenhal2010

      Because the Dems in charge of Congress covered it up. Thank You for reminding us of what was not handled correctly and who messed it up.

    • grais

      Then “law enforcement and intelligence agencies” dropped the ball. And “WHITE MEDIA” didn’t care.

    • http://twitter.com/Apologianick Apologianick

      Because if you point out Obama’s race, it’s racist. If you point out the race of someone opposed to Obama, it’s just fine! Gotta love double-standards.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Obama, as a community organizer, walked around Chicago bitterly clinging to his copy of Rules for Radicals. “Organizer” is really a nice term for “Agitator.” The whole idea of forcing our country over to socialism hinges on growing the number of needy people who rely on the government for support. Who best to target? In the progressive’s eyes: blacks. You agitate the black community on purpose, like Obama did in this speech, and then you claim to be the person who can fix it. It doesn’t matter if you LIE to agitate — whatever it takes. The ends justifies the means.

    This is textbook Alinsky. We should not be surprised that Obama is a divider. Class warfare, race warfare… it doesn’t matter. The aim is to agitate, and then swoop in and tell those very people you agitated that you can make things better for them.

    • Anthony

      it’s funny, people throw out this book and make accusations of him being anti-Jewish/Israel, yet accuss him of running the playbook written by a Jewish “radical”! Interesting.

      • Sheerie Knoll

        A book written by a Jewish radical, does not stop an “anti-colonialist” (I may have spelled that incorrectly) from reading it.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        No, it’s not interesting at all. Your statement is very uninformed.

  • Timothy Noonan

    MSM are NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews. It is old and was well-covered news. Twitchy continues to try to make mountains out of ant hills.

    • wrenhal2010

      ONLY part that was covered was the part where they were given a page of highlights that they chose to call a “transcript” and then never followed up on the actual stuff said because Obama apparently went WAY off script. The fact that he supposedly was throwing Wright under the bus to the outside world, but was really praising him behind the scenes. The fact that he tried to tell everyone that he was such a great uniter, working across the aisle, yet to his real followers he was being nothing but devisive. That’s news that should have been covered, but instead was swept under the rug as not important.

      • Timothy Noonan

        I watched the video posted on Twitchy from Drudge and there is, seriously, nothing to make hay of in it.

        • grais

          If you’re talking about the 9 minute video, you missed a bit. It was a 40 minute speech.

          • Timothy Noonan

            Saw everything Twitchy wanted to show about Drudge’s post. If this is all they have, if there were something egregious said by Obama in the full 40 minute video it would be out and all over all forms of media, start planning the GOP 2016 campaign today.

          • grais

            You can see & hear it yourself, if you want to. If you’d rather rely on Twitchy….

          • grais

            In re: your deleted post:
            You seem unwilling to listen to the tape and to make up your own mind.
            Okay, then….

          • Timothy Noonan

            What deleted post are you referencing?

      • Anthony

        you do realize the “throwing Wright under bus” occured 5 months AFTER this video. Does not fit your timeline. Obama never hid his admiration for Wright prior to the damning video of sermons surface, FIVE MONTHS after this video.

    • gekkobear

      It is old and was well-covered news.

      Yes, “well-Covered” by never actually reporting on what was said, blocking any video ro information on the most offensive pieces, and making certain that Obama never was reported to say what he said.

      Obama WAS “well covered” by the MSM, they covered FOR him as well as they could.

      But maybe I’m wrong. Fine me ONE MSM source who reported on ANY of the Katrina/racially divisive “300 years” slavery callback stuff from the FULL video that was edited by the MSM for their “covering” for Obama.

  • weRbroke

    Well, what do ya know…buzzwords in government…Community Development Corp. it would appear that Obama’s own home county enjoys a huge chunk of $$$$$$, look at their IRS 990 http://nccsdataweb.urban.org/orgs/profile/362597741?popup=1 This group got $241 MILLION in $$$$$. How well was it spent?

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    The context of his speech doesn’t surprise me. It only proves what we’ve known all along: that he is a racist, and a radical liberal.

  • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/ Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Streetiebird

    So Hannity and Carlson were editing parts out to protect Obama? They reported on this video 5 years ago and they’re part of the mainstream media, it wasn’t big news then, and it isn’t big news now. Obama said that the Bush administration’s response to Katrina was “colorblind in its incompetence” which is dead on. Where was the bombshell here? He said hello to his reverend? Show me to my feinting couch! I know the coordination between chronically wrong Drudge, FOX, and the Daily caller was all set up to torpedo the debate tonight, but it seems like they’re just grasping at race-cards here.

    • Anthony

      Spot on, how does Hannity and Carlson, go out of their way to condemn the MSM for not reporting this when there’s a video of Carlson doing the very same thing on MSNBC no less and what part of the media is Hannity in that he doesn’t have people to bring this to his attention before 5 years has passed. Shame on Hannity.

    • Sheerie Knoll

      From what I understand, they didn’t have the whole tape. They only had approx. 10 minutes. There was approx 35 min missing.

      • Streetiebird

        But the whole thing has been on YouTube for 5 years… so I guess it’s just sloppy journalism…

  • A Willful Boy

    I’ll take Katrina rolling through my town over Obama policies any day.

  • http://twitter.com/Mr_Shy Mr. Shy

    Do shameless liberals need to see Obama strangling a cat on video to finally get a clue to what a despicable, divisive, hate-filled, lunatic of a con man Nobama is?

    Watch this video I made… CULT OF OBAMA, DETACHED… and please repost / share…


    – shy (& Romney) in 2013

  • lillymckim

    This video also exposed the “applause” from this audience when Obama just mentioned “9/11” BEFORE he put any context into his sentence? Please tell me I have it wrong!

  • stillinthe60s

    If the facts don’t fit the Meme Stream Media’s narrative, it gets liberally edited.

  • stillinthe60s

    At least the Russian media had to worry about their government shipping them off to Siberia if they didn’t toe the government propagandist line. The fact these so called journalists have the freedom to speak truth to power makes their actions more damaging to the country.
    I think it’s time the citizens of this country start treating these media political hacks the same as the politicians got treated at their own town halls during the Obamacare debacle. Start calling them out where ever they come up for air and letting them know we know and we are not going to buy their BS any longer. Make them the story. Bring your phone cams and start posting the vids on the net.