Like a cold being passed around the office, the truth behind the death of the United States’ ambassador to Libya is spreading — slowly — through the Obama administration. Today, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted in a press conference that the assault which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others “was a terrorist attack.”

Panetta’s appearance today leaves the president himself as perhaps the final holdout from using the word “terrorism.” While Obama declined to use the word during his appearances on “The View” and at the United Nations, surrogate Jay Carney told the press yesterday that “it is certainly the case that it is our view as an administration, the president’s view, that it was a terrorist attack.”

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has sent a letter to the State Department demanding answers, and even the mainstream media have decided to jump off the president’s lap in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Now that all except Obama himself seem to have jumped off of the “blame the video” bandwagon (even as the filmmaker finds himself held without bail), Twitter users have started #Benghazigate trending in a search for answers and accountability.

  • Craig Edwards

    If only a Republican was in the White House, then you would have seen the full impact of #Benghazigate

    • nc

      If a Republican was in the White House you wouldn’t have had #Benghazigate in the first place.

      • Craig Edwards

        No you wouldn’t, but you would see the press jump on a story and shake it around like a pit bull devouring a pet rabbit.

  • no_more_deceit

    16 days and the FBI has still not been to seen of crime?

    • txsoutherngrace

      Safe enough for Stevens to be there … but no safe enough for an FBI team …. my dot to dot connector is broken on that one, too

      • TugboatPhil

        And safe enough for CNN folks to go and find a diary in the rubble.

        • no_more_deceit

          Another valid point Phil, CNN not charger with tampering with evidence nor disseminating classified information, last time I heard, those were both crimes.

          The administration has already proven and LIED about having a 24 hour window of previous knowledge prior to the attack, something smells like fish here.

        • Douglas Hershberger

          The reporter for CNN is almost an accessory after the fact for violating a known crime scene.

          • TugboatPhil

            Good points about the tampering. My guess is that the DOJ wouldn’t push the issue as a defense attorney would reply with, “Since the Ambassador was executed, the flag torn down, all the personnel killed, my client believed the Consulate was no longer US soil.”

        • txsoutherngrace


  • nc

    I’ve been furious about this since it happened and I can’t understand why more people (i.e. Dems and the politically unengaged) are so ho-hum about it. I’m talking about both the crime AND the cover-up.

    • orringtonmom (D)

      i’m with you. the outrage still hasn’t settled in my being about what happened and how it never should have happened and that this administration has lied and covered up… culminating with Obama calling it a ‘bump in the road’. how anyone can even think about this and still consider Obama a true leader worthy of a second term boggles the brain.

    • Donna Acosta

      They can’t find a way to blame Bush, so no outrage.

  • John Hanover

    If they are not killing our agents in Arizona and innocent civilians in Mexico then they are ignoring security in ” hot ” zones and watching our staffers and ambassador die needlessly. I am so done with the MSM.

  • Angel Nova

    Oh that poor thing,, that phone lady should now vote for Bush! That’s one more less vote for Obama.

  • txsoutherngrace

    Weakness is no doubt how this is seen worldwide.

    The lie of blaming the vid began even b4 the Cairo protest was under way. So, to begin with, it was the cover for the cover……….the tweet that incited nearly global violence. Ponders. O said there was no more war or terror ’09 and Hilary reiterated that earlier this year.

    They also knew Sep 6 from a letter to the US and Israel from Egypt there was ugly brewing and the Consulate in Benghazi knew 3 days before from a meeting there was big trouble brewing. No doubt the C I A had some intel among others, Of course we know Morsi et al want the release of the Blind Sheik… known Sep 10th if not before from the Nic Roberson CNN video (buried) interview with his brother.

    Toss in the global requests for blasphemy laws including multiple Islamic groups here…. spurred because of the video excuse which had minimal hits until after the hooplah began.

    Far more to this than meets the eye … ….beyond the fact we are providing support to the rebels aka AQ et al in Syria and add to that …..and why are we standing down with no real air support to our troops in Afghanistan?

  • txsoutherngrace

    Watergate was a bump in the road compared to this.

  • Frank Camp

    This may be what brings Obama down. A simple revelation of his incompetence.

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    – Frank

  • Charles Seeburger

    After hearing NPR shamelessly cover for an inept and corrupt administration yesterday, it is apparent to me that most media will sacrifice any remaining credibility to cover for their “guy”. It makes me sick and I hope they implode soon and quit taking tax dollars.

    • david christoph

      I heard PBS Newshour even claim the Republicans were jumping to conclusions.
      As if Obama wasn’t jumping to conclusions when he blamed a movie trailer for an obviously planned terrorist attack!

  • Paul C.

    All of MSM is covering for this a-hole. They will all cause us another 9/11

  • Right Wired

    You know, President Bush hesitated for 12 seconds when the 9/11 attack started and he was crucified by the media and hollywood.

    Obama has stalled for what, 2 weeks now? And not a peep.

    • Terika

      Bush put his “image” in the back seat in order not to scare those children or to shock the press in the back of the room. He could see them getting info thru their sources, but he had no way of knowing how current/delayed it might be – so he kept his cool, so that everyone would. I cringe to think of what O wd’ve done,

  • owenmagoo

    I’m sorry, but if the press wasn’t going to report the economic failures of the obama admin, this story is just a ‘bump in the road’.
    I am awestruck over the level of collusion that the msm has engaged in, to support one of the worst presidents in us history.
    still…he is the best black president, ever.

  • MikenPA

    Owebama. President Do-Little Downgrade is a national embarrassment.