Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers is only one of many who are “super troubled” by an article published yesterday by Gawker which takes a sympathetic look at pedophiles. And by “sympathetic,” we mean depraved.

The morally bankrupt article, written by Gawker editor and self-described progressive Cord Jefferson, is titled “Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex with Children.” It begins with a graphic account of sex with a 7-year-old girl — not rape, not molestation, but “sex.” It ends with a plea for understanding of this particular “sexual orientation”:

The old adage is that the true mark of a society is how it treats the weakest in its ranks. Blacks, women, Latinos, gays and lesbians, and others are still in no way on wholly equal footing in America. But they’re also not nearly as lowly and cursed as men attracted to children. One imagines that if Jesus ever came to Earth, he’d embrace the poor, the blind, the lepers, and, yes, the pedophiles.

While the revolting article appears under Gawker’s “Science” banner, many are outraged by the overall tone of the piece, which forgoes use of the terms “rape” and “assault” with only two exceptions: when describing threats made against pedophiles; for example, “Outside of jail, it’s not uncommon for average citizens to harass and assault pedophiles.”

So, what’s the point of trying to prove that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation with which one is born? “If this research proves to be correct,” writes Jefferson, “it should help shape both our public policy and our public attitude, so that we’re protecting kids while also protecting pedophiles from angry mobs, cellmates, and themselves.”

With no attempt to even hide its agenda, Gawker inspired the #GawkersNextArticle hashtag. Just how low can you lower the bar while keeping the progressive language highbrow?

Sad, but not at all hard to believe:

  • chotiius

    I’m willing to believe that some people are indeed “born that way” or “wired that way” or whatever”. So? You can be wired without acting. You can want and yearn and desire madly….and keep your thoughts and your hands to yourself. People do it all the *time*. it’s called ‘self control’.

  • John Hanover

    Cord Jefferson lost any credibility from this point on. ” Born this way ” ? Was Jefferson so high on something that he thought that was a valid thought? Pedophiles need to be monitored all the time, and those that do not enter into a program of chemical castration should face real castration. Pedophiles should be given three strikes…
    Strike One…go to jail one year ( depending on severity of crime of course ) then ten years with no internet access and an ankle bracelet.
    Strike Two…opt into a program of chemical or real castration after serving more time in jail
    Strike Three…death sentence.
    Cord Jefferson makes the list as scumbag ” journalist “. Or should I say the Marquis de Sade for his acceptance of sex with little girls. Creep!

    • Scarlett O Richardson

      Totally agree!

    • Guest

      Three strikes, that is generous. I say strike one death sentence.

    • Guest

      You are being to lenient. Pedophiles preying on small children wouldn’t get 3 strikes from me.

  • Ginger

    Being born mentally ill doesn’t excuse your jacked up and damaging behavior.

    • Foxe

      Which is why I’ve never understood the insanity plea. The fact that you can’t help behaving in such a way should be MORE of a reason to put you down, not less. Violent insanity is like rabies, you feel bad for Old Yeller, but there’s only one solution…

    • waltzingmtilda

      Agreed. I think pedophiles are born with this sickness, and it’s been shown over and over again that they WILL NOT STOP. There are some diseases that we can fight to cure (cancer, etc) and are worth fighting to cure. There is no fix for pedophilia.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Demon possession. Not “born with it”. How many ‘reformed’ pedophiles do YOU know?

      • Caiden

        Well, I don’t think they are born with it any more then a cannibal is born wanting to do what he wants. Sadly humans can be messed up easily.
        You’re right, someone willing to rape a kid has crossed a moral line they can never go back on, and they aren’t likely to stop. Even drug addicts or alcholics admit they will be addicts their whole lives they just need to control it. There is no such thing as a cured pedo.
        if the he or she can control themselves but have urges, they’re sick. When they act on it then it’s pure evil.

  • Scarlett O Richardson

    I was that 7 year old girl ~ different man, exact same scenario ~ walking around naked in the house, masturbating, all that was the same. I can’t begin to explain the fear!!!! Paralyzing fear!!! Not being able to scream, run, or cry. Grown ups are supposed to help us, to take care of us and we are supposed to trust and respect them. This article is sick and makes me want to vomit!!! Flooded me with memories I will unfortunately never forget. Infuriated me that he is trying to get sympathy for sick f#*ks like this man!! I wasn’t the only victim in my little town, but back in the early 70’s this kind of thing just didn’t happen and you were a liar if you told anyone and then you got a beating with a belt for lying. I will NEVER have sympathy for a child molester!!!!! They destroy little innocent lives, their lives should be destroyed too!

    • Vinny Raineri

      Whoa, “their lives should be destroyed too?!” No, you are positively commanded to FORGIVE him, by Jesus.

      • Cyborg0012

        Yes, forgiveness is correct, but have you seen how this destroys someone first hand? I have. A close family member of mine suffered horribly and has no quality of life. It destroys the victim’s life totally- there is no getting over it.

        • Vinny Raineri

          Just because you’re hurt is no reason to disobey God-He would never ACTIVELY hurt someone, but PASSIVELY ALLOW someone to be hurt for His own inscrutable reasons.

          • Cyborg0012

            Most victims aren’t ready to hear there is a reason in this type of thing. You’re actually doing a lot of harm when you make statements like this. It’s not that it isn’t true, but you haven’t walked in the shoes of these victims. What your saying comes across as very callous and down right cold. You’d do better to pray for the victims and not judge where they are in their healing process.

          • weRbroke

            OMG, are you justifying that GOD would passively ALLOW for people to victimized for some HIGHER reason?
            Wow. What is next, you are going to blame the victim for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

          • Vinny Raineri

            Anything that’s not in God’s active will is His passive will-otherwise He would stop it.

          • weRbroke

            What is God’s active will?

          • Vinny Raineri

            If you’re asking for a DEFINITION, it’s “what God actually wants.” If you’re asking for what it IS, only He knows-it’s inscrutable to His creatures (yes, even me.)

          • weRbroke

            Oh, so you don’t have any answers, just beliefs. That is fine, if it floats YOUR boat, keep rowing.

            I happen to have a different view about religion based on my own personal experiences with people that profess to be of sound moral character and God Fearing.

            I reject the notion that anyone has the right to tell another person they have to forgive anyone that abused them. I will never forgive my abuser. He BEGGED for me to forgive him, but I will not give him the inner peace he so desires. I will not tell him the words he wishes to hear so that he can FORGET the years that I suffered in silence and shame.

            I moved on with my life, have a wonderful family and children. He is the father of my sister’s kids and they DO NOT KNOW what their father is. I spared them the shame so he could have a CHANCE to have ANY relationship with them at all. Just recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to be seated next to my abuser at his son’s wedding. Very few know the truth…my hubby, sister and parents. AFTER 30 years, he is still so ashamed that he couldn’t even muster a hello and I didn’t bother to address him.

            Why should I forgive him so he can pretend like it never happened? You would have to know this man to understand that “i’m sorry” means absolutely nothing but accepting his apology opened the door for the NEXT TIME. If he’s truly sorry, I wouldn’t know because it meant nothing the first 20 times he said it to me.

            In the beginning, I forgave him, it was what GOD wanted me to do and I found out first hand that it did NOTHING for me. GOD didn’t make him stop. It allowed him dump his own guilt long enough to let his sickness take control and rape me again. I lived in fear of being caught alone with him and he would go out of his way to manipulate situations so he could trap me.

            Only a monster would target young girls and use them, threaten them, then say he is SORRY, begging for forgiveness, all while telling them that they just have to FORGIVE him because if they don’t they don’t believe in GOD.

          • lasvegaspamela

            weRbroke: THANK YOU for taking time to share your experience and insights. I have learned much from your brief words.

      • Mackie72

        Forgive me for this: Fuck-off, Vinny.

        • Vinny Raineri

          I…forgive you-you obviously have an unsettled anger; whether it is toward God, another human or both, that I don’t know.

          • weRbroke

            The prig approaches social interactions with a strong sense of self-righteousness.

          • David Lowery

            You need to brush up on natural law. Go with something like, “Hatred is another person controlling you. Looking for the will for the will to forgive is a good step into struggling against this terrible hatred, which is a festering wound of the abuse.”
            Some people may still think you’re a prig. Of course, the problem here, is that yes, we need to forgive. So, we choose to not wish the abuser ill. However, we need to be intelligent and protect society from habitual abusers. Because it’s a criminal situation, most people’s understanding of the situation both in general, and this particular case, are going to end at this point, “what to do with the offender?” Despite peoples various knee jerk emotional reactions to child sex abusers, they do not know what is best for these people, especially if they see, ‘what is best’ as an immediate emotional gratification.

        • Caiden

          Yeah, I think Jesus would forgive that, Mackie. he was pissed at the money lenders at the temple, so I think child rapists and their accusers would make he use a crowbar on people.
          Some people earn forgivness, others deserve anger. Child rape is evil, how some people pretend it’s all a matter of persepective is nuts.

      • weRbroke

        You see, your comment is precisely why people are moving AWAY from religion. It is counter to the victims REALITY when some prig comes along and commands them to FORGIVE the criminal(s) that victimized them.

        • Vinny Raineri

          HOW is forgiveness pigish?!

          • weRbroke

            A prig ( /ˈprɪɡ/), sometimes spelled prigg, is a person who shows an inordinately zealous approach to matters of form and propriety – especially where the prig has the ability to show superior knowledge to those who do not know the protocol. They see little need to consider the feelings or intentions of others, relying instead on established order and rigid rules to resolve all questions.
            The prig approaches social interactions with a strong sense of self-righteousness.

      • Scarlett O Richardson

        Forgive him????? The man has never asked for forgiveness so I don’t think he is the least bit sorry. I am not the only person this man molested as a child, and he got away with it completely! Where is justice in that? When I see him burning in hell I will be able to forgive him ~ not one minute sooner.

      • John Fowler

        I’ll totally forgive him once he’s repaid his debt to society by doing the honorable thing and accept execution. Then, his soul is God’s to deal with, but he won’t be harming innocent children.

      • Caiden

        I’m agnostic, but remember reading a passage from someone who was religious about Jesus’ beliefs on harming children, and I googled it.
        “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” -Mark 9:42

        So Jesus can forgive but even child rape makes Jesus sick to his stomach. It’s a child, someone not mentally grown, unable to tell what’s happening to him or her.
        All creatures try to protect their children from harm, on biological level it’s to keep the species going, on an emotiona level it’s out of love. Child rapists intentional harm children for their own sick thrills.
        While I don’t Jesus would hate decent gays, and doubt he sent AIDS as punishment, I think Jesus could easily go Old Testament on someone who rapes a kid.
        It’s a child. Don’t rape them, even Jesus thinks so.

  • Cheryl Herin

    In the 1931 German film “M”, Peter Lorre plays a serial child murderer who is captured by Berlin’s criminal underground and put on “trial”. Lorre pleads that he cannot help or control himself, he is driven to do what he does. #gawkersnextstory “Child Murderers: Monsters or Misunderstood?”

  • Guest

    This is the last straw. It’s time to remove liberals from society. If Obama gets in again, these depraved freaks will only become more and more emboldened. It’s time for a bloody civil war. Who’s with me?

  • Smart Grunt

    I wonder if Cord Jefferson is a Penn State fan…

    • Mackie72

      That’s “Ped State” — just ask @ToddKincannon. 😉

  • John Fowler

    It was just a matter of time. The Left will begin embracing it at some point, as their arguments for homosexuality will be applied to this. The next step after that will be marrying animals or some other such nonsense. “You can’t legislate morality, man!” Thing is, we legislate morality all the time and always have.

    • Douglas Turmel

      Exactly. This is a very important article because this is how Homosexuality was brought into the mainstream, along now with transgender. The strategy is to introduce this to the public, little by little. By the way, didn’t Dr. Laura predict that the next push in academic Psychology circles would be to lower the age of consent??

    • Jan

      Ancient Greece,Holy Roman Empire,the United States of America…..

      When the pro-pederasty depraved elite are openly peddling their filth,a (democratic) nation is in its death throes.

    • AngelaTC

      There’s a TV commercial currently airing that features bestiality. I was shocked, but my kids don’t see the big deal. The damage is already done.

    • Shawn Smith

      I think we might have to start calling you a “pedophobe”, Mr. Fowler. And if that sounds silly, wait 10 or 15 years, the propaganda machine of the left will be embracing it along with other bs terms they love.

      • John Fowler

        I had to give you an up vote for that, Shawn. I think it might be true: I’m a pedophobe. Within thirty years, I’ll be hated by liberals for my intolerance towards kiddie-fiddlers. I can live with that.

  • chrisc72


  • ZoriahShepard

    I restrained myself from leaping to any conclusions until I read thru to the end of the article. But what other conclusion can a reasonable & logical person draw other than Mr. Jefferson won’t mind seeing ‘true’ pedophiles recognized the way homosexuals & transgendered are. Nowhere in his article is the concern for children if his ‘progressive’ dream comes to fruition. The rest leaves me speechless.

  • John Hanover

    Gawker Magazine or whatever the Hell it is has lost it’s privilege of Free Speech for showing sympathy to those who prey upon the innocent and vulnerable.

    • Hiraghm

      Free speech is a God-given right, not a privilege granted by gov’t or society. Besides which, you want them out in the open where they can be identified, or skulking in the shadows?

  • Maxwell

    Would it be sad if I said I saw this coming? Like John said, it was only a matter of time before someone posted an article like this. I am aware that the article talks about sympathizing with pedophiles so we can help stop them from harming a child, but I can’t help but feel it’s real agenda is to get pedophilia rights issues into Washington. This article is the first step in helping pedophilia become mainstream and acceptable, so that one day no one will look twice at an older man making out with a child. Disgusting… I need to go for a run and smoke a cigar… I’m so shaken up.

  • Donna Freeman Lenning

    Disgusting…but why not ….to liberals there are no innocents (e.g. murder of unborn babies) y what feels good …. besides 7 year olds can’t vote.

  • Michelle Sampson Merritt

    Who could be more weak and defenseless than our children! The mother’s kill them and perverts molest them! I don’t even know who you are Sir, but you disgust me!!

  • Love of Country

    It’s always the liberal judges who give the lenient sentences to sex offenders and child rapists …. Always!

    Beyond that, is it any wonder that NAMBLA is also code (dog whistle, if you will) for the DNC Secret Society?

    • WhoMeToo

      When a judge gives a lenient sentence to a pedophile, it’s time to start looking at that judge.

  • $8384738

    And yet, women folk just can’t get enough of that Demoncratic party

    • Love of Country

      You mean the single women …. particularly the unwed moms.

      However, the vast majority of married women who have their sh t together vote for Republicans.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    If anyone doesn’t think that this kind of sick and twisted behavior won’t become accepted behavior, think again. The UN is trying to legalize global prostitution and human trafficking,, including underaged girls. Another reason the US should show the UN the door.

  • weRbroke

    It’s impossible for me to muster even a SHRED of pity for a pedophile. To be brutally honest, I want to smash his/her genitals with a 12 pound post maul, once a month for a year…until they are as terrorized as their victims.
    I highly doubt that they were BORN THAT WAY, they developed a sick and twisted lust for innocent children, the easiest of society to manipulate and overpower. They learned it, and they KNOW that it’s wrong but they do it anyway.

    • Guest

      WeRbroke for judge, jury, and punisher! All in favor say aye…..


  • WingedBishop

    #GawkersNextArticle Keep It in the Family: Why brothers and sisters produce the best offspring.

  • WingedBishop

    #GawkersNextArticle No Means Maybe.

  • BeeKaaay

    I wonder what this “journalist” thought about the Catholic sexual abuse scandal. I bet he railed against that.

  • TocksNedlog

    And in the most incredible coincidence in the history of coincidences, it turns out that 99% of pedophiles were, themselves, childhood victims of sexual assault.
    Talk about your double-whammy! That “born this way” pedophilia gene makes them first the victim, then the perpetrator.

  • Dencal26

    Whats next? Have sex with a 9 yr old child then go on to found a religion with over 1 Billion followers?

    • WhoMeToo

      Good one!

  • Dencal26

    Next they will find some lunatic ” Expert” that will testify the dog gave consent by wagging its tail.

  • vcferlita

    Slippery slope? What Slippery slope?

  • Pablo

    Gawker’s Next Article: Love Is Love, Period.

  • douchie

    They are just trying to appease the islamists. Imagine living in a society that considers your prophet (the example of human perfection you were raised to revere) a sick, twisted, evil felon.

    Well, I think that’s just being mean.

  • Mackie72

    Oh c’mon TwitchyTeam! You guys dropped the ball on this one. There were so many great tweets on this hashtag – yet you only threw up a handful for your readers. This was an absolute tidal wave of great conservative humor.
    I know it’s the weekend, but if this happens again, we’re gonna hafta tell your boss and you KNOW she’s one scary lady when she’s pissed-off! (Which is why we adore her.)

  • $21367552

    The article was not trying to “defend” pedophilia, but rather suggesting that perhaps it would be easier if someone has the inclinations to be able to admit it and get help to get it under control before actually doing something to hurt a child. I would say in the long run whatever the crime is it would be better to understand what might be going wrong in the brain or in the person’s upbringing and look for red flags rather than just waiting for them to commit the crime and then sending them to rot in prison. The article clearly stated that “sexual orientation” was just used as a neutral term, not as something that needs to be tolerated or embraced. Of course this can give you all sorts of reasons to become hysterical and squawk about how this means the Left is “embracing” child abuse so run with it I guess.

    • weRbroke

      There is something wrong when a grown adult wants to make excuses for another adult that has sexual thoughts and actions with little kids.
      Cord did exactly what so many in SOCIAL SCIENCES do, run a BS piece seeking sympathy for a unforgivable crime against children, hoping to garner some pity for adults that say they CAN’T stop wanting to have sex with children.
      Intellectuals never stop trying to build group consensus for their mindbending musings. This one takes the cake.

    • Shawn Smith

      Diakonan, this looks suspiciously similar to how homosexual activists were acting thirty or so years ago. It’s called learning from history.

  • fivebyfive

    Do all progressives are believe this crap?
    Are serial killers just born that way?
    Progressive thought requires that the damage they inflict is someone or something else’s fault.

  • Jefferson Tea Party

    We’re aware of a lead treatment for pedophiles that’s 100% effective

  • mountaindaisy

    How many more letters will the corrupt media add to LGBT…

  • John Urban

    This was and is the inevitable result of the “Gay Liberation” movement. We are outraged now, but won’t be in 10 or 20 years. It is the strategy of incrementalism. It was the design of the Marxists. Watch Yuri Besmenov, who warned in the 1980s that one of the KGB’s plans was the destruction of sexual morality and religious authority.

  • Owen007

    Was Gawker’s article just a prelude to an interview with Roman Polanski?

  • Mitchel Lewis

    This gets even worse. We have the founder of the “Pirate Party” in the UK wanting to legalize Child Pornography!!

  • tdpwells

    Death penalty for pedos. There’s your new treatment.

  • Tessa I.

    Speaking as someone who was born mentally ill–what the hell? I live with the weight of my own actions every day, because even though I was sick when I committed them, it was still me that did them. I acknowledge it, and try to do good to hopefully balance the scales. The article opens with a man describing how he, a meth-addicted 20-year-old, went through the process of seducing a 7-year-old–and then asks us to sympathize with HIM?

    No. No no no no no. This is heading down a path that we can’t afford to go. Once pedophilia is defined as a sexual orientation, that’ll be the first step towards accepting it. Accepting the abuse of people who literally cannot consent to what’s being done to them. No.

  • Mike Gannon

    You idiots can’t seem to make the distinction between a sexual orientation and actually acting out on that orientation. Did you all “choose” to be heterosexual? Heterosexuals
    can’t choose their orientation any more than a homosexual or a person attracted to children. Obviously, the sexual preference of homosexuals and pedophiles is disordered. The culpability comes with the acting out of the attraction to children, not with the attraction itself.

  • Shawn Smith

    I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not. This is almost an inevitable followup to the normalization of homosexuality, and follows the exact same logic. If you don’t agree, let the left continue to get their way and wait ten or fifteen years . . . you’ll be vilified as a “pedophobe” or some other gobbledygook term.

  • SnappyChic

    #GawkersNextArticle How Pot Helps Parenting, oh wait there’s already an article for that: Just wow!

    And I have to agree that this article only proves that the progressives are slowly pushing society toward accepting more vile behaviors, this among one of them. It’s only a matter of time, people! People would laugh now to think of being called a bigot for being anti-pedophilia or anti-bestiality, but look at what Christians and/or Republicans are already being accused of being bigots.

  • Caiden

    Well it’s been the lefties who always defended Roman Polanski. It’s hard to imagine he only raped one child. most lefties are self centered, if they want to rape a kid who are we to judge? Other people are objects to them. SO of course a ‘progressive’ is going to be ok with pedos, because a ‘progessive’ is just a creepy a-hole who doesn’t want you to know he’s a creepy a-hole.
    But I guess he’s a liberal so it’s not a sign of Liberal’s War On Women ™.

  • 101st Airborne

    I knew the pedophiles and the sympathetic dumbasses would try to make it ok…….In short, pedophiles have no place in society!!!!