The number of nonfarm jobs created last month fell slightly short of what analysts were predicting, delivering a modest blow to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Prior to the report, economists had estimated that at least 90,000 jobs would be created, which still would have been unspectacular. According to Politico, the economy requires between 100,000 and 125,000 new jobs per month merely to merely keep pace with the growing number of people in the U.S. labor market.

Obama is currently having breakfast with tire workers in Akron, Ohio, as news of the jobs report trickles in. He may have a more difficult time convincing blue-collar workers he deserves a second term in light of today’s mediocre numbers and the abysmal May jobs report released last month.

Predictably, the Left immediately tried to blame the weak numbers on Republicans:

Three and a half years into Obama’s term, and they are still talking about former President George W. Bush? Good luck with that.

  • taternuggets

    Well sure… 41 straight months of higher than 8% unemployment and Bush is down in Africa hugging children instead of doing anything about the economy.

    • debdash

      Are you flippin kidding me? GWB is not the Pres. Does this mean Clinton s/b working on the economy too.

      • taternuggets

        Well yes, I was kidding you. It’s jawdropping that you didn’t realize that. I mean, wow.

        • debdash

          What’s jawdropping to me is that a liberal could have easily made that statement and believed it.
          You can’t always tell with liberals. Their thought process is so completely warped sometimes.

        • Fred Zanfardino

          To be honest, I’ve heard liberals say stupider things than that and they were completely serious about it so I can see how debdash might have thought you weren’t kidding. :)

    • LaineChristy Johnson

      Well sure… 41 straight months of higher than 8% unemployment and
      Bush is down in Africa hugging children instead of doing anything about
      the economy. /sarc

      There. Fixed it for ya.

      • taternuggets

        It’s just sad that would be required in this case. Sigh.

        • debdash

          Not a follower of you taternuggets. I suppose if I taken the time to read a few of your tweets, I would have known you were being sarcastic. Just figured you were some liberal nutcase. There are a lot of them out there ya know. Oh well.

          • taternuggets

            No worries… I often forget how sarcasm can be missed when in text form. :)

  • RIChris

    It’s a long shot, but Obama might be a less pathetic and ineffectual leader if his supporters weren’t okay with that.

  • chicagoxile

    Why blame Congress? I thought Obama was going to “go it alone?” Maybe he can issue another executive order.

  • Armando

    Too bad that Romney doesn’t have any plan on how to fix the situation:

    • Fred Zanfardino

      Wrong, Romney has lot’s of ideas on how to fix the situation despite what the Administration’s Press thinks.

  • gracepmc

    I will donate $1 to Obama campaign the first time he takes responsibility for anything.

  • Psycho Sock Puppet

    How about that @BarackObama? He PERSONALLY created 80,000 jobs in 1 month! @Obama2012 #Resist44

  • Owen007

    So it’s the Republicans’ fault that Obama screwed up? I suppose it’s also Republicans fault that Democrats won’t vote for any of Obama’s budget bills.

  • Fred Zanfardino

    Hilarity: I saw one of those MSNBC tickers and they actually are claiming June’s bad numbers is somehow a GOP strategy. Could someone please tell me how the GOP can have so much control over ONE MONTH’S employment numbers when they don’t even have control of the White House or the Senate?

  • Chip

    Funny, Reagan didn’t spend his first four years blaming Carter…. Hmmm?

  • Chip

    Sure doesn’t help that “The One” added 800,000 new not-illegal cuz I said so aliens to the mix…..