He’s never going away, is he? Donald Trump, I mean. The guy was freaking President of the United States, for crying out loud. For four years, he was the most powerful person in the world. Not many people out there can say that.

And yet, he refuses to go gentle into that good night. At least not without setting himself on fire first.

Last week, he announced that he’s throwing his hair into the 2024 presidential ring, which, if polls so far are anything to go by, isn’t endearing him to prospective GOP voters. Something tells me this won’t endear him to prospective GOP voters, either:

I get that he’s bitter right now. After all, the Supreme Court just made a decision that doesn’t go in his favor:

But bashing the Supreme Court because you take everything as a personal affront is pretty petty. It’s more than petty, actually. It’s downright childish. And it’s an extremely weird flex considering that one of the only things pro- and anti-Trump conservatives can agree on is that President Trump did a good job with regard to SCOTUS.

And here he is, totally undermining the court and thus his own legacy. How very … Trumpian.

He got not one, not two, but three justices on the Supreme Court. And now he’s whining about how awful SCOTUS is. You can’t make this up.

He literally can’t help himself.

No. No you’re not.

Twitchy readers know quite well that I’ve always found Donald Trump to be a loathsome creature, but I was still capable of acknowledging when he did something right. Like appointing conservative Supreme Court Justices, for example. Obviously his supporters from day one have supported him from day one, but now even some of his most ardent defenders are indeed getting tired of his schtick. Extremely tired of it. “But he fights!” was the battle cry for so long. Well, would a fighter constantly be looking for ways to paint himself as a perpetual victim, from Democrats, from Ron DeSantis, from Mitch McConnell, from the Republican Party, and now, from the Supreme Court?

Well, fortunately, we don’t really have to worry about those odds, because the way things are going for him right now, he’s never going to be in a position to get a list from the Federalist Society ever again.

Donald Trump is setting himself up to get crushed in the GOP primaries. And he absolutely deserves to get crushed. A petulant man-child with a persecution complex doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House.

No, but it definitely helps Trump lose.


And Trump doesn’t have it.


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