Seth Rogen enjoys the occasional appearance in the Twitchy spotlight, and with good reason. He has a knack for saying really stupid and/or wrong things.

Now, we could chalk his perpetual ignorance up to him just being baked all the time, and that may in fact have something to do with it. But when you’re as consistently stupid and/or wrong as Seth Rogen has been, it’s probably not the weed’s fault; you just suck as a person.

Anyway, it never hurts to get periodic reminders that Seth Rogen sucks as a person. Fortunately, one tweeter recently took it upon themselves to put together a list of occasions on which Seth Rogen made a complete ass of himself. There are only a dozen tweets featured here, mind you, out of many more, but they sum up Rogen’s mindset quite nicely.

Please to enjoy:

We’re 100% genuinely not sure who would ever care about Santa Claus being voiced by a Jewish guy. Like, even among the white supremacist community. We doubt that David Duke and Richard Spencer lost any sleep over it. If MSNBC is to be believed, they were probably a lot more concerned about getting their daily home workout in.

Aside from that, though, it’s not really fair of Seth Rogen to try to flex his “Jewish guy” cred. Not when you remember that he gleefully participated in the nasty pile-on against proud Zionist Jewish journalist Eve Barlow.

But we digress. On with the thread!

Seth Rogen, ladies and gentlemen. Can’t wait to see what he’ll say next!



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