We swear that Larry Sabato used to be reasonably sane. But something happened to the UVA Center for Politics director over the past several years. Something … weird.

Like, dude’s brain is legit broken.

Check him out here on Chris Jansing’s MSNBC show, discussing the Virginia gubernatorial race between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin:

WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart got in on this action, too. But unlike Sabato, Capehart has never struck us as particularly reasonable or sane:

Good Lord.

So … the template for Virginia is other states falsely accused of voter suppression by Democrats pissed off that their candidate lost?

Anyway, back to our buddy Larry:

Well, he probably moved it to lean R very, very grudgingly. He himself does not support a Ku Klux Kandidate like Glenn Youngkin, let’s be clear about that!


The Left has the best messengers. The best, Jerry. The best!

Larry’s just trying to set expectations where they belong.

And you never — never — go full Lincoln Project.