Let’s take a few moments to check in with “The View” and see what’s happening over there. Something really good and insightful and brilliant, no doubt.

Take it away, Joy Behar:

We, too, would like to submit something. We would like to submit that Joy Behar is a bottomless barrel of idiocy.

Want a little more icing for that cake?

Yes. If Joy Behar is guilty of anything, it’s going too far out of her way to avoid hurting people’s feelings.

Fortunately for us, we’re not concerned about hurting Joy Behar’s feelings. Not when it’s warranted, anyway. And we’d say it’s definitely warranted in this case.

She’s insane. Joy Behar is insane.

Narrator: Joy Behar doesn’t actually care about supporting women. Not politically inconvenient ones, at least.