Today, the Lincoln Project tweeted out a piping-hot take on Ron DeSantis that no one has ever heard before:

Don’t they know they should’ve gone with Ron DEATHSantis? Really squandered a golden opportunity to demonstrate how hip and with-it they are.


Honestly, we really do have to laugh at this point. Because it’s actually pretty hilarious to see how painfully the Lincoln Project is willing to twist themselves in order to demonize Ron DeSantis, who’s actually helped Florida weather the pandemic relatively well compared to some of his counterparts in other states.

We’ll give you three guesses, but you’ll only nee(D) one.

And how about the Texas Dem superspreaders infecting Washington D.C.?

We can keep playing this game. The Lincoln Project should definitely be used to losing by now.

Man, they really don’t want to talk about that.