Lefty self-proclaimed experts on the American judicial system have really been rending their garments over SCOTUS’ 6-3 ruling that Arizona voting rules do not violate the Voting Rights Act.

Like, they’re really mad about this. Just imagine how Vox senior correspondent Ian Millhiser is feeling right now.

Or you could just look at this tweet:

That’s our Millhouse!

He is not.

Nobody listens to Ian. Because he’s an idiot.

And why is Stephen Breyer’s presence on the Supreme Court only a problem for Ian now?

That’s pretty much Ian Millhiser’s mentality. It’s certainly the Left’s mentality.

We’d actually recommend that Ian seek out some kind of therapy. The constant freakouts can’t be good for his blood pressure. We shudder to think how he’ll react to this news on top of everything else:

Well, shoot.

Tough break, Millhouse.