In case you missed it, President First Lady Jill Biden is gracing the August issue cover of Vogue, because it’s so refreshing to have a classy and sophisticated and fashionable First Lady who is not Melania Trump.

Well, Ana Navarro is just gushing. Gushing! Because besides class and sophistication and fashion sense, Jill Biden has returned something else to the White House. The best thing of all:

At last! There’s love in the White House again! It’s been a long four years, hasn’t it?

Oh yes. Decency and morality are back, too. How could we forget? Joe Biden is nothing if not decent and moral, at least when he doesn’t flip out at reporters and challenge voters to pushup/IQ contests and defame a man who did not, in fact, drunkenly kill his first wife.

There’s definitely nothing phony about the relationship between the president and the woman who, as Vogue points out, is basically running the show.

It’s all just love. So much love.

Anyone else feel sick?

And at least one of those every five tweets involving the former guy come from people like Ana Navarro, who, despite what they say, still haven’t moved on from Donald Trump.

A child and a garbage hack.