Folks, we regret to inform you that we’re smack-dab in the middle of yet another vast right-wing conspiracy.

And this time, Joe Biden is the target:


Border Patrol is definitely not fooling Julián Castro, that’s for damn sure!


Castro said he would not be surprised if the Border Patrol union was colluding with Republicans to undermine Biden because Trump “allowed that agency to go rogue” and allowed the union to dictate policy. “He encouraged their worst instincts, made 1000 different administrative changes fostered a culture of anti-immigrant sentiment, and I believe at the end, administratively, essentially gave them more power over how the operation is conducted,” he said.


OK, but can we get back to Julián Castro for a few minutes?

Guess there was an opening for a new “collusion” narrative.

Oh, so you’re off your rocker, too?



Apparently that’s only the case when there are actual policies and those policies benefit Democrats. When they’re fake policies that benefit Republicans, not so much.

In any event, the Democrats don’t have a monopoly on tinfoil-hattery, but they’re certainly no slouches, themselves, when it comes to crazy.




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