Politico’s on a roll today!

In addition to heralding Ted Cruz’s recent flight to Cancun as the return of the good, old-fashioned American political scandal (while ignoring Andrew Cuomo effectively killing thousands of New Yorkers), there’s this take on the fact that President Joe Biden has not yet managed to “shut down the virus,” as he vowed he would do:

From Politico:

The White House is locked in a delicate dance with governors over reopening schools, distributing Covid shots and enforcing mask mandates, with Biden’s team wary of alienating key state leaders even as it takes stock of the lurching response to the crisis. Governors, in turn, are starting to push back onthe first federal efforts to pressure them.

The administration has poured energy into courting both Democrats and Republicans, pitching itself as an equal partner and eager collaborator. It’s a sharp contrast from the Trump era, when most decisions were thrown to the states. And it’s a decent bet that, facing a fatigued public and teetering economy, even the most skeptical governors need Biden just as much as he needs them.

“This whole time, governors have felt like they’re the ones under the gun,” said one adviser to several governors. “They understand the way this has been set up, people are inclined to blame them if things don’t go well.”

Yet the federal government’s charm offensive threatens to bog down Biden’s early efforts to rein in the virus and claim political credit for restoring a sense of normalcy.


We have noticed, actually.

Who could’ve seen this coming?

Not just crush, but shut it down.

Sure sounds like Joe Biden’s failed to make good on his word, Politico.