We’re not sure Yamiche Alcindor is tweeting with the best of intentions here.

She has to know there is a very distinct difference between protesters and rioters …

Sure, she really needs people to believe everyone is divided and hates one another to push her narrative that ‘orange man bad,’ but we’ve seen plenty of footage of police officers hugging, consoling, and even joining with the actual protesters.

The nerve of her showing the goodness in people.


You’d think Yamiche would be glad to see efforts being made around unity. But nope.


If it bleeds it leads.

Oh GAWD no. If we start being positive and working together to find solutions Trump will win again in November and ultimately that’s all that matters to Yamiche and others in the press like her. The story doesn’t matter, the people don’t matter …

Because orange man BAD and he must be stopped.



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