Only in America would an administration be sued for asking who actually is residing in the country. Apparently, we’re not supposed to be concerned about the number of illegal immigrants living in this country sucking up our resources and breaking our laws because that’s racist or something.

Don’t look at us like that, we just work here man.

Allen West had the same reaction as we did, although he was far more eloquent with his tweet than we were with our copy:

Pretty fair to say almost every way the Left reacts to Trump and Republicans, in general, is nonsensical, but we digress.

When Obama was president it was up to the Feds, remember? But NOW that Trump is president these same hypocrites want to claim it’s a states’ rights thing.

How convenient.

Perhaps they feel like if they’re so obnoxious for so long we’ll all just get tired and let them have their way.

Or they’re really just that delusional like Allen said.

Probably a little of both.

Also known as the ‘Blue States.’


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