We know, ‘DILLY DILLY’ is super over-used and totally yesterday BUT OMG, this tweet from Iowahawk comparing how a normal person perceives North Korea to the media’s lovefest is a total DILLY DILLY moment.

The funniest part of his tweet is how he calls anyone NOT a member of the media a normal person.

It’s sort of like the line in ‘Reservoir Dogs’ when they’re at the warehouse and talking about anyone who was killed, and Keitel says, ‘Any real people,’ as opposed to cops.

Sort of.

Not quite as violent … never mind.


Look at how in-step and precise they are!

Mesmerizing even.

Yes, the very same.

When America’s mainstream media is more than willing to give them all the propaganda they’ll ever need.

Fair point.

Or when clapping in unison decides if your family lives or not.

Yup, yay North Korea.


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