Michael Wolff, being the gigantic boil on the butt of humanity he is, earlier this week accused Nikki Haley of having an affair with President Trump.

Because you know, when women are Republicans the only way they can be powerful or successful is if they sleep their way to the top.

He’s such a disgusting toad.

And speaking of disgusting toads, cue Ron Perlman:

Oh, if she hadn’t denounced the lie SO MUCH he wouldn’t have thought it might be true.

Hollywood never disappoints when it comes to saying horrible and disgusting things about people they disagree with politically.

That being said, Hollywood never FAILS to disappoint when it comes to just actually making movies, but we digress.


He really set himself up for this one.


We’re gonna guess that would be a no.

Research? He don’t need no stinkin’ research!

And how dare someone suggests he should be informed before tweeting something really stupid!

The nerve.


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