Over the past couple of weeks, Dana Loesch and the NRA have been targeted and blamed for any and every issue the Left has with the Right. Forget that Yashar Ali even apologized for being mistaken about her NRA ad and causing her much grief …

Zac Petkansas, a nobody toadie for Hillary, doubled down though:


Of course not.

Oh and note, Zac keeps quote-tweeting Dana which is likely an effort to pull his followers in to support him and attack her; this is a weak and pathetic way to debate.

But then again, he’s pretty weak and pathetic.

Huh? Oh boy …

Fact-checking is so SCARY!

Maybe Zac missed it, but his side keeps telling the Left that Trump and Republicans are TRYING TO KILL THEM by taking their health care away.

Which just dumps gasoline on this fire, but tell us more about the evil NRA.


See, he did it again. Quote tweeting her looking for a gold star and a cookie from his fellow Leftist zombies.

Guess he figured out no amount of quote-tweeting was going to get people on his side.

They are shameless, Dana.

Ummm what?

Why are Lefty men so hateful and sexist?

Rhetorical question, never mind.


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